Taurus Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Most Bulls behave at home more like in a china shop than in the queen’s chambers. The atmosphere itself pisses them off when the house constantly has “palace receptions”, for a prudent Taurus man it is too much!

Not that he underestimated the beauty – most Taurus has hidden or overt talent in art. It’s just that his greatest talent is to look at the world through practicality points. He saves his money and feelings for a worthwhile cause, and from his point of view, crowns and red carpets are worthless.

The Leo girl is looking for a man who recognizes her as a queen and can (in addition to adoring and worshiping) ensure her the life that she seems to deserve.

Therefore, you can understand how she feels if the Taurus man whom she loves is waiting for her to huddle with him in a small apartment, and bring him beer when he, sitting in his socks, watches TV or read the newspaper. How mundane and plebeian! Therefore, one evening, she will surprise him: she will bring him Perrier water with ice and a slice of lemon and an elegant porcelain plate with biscuits spread with caviar, she will hand him the New York magazine, which was opened on a catalog of houses worth two hundred thousand dollars and above, and with love will put on his feet cozy, comfortable slippers. He quietly mutters words of gratitude and smiles gently at her.

The next evening, when she returns from the hairdresser, he will again sit with his beer, grumble at, she is late and watch the news on TV – in socks … Obviously, one of them must sacrifice something. But it will not be a Bull.

Bulls do not retreat. They either hold their ground or attack. Believe me, it’s better for her to admit it. However, if she is ready to wait, and not rush him, perhaps someday … Of course, this will not be soon, but she simply will not find a person with great potential (taking into consideration her invaluable help) who could really give her a kingdom so that she rules them. Just give him time and do not saw him!

In 1971, I visited a castle in California, the property of the late William Randolph Hirst, Taurus. In everything, the Bull was felt, creating from a most cherished dream a fairytale castle, real in every sense of the word. In this strange house, several hundred rooms had massive furniture. Everything on the estate was more than necessary (typical for the Bull admiration for everything thorough: the more, the better). Everywhere I looked, in everything I could see the taste of Venus for “vital luxury” such as gold plumbing in the bathroom, wallpaper made of pure silk and thick Persian rugs.

Every Bull male will be defeated after visiting Hurst Castle and seeing what Taurus dreams look like when they eventually come true. If he is in love with the Lioness, he must certainly take her with him. On the way back she will purr like a kitten. Perhaps then it will dawn on her that his legs in socks alone lead him in the right direction. And if she helps him, and does not interfere with his difficult path, he may well become the very man who will one day give her a yacht for her birthday.

When the Bull eventually reaches its goal, the Lioness will complement his wealth with his own touches. She will see that it is comfortable and cozy with him, and he will gently step in socks on thick carpets to the sounds of stereo violins, shrouded in a cloud of constant attention. And he will be happy. But he will be offended if they expect him to go to evening parties, play politics with her friends, fulfill her royal whims and brush off the dust from her throne. All this seems to him a shameful waste of time, and the Bulls do not like to spend, time in vain even more than they do not like to spend money.

Although these two signs of the Zodiac are in a tense aspect, if they have the patience to wait through difficult times, everything will be excellent. If they are patient (and Taurus is generally patient), then at least half of the problems will be solved. However, she is a sign of Fire, and all Fiery signs lack a little patience. This creates additional difficulties such as constant irritability and tension.

When a female Leo, proud, arrogant and even cold with strangers, falls into the hands of a man whom she truly loves, she ceases to be a fierce Lioness. But the Bull will not resist when she begins to touch his hair with her gentle hands, stroking his skin, massaging his back, kissing his ear or stroking his hand.

The Taurus man is extremely sensitive to touch, voice and smell, and since almost all Lion women love to use perfumes, he will be plunged into a state of complete ecstasy. However, this man was always afraid to become Samson in the grip of the sensual Lioness-Delilah …

But if the energy between the Sun and the Moon at the time of their birth was tense (square or opposition), it will not be easy for them to achieve harmony in sexual relations. He may eventually get tired of trying to please her if she turns her back on him in bed and believes that he did not deserve her royal favor at night, because he was not attentive enough during the day. Or a Bull’s too grounded, imagined love can leave her lying beside him without sleep and yearning for a prince who will never come, to conquer her love-hungry heart. She may shed soundless tears, but she is too proud to let him notice or ever say so. And in the end, a sincere, sensual and loving Lioness can become absolutely frigid.

Frigidity is a secret fear of a passionate woman-lion by nature. If you constantly neglect her, her fiery fantasies and an ardent heart, she can become cold and alienated – this is her defensive reaction. But it is so unnatural and so sad …

His bullish stubbornness and her false pride interfere with both of them. Their relationship lacks frankness. Therefore, they never discuss their personal frustrations until their love turns into comfortable friendships or ends in divorce. Sometimes one of them begins to seek oblivion in alcohol, drugs, or casual relationships. Fortunately, both of them are too noble to be treacherous, and care too much about their reputation to make themselves a laughing stock. But it is never too late to admit guilt in order to create a miracle and solve the problem with the help of affection and tenderness. Both of them need to remember how their love began: it will make them softer and kinder and help change their relationship.

She will forgive him for the fact that sometimes he is a little uncouth and almost always stubborn (that is, as he is). And he will forgive her for the fact that she is sometimes arrogant and arrogant (that is, the way she is, in essence, to bear). Maybe you should try to forgive each other and resentment? She just needs to understand that his clumsiness is part of his mundane, but rather reliable nature, and his contempt for everything frivolous and insincere she sometimes should learn. She will have to understand that his stubbornness shows his strength and that it is better not to provoke him. But stubbornness is so easy to get around: you just need to hug and kiss your Taurus, returning him a good mood.

He must understand that her arrogance is only a defense. Isn’t it better to simply acknowledge her true superiority to a woman who needs compliments so much? He will always be able to outwit her, letting her know that he considers himself lucky because he married a woman who is exceptional in all respects. And his Lioness knows how to love, like no one else, if only she is properly valued and … loved.

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