Taurus Man and Taurus Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Taurus man goes to his goal in a straight line, step by step, but not leap after leap. He is quite pleased with the well-deserved awards. Failure or misfortune is unlikely to disturb his calm: the strong Bulls then goes straight, as if nothing had happened. He knows how to carry a heavy burden of responsibility and courageously takes to perform duties. His stubborn and calm industriousness often ends up with a sweet victory. The Taurus man makes excellent use of the courage and iron will of his symbol, the Bull. This man knows what he wants, and is able to sacrifice himself, if necessary, without crying or complaining to find those green pastures that he was looking for.

Nothing evokes more love in him than a Taurus girl. She’s amazing! Let the other girls tremble with romantic ecstasy from the barefoot prophets lying all day in the grass, spending hours in idleness, stringing beads of love and strumming the guitar. And give her a practical Bull wearing shoes, if he wraps a string of beads around her neck, they will not be made of roasted coffee beans. They will be from a real jewelry store, and will be paid for them properly! If he strumming a guitar, this can earn a piece of bread, and not just moan under the moonlight on a summer night in Central Park.

This couple has everything in common. So, her handbag has a strong handle, and he holds the wallet with both hands. They both love nature and simply adore everything that grows on earth. They have one more thing in common. Both know that Santa Claus is not real. He does not live at the North Pole and has never lived there. He is the president of their bank, his name is Christopher J. Kringle, and he does not ride a reindeer sleigh, but a good, solid Buick sedan. If they behave good all year to regularly deposit money into the account, he will fill their stockings with dividends and interest that will allow them to one day get home in a quiet place, next to a calm river, far from the hoots of taxis, noisy teenagers and smoky nightclubs of the big city .

Sometimes you can meet the Bulls, so incompatible with the cricket singing in the village twilight, as if they are a living denial of their earthly Solar sign. But do not make premature conclusions: the essence of Taurus in them will necessarily appear! So, the American film actor Gleni Ford, Taurus, once appeared in a popular program with the words: – “I will surprise everyone with how many acres of land I buy in Australia, where I am going to live.”

Behind the outward splendor of any kind of employment or career (including politics), the Bull does not always show a desire to break out of the cramped city into the blessed peace and freshness of the sweet-smelling village. A dream may come up at any moment, but it will certainly come up – at least at the end of life.

If the Bull plans to build the foundation of a shared future in music, art, business, finance, politics or elsewhere, the Taurus woman will be as patient as he is. She will wait – as usual, without complaint. It all sounds extremely charming, doesn’t it? They are a suitable couple – and inseparable.

At first, they are completely immersed in love. Then they stand firmly on their feet in front of the minister, pastor, rabbi or justice of the peace, looking at them with calm eyes and saying yes. In the third stage, when the honeymoon ends, they begin to say no.

She wants to have children, but he believes that it is better to postpone the creation of a family until the bank account is increased, then she still gives birth to one or two children, only to show him that he can not manage it.

She wants to buy an expensive electric organ, because she loves to play and sing, he tells her: “No. We cannot afford it.” If she begins to flatter or persuade, he will say “no!” a little louder. Then (after careful calculations of monthly income in the home budget), she orders the body. Or an expensive stereo system – that’s not the point. The next day, he sends the purchase back to the store, only to show that she can not manage it.

Perhaps there is a movie she wants to watch. She covers his cheeks with kisses, even if he is already disheartened and close to rage. She persuades, but he does not want.

Later, after they comfortably sit in bed and turn off the light, he will say: “You forgot to kiss me at night.”

She (softly, melodiously). Not.

Is he. Why?

She is. Because I do not want. (A few minutes of complete silence …)

He. I’m going to the hotel.

She (jumping up immediately). Why?

Is he. Because I want to.

The question is closed. He furiously drags his favorite blanket into his office … Sometimes he really moves to a hotel for weeks or even months, as he promised (and he can!).

I know one loyal couple living in Los Angeles, both Taurus. The bull refused to marry for a long time. He believed that they should first test their love for strength before making such a decisive step. His Taurus girlfriend was crying, begging, begging, enraged – he did not move. “Do you love me?” Yes. He loves her. But he is not yet ready for marriage, and nothing more.

More than ten years have passed. They remained true to each other, and they had four children – two boys and twin girls. They are still not officially married. Now he was crying, begging, begging, losing his temper and trying to reason with her – she did not move an inch.

Of course, not the dogs of Taurus pairs go so far. Typically, the average Taurus, male or female, insists on full legitimacy before entering into any joint venture, be it business or marriage.

In Taurus’s love union, their mutual obstinacy and refusal to look at everything from the other side often lead them into a dead end of mental and emotional prejudice, and they have difficulty in communicating. However, one of the best qualities of the Bull is its ability to learn from experience. The fact that Taurus finally understands, oh, will never forget. If these two try to learn the lesson of forgiveness (always difficult for the Bulls), they will be able to hold each other tightly in their hands (the Bulls do everything, tight) and find a way out of the impasse.

Sex, of course, is a universal human experience, but it is extremely important for Taurus lovers and spouses. Their first attraction is usually completely physical – mental and emotional comes later. In the end, the sequence is not so important, because for a pair of Taurus everything comes out surprisingly well. Sex for the average or typical Taurus is the experience of sensuality, and the physical expression of love between these men and women can be the beginning of spiritual knowledge of each other.

Most Bulls can not stand the mention of drugs. For Taurus, if you smoke “weed” – you are a fool and a wimp, if you are “on wheels” – you are undeniably mentally retarded, and if you mess with cocaine or heroin – you are on a dangerous path leading directly to spiritual suicide as quickly , as well as physical suicide. Think about it!

Most Taurus strongly believe that drugs are False Prophets against which the Apocalypse warns in the New Testament. And if humanity does not understand this, then they will prematurely lead it to the End of the World. Probably, in the cosmic understanding, drugs were needed to push the opened consciousness to the possibilities of the future. It was a galactic-cosmic experiment, preparing for the spiritual awakening of the Earth. Now is the time to stop, turn around and think about what has accumulated within us. Each solar sign is entrusted with a special and specific commission. And Taurus (as well as Capricorn) is entrusted to keep us on real earth.

Oddly enough, it was the solid and completely terrestrial Taurus who were the first to realize that all the noise around electronic eavesdropping and spying was just a material rehearsal level of the rapidly approaching time when each person could “read” the aura of other people.

So drugs were at the material level a rehearsal for the rapidly approaching opening of the Third Eye in every person, which would allow them to see and understand the human aura. All babies are born with an open Third Eye. Using medical terminology, we can say that they are born with a soft pineal tubercle. But as children agree with adults who have lost their imagination, it becomes harder and they, like adults, have “stones in their head”.

Many true mystics and psychics (including the telepathic Taurus Peter Harcos) suffered a blow to the head near the Third Eye (pineal tubercle), which was the reason for its new mitigation. Tibetan monks achieve this through exercise, meditation, and even surgery. But there is another way to open your Third Eye – this is love. And it is much safer and much nicer than falling down the stairs or hitting the door, and it brings much more joy and pleasure than boring and monotonous oriental rites.

In 1975, I had a conversation with three enlightened Taurus that it was time for the Earth signs to move on to the next stage of spiritual development – the understanding that a person can clearly “see God” and “know the Truth” only with the help of control over the conscious mind – through proper nutrition, exercise and avoiding the abuse of sexual energy and, most importantly, through daily, hourly work called mutual love, kindness and forgiveness.

And now can we get back to discussing Taurus’s attitude to drugs?

For them, drug use is similar to a quick look at the absolute Truth – so absolute that it can literally blow up the mind of an underdeveloped person, not to mention her soul. From an esoteric and cosmic point of view, Taurus got here to the very essence.

It may seem strange, that Taurus, the most non-esoteric of the twelve Solar Signs, could come so close to the spiritual truth about drugs. However, the astrologer is not surprised. You see, each sign on a subconscious level strongly feels the influence, the attraction of its opposite solar sign. So, Scorpio, opposing Taurus, deeply spiritual and psychological, sensual and sensitive, is ruled by a strong planet Pluto. Over time, Taurus will be as knowledgeable as the Scorpions in all spiritual matters. According to astrology, the sign of Taurus controls the throat and vocal cords. The opposite sign – Scorpio is associated with the genitals and sexual energy. When puberty comes to a man and a sexual change occurs with him, it is accompanied by a change in voice.

So the sign of Scorpio again returns us to sex, which Taurus will undoubtedly like, because it interests them so much!

A Taurus of any gender can spend hour after hour, breathing in ecstasy the smell of the beloved’s skin, looking at the tangled, delicate, thin, spider line, heavenly map of the lines of his hands, intoxicated by the sensation of soft hair, the delicate taste of the earlobe … listening to the crushing crescendo of the heartbeat of a partner . What drugs can compare with this?

Taurus rarely expresses the poetry of love in words and is not too sensitive to the emotional subtext of sex, but they, of course, are susceptible to its sensual abilities. Taurus does not have the lack of the sixth sense, which most other people feel — they have a keen sense of immersion in the other five. Between two Taurus seldom there are any serious disagreements on the basis of sexual unity. They are both sentimental warm and loving, their emotional behavior gently controlled by Venus. However, sometimes it is she who makes Taurus succumb to temptations of all kinds, including food, drink, money, sex, and everything you can imagine (except, however, the above drugs – they are seduced only by rare Taurus). These two are equally strong, patient and emotionally stable. There are, however,

As for any temporary problems in communication, Taurus knows exactly how to say: “I am to blame” and “I need you” in the silent language of signs that are only understood by Taurus. For these Two, touching a hand in a dark room can replace any words.

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