Leo Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Leo is the fifth of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. It is a most prominent and common of star signs and entails a large mass or majority to its name. It originates from the constellation of stars known as Leo and is situated in a position between 125.25 and 152.75 degrees on the celestial Longitude. It covers about a degree of 120 to 150th of the zodiac. That born between the dates of July 23 to August 22 falls into the category of Leo.

The Symbol associated with Cancer is that of the Lion, a brave and majestic creature. The Lion symbolizes authority and strength. A strong and powerful Hunter, Lions are truly fitting of the title “King of the Jungle”.

Leo Woman Personality

Those people that are associated with the star sign of Leo exhibit a most fascinating personality. Their personalities are highly influenced by a sense of magnanimity and generosity. They are warm and outgoing on an intense level. Creativity and innovation comes easy to them and enthusiasm forms an important part of their personality. They are articulate and expensive when it comes to their mindset and thought based patterns. They are faithful and reliable and treat others with the characteristic love that their personality entails. On the other hand, the personality of Leos also shows qualities of patronization and arrogance. They can be egotistical and bossy. They can be impatient and non- understanding as well. Their darker side sporadically causes them to interfere in matters not their own.

Leos tend to stand out amongst the crowd, always demanding an audience, but once they love someone, they will pursue the endeavor and see it to the very end. Leo affiliated individuals are very frank with their feelings and much passionate as well. They try their best and give all they have to offer in pursuit of a partner and love. They are highly faithful to their love life as well. Leo based people can consider those from the star signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Taurus and their own sign Leo as ample and suitably acceptable of partners.

Love life of Leo

“Leo stubborn, loyal and romantic”

If you ever meet a Leo, you will find that he is really stubborn. But when he is in a relationship he will be faithful. Women love being in a relationship with a man who belongs to Leo and is highly demanded. He loves your companionship, your fidelity and high attention. If you are a type of character who is looking to cheat Leo, you need to clear your act of cheating from your mind. The people who belong to Leo are fervently romantic. They love all such romantic things which include candles, moonlight, perfume and flowers. A man belonging to Leo will definitely shower all kinds of romantic gifts on you which no one can else do for you. He gives full attention to the one whom he loves. You will find a Leo man as a person with strong will when he is in love. Although he will try to make a full effort to keep his partner happy but he does possess a tendency to become dominant too.

“Grab Leo’s attention”

Leo loves being noticed. You can find the Leo man notice you easily if you focus on his actions deeply.  He is a generous person and you need not to do anything special to make him notice you. On getting his attention let he carries on with shining.  The Leo man loves to be praised for his efforts and giving him more affection will make your chances clear of making a strong love relation. If you are trying to criticize him on any of his mistakes, he will not appreciate it. If you are a type of woman who is looking to point out every mistake found, Leo might not be a perfect person for you to be in a relationship with. And if you are looking forward for a person who keeps on entertaining you in a relationship, Leo is an ideal person for you. You can make your life adventurous when you are in a relationship with a Leo. He is full of energy, passion and can be untamable and wild at times. 

”Leo an open lover”

You will notice that whenever Leo will fall in love with you, he will not be afraid to declare that he loves you. He will tell the whole world openly that he loves someone and is very special for him indeed. The Leo will never be disappointed or broken if any setbacks occur in his life. He will move on looking at the situation positively. This can be a real advantage when in a relationship with a Leo.  A Leo will never let you down and shower each and everything you want when in a relationship.  The Leo’s verve and enthusiasm enable the partner to enjoy everything which he himself enjoys. It all happens naturally without any persuasion.  Furthermore a Leo will express his passion and creativity in a better way in the sexual life skillfully.  They start the relationship at a good pace and never let it go out of their hands.

Leo Female Celebs

Some of the female celebrities that fall into the star sign category of Leo are Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, Selena Gomez, Amy Adams, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Hilary Swank and J.K Rowling. 

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