Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The practical nature of the Taurus Man will necessarily respond to the practical essence of the Capricorn girl. He will admire her independence, he will be intrigued by restraint full of dignity, not to mention her calm beauty. Taurus does not like to be given something without difficulty, and she will be interested in him immediately. Her love is hard to win, she does not surrender easily and quickly. Therefore, according to Taurus, she is a reward worth pursuing.

But what about the apparent lack of sensuality? Despite the feigned lack of interest in sentimental expressions of love, Taurus is the most sentimental of all the signs of the zodiac. His heart beats faster when he sings their favorite song, suddenly he smells somewhere her perfume or hears someone laughing, reminding him of her …

The Capricorn Girl will not die from memories, but this does not mean at all that she is not capable of devotion or deep affection. In fact, her fidelity is not comparable with the fidelity of women of other signs, if only she finds a person whom, in her opinion, is worth loving. It can be gentle, mocking, soft and comforting – after all, Capricorn is a feminine sign. But this is also a Cardinal and Earthly sign, and this means that she does not want the man to completely rule her, because sensuality can overshadow her prudence or make her make a mistake that she will regret. Capricorn does not spend time on regret, which she considers to be a useless sentimental emotion, and she always has to answer for actions that are devoid of common sense. Sometimes she forgets about it, but Saturn never does.

She can be pretty, feminine, but at the same time hardy, like the old boot of a gold digger. She can have sharp touching and tender feelings for someone who is closest and dearest to her, and she knows how to be faithful, relying not only on her heart, but also on her mind. When she happens to trust her heart too much, her mind does not forgive her. It does not hide unpleasant facts under the sentimental excuses of idealism. She corrects her mistakes and rarely looks back.

Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

The Taurus man will admire her common sense and practicality, because in this they are so similar, but her lack of sensuality … this makes him indecisive. But since her nature suits him so well, is it not better to be patient (and this is another quality that both have) until she makes one of her heart-wise decisions: to love him and marry him. Then she will probably be as sentimental as he could wish for – no better wife and mother can be obtained from anyone than from Capricorn. For the rest of the world, she can remain a snob, a cold person and a careerist, but her husband, children and relatives will know only her love!

Jealousy should not be a big problem for this couple. Neither Taurus nor Capricorn will emotionally affect a separate act of infidelity as much as people of the signs of Fire and Water. It is more likely that someone has stripped them of their valuable property. Taurus will be as furious as if a car or checkbook had been stolen from him. The Capricorn girl will be just as cold and angry as if she had caught a sly person who wanted to appropriate her mother’s family blanket or her father’s antique clock.

Now you understand how hard it is? But neither he nor she will dare to destroy a strong bond or marriage due to accidental infidelity.

Taurus and Capricorn have no great desire to change the existing situation. But if they do this, you can be sure of three things: they will never forgive; they will never forget, and they will never look back and start over with a new hope for the future. What is lost is lost, what is gone is gone. Losers never cry if they are Taurus and Capricorn, but failure can deeply hurt both of them. They can plunge into gloomy melancholy, and these will be months and even years of inner sadness, until they finally decide that to mourn over spilled milk is simply impractical. Since this is scheme 5-9, a whole revolution is needed to cut the knot, which they, with the most sincere intentions, tightened so tightly.

Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman Love

Sexually, such a strong relationship only pleases. When a man is Taurus and a woman is Capricorn, it is much better than vice versa. He is a calm but sensual lover, full of erotic ability to arouse passion in her, and she is not one of those who need endless love games and sentimental whispers to their physical unity. Or a slurred mumble of gratitude and affection after. A natural silent sense of intimacy makes this woman happy. Not surprisingly, she can seduce Taurus with greater success than the flaming woman of the sign of Fire or the fickle creation of the sign of Air. However, sentimental Taurus may take an extra five minutes to demonstrate her devotion, but she will accept this with understanding.

In Conclusion

They will be happy, romantic and sensual lovers – and when they live to see the golden wedding, they will have a union full of love and warmth. Of course, some Capricorn woman may try to share sex and love because of bitter memories or youthful resentments. Taurus can do this unconsciously for the same reasons (both have an incredibly long memory). But they can teach each other a lot. His tenderness will return her to girlish dreams, and she will gradually forget the grievances of the past – their outlines will replace the warm and full of love images of the present and future.

 Taurus will graciously approve the attitude of his companion-Capricorn to both her own and his relatives, unless his mother is Cancer. In this case, the business may take a not very pleasant turn. This can give rise to everything from a moderate explosion of emotions to a full-scale earthquake.

Mother Cancer has a strong sense of ownership in relation to her son, and Capricorn wife is an owner in relation to her husband (jealousy and a sense of ownership are not quite the same thing). Perhaps Taurus will honestly warn Capricorn that his mother is better not to touch … In short, if a Capricorn woman and Taurus (especially with the Moon or the Ascendant in Cancer) are forced to choose between love and family ties, this looks like a torture chamber …

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