Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Aquarius woman is a special woman, and she needs a special man. True, some say that she is a fatal woman who needs a very patient man. Probably Taurus, because over-patience is one of his virtues.

Aquarius Woman Personaity

The personality of the Aquarius woman is unique, and for many of us unique – means special. For the signs of the Earth, “unique” usually means fatal, strange, incredible. The difference is only in the definition, and the essence is that this woman is unusual. She intrigues the male Taurus as she is mysterious. This is not a secret that he feels around a Scorpio woman, not understanding whether she is vicious or pure, cold or warm. The mystery of this woman, ruled by Uranus, is whether this woman is a reality. This fascinates him.

Around it reigns that special atmosphere that is difficult to determine. And this is so natural, because she was born under the sign of Air. For example, when she starts a sentence and stops half a word … or turns her gaze into the distance when he says to her: “I love you” … or when it is difficult for her to remember his name – something like that. Taurus later discovers that in reality she was in the present and perfectly aware of everything. She did not miss a single detail. Her apparent distraction is only a sign that her mind is slightly ahead of what is happening and she is a little bored. Aquarius can be here or there, but here or there – it’s still far away. She has her own rules regarding love and everything else, and she is true to them. It is these qualities of honesty and integrity that attract Taurus to the Aquarius girl and even make him surprisingly often endure what is contrary to his inclinations. He understands that she is one of the few honest people left in the world. One of those moral and reliable people you can rely on. But it’s better to stay here.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

Yes, she is constant in her intentions – she, like Taurus, was born under the Permanent Sign. She, for all her deceptive uncertainty, is also a great organizer and, just like him, economical. She likes antique things (which he often breaks), and she takes care of any nonsense that terribly annoys Taurus. He can enjoy the traditions of the past and well-made furniture created by real craftsmen, but he never understood these fragile elegant antiques that crumble when you sit down on them. Taurus, who fell through the seat of an eighteenth-century chair, is able to grab a chair that offended him and crumble it into pieces, crumbling her feelings at the same time: “So I don’t see this trash (swearing expressions)! You I spent so much on this waste thing! With this money you could buy a whole house of solid, good furniture. I want to have a rocking chair in this room, in this very corner – and when I get back from work, it’s better to be there, even if you have to drag it from the store on yourself! “

And what needs to be answered by the Aquarius woman? She might say something so incomprehensible that he stares at her silently. Then suddenly, without warning, thunder and lightning of Uranus strike: “Bring your chair home on your hump! Sam. But tomorrow I’ll leave for the cottage alone, and don’t call me, I’ll call if I want, which probably won’t happen! ” She slams the door and goes nowhere – to “calmly” think it over. Such a turn can be expected if these two Permanent Signs quarrel.

Recall that restless vibrating energy exacerbates their relationship. Both of them should be aware that any of them can explode when this is least expected. Taurus himself is shocked by this – simply because rage attacks happen to him very rarely. Aquarius often surprises others with his anger, if only because Uranus rules it, and everything that happens with the knowledge of this planet happens without warning.

She will return home in about fifteen minutes and bring him a present, offering this peace. Maybe it will be the homeless puppy she found on the street. If the puppy is warm, soft and affectionate, her Taurus will probably melt, hug both of them and say that the puppy can stay with them, but only if she promises that she will watch him. And the world will be restored again …

Both Aquarius and Taurus adore keeping the trash of old memories, and the Bull will stubbornly declare that this is a reasonable use. This is not so, but if he thinks so … Since both of them are Permanent signs, both can accumulate a lot of unnecessary in themselves.

When it comes to qualities such as reliability, Aquarius becomes a black sheep among the Permanent Signs.

She will try to keep her word and make Herculean efforts so as not to be late for meetings. She will not give up her beliefs, and this is admirable. But her eccentricity in clothing and manners, the zigzags of her behavior, her unexpected “outages” and surprises that she, and not you, enjoy, speak of reliability least of all.

Taurus is usual in most cases, its behavior is predictable, it does not like either zigzags or zagov, and even its worst enemy could not call it eccentric. He is a conformist in his soul, which is why the approach of the Age of Aquarius brings him into a quiet but desperate excitement. Who is coping with this crazy youth, sexual revolution, riots, protests against our government, people running naked, and women recklessly believing that they are equal to men, although any good anatomy course proves how funny this is. Therefore, Taurus, thinking about today and worrying about his property, expects to find an honest person. Or in extreme cases, an honest woman.

The Aquarius girl catches his eye, and he thinks the search is over. But what to do with her eccentricity? Her outfits, her special hairstyle, her strange statements and sympathy for those abnormal in the streets … Maybe she is just a woman and does not understand too much what is happening around? Maybe she needs him as a defense? I will not deny that she may need protection. But in the end, the time of Aquarius is her Time, and she herself, being Aquarius, knows that there is no need to obey something if you do not want it. She was always pleased that she lives by the sea, without criticizing those who prefer mountains. She always wore a hairstyle that she liked, whether her friends cut their hair bald or wore braids. Is it worth it to worry about what is happening around, if this is only the beginning of that glorious new era, where everyone will be himself – a conservative or liberal, barefoot or shod, will wear long hair or a short haircut. This means: live and do not bother others.

The last part of Taurus will understand. He is quite ready to live and not disturb others, because no one forbids him to grumble a little when something does not suit him. It’s important not only to ridicule the personal convictions of another, but in pairs 4-10 this happens.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Love

The physical attraction of Aquarius is never as strong or deep as that of Taurus.

Her penchant for abstract extends to her sexuality, and since Taurus has nothing abstract in this, it can cause him insomnia. She has more curiosity than sensuality and eroticism. She has a complicated outlook on love – too “airy”, he has – earthly and simple. However, in the warm, loving nature of Taurus, there is something that warms her soul. And in her open and honest love, there is something that evokes tender patience in the male Taurus, which only makes him stronger.

In Conclusion

Whatever love surrounds this man, he always wants more. No matter how loyal the Aquarius woman is, she is forced to share her love between him, friends and all of humanity in general. Sometimes these two people think that in their relationship there is not enough love. She will not be, if you only take. If you know how to give, a lot of it – an inexhaustible supply!

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