Taurus Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Libra Woman is unpredictable. You never know what to expect from her. But you can be sure: she will achieve her. “How?” You exclaim. “So that such a sweet, feminine girl would be a dictator?” Exactly. But this does not mean at all that she will advertise it. It is ruled by Venus, the affectionate planet of peace and love. The Taurus man is also subject to Venus. But Taurus is a female sign, and Libra is male. This does not give her male grip, and does not make her effeminate (effeminate bull ?!). The thing is different. Of course, it is easier if a man is born under the male sign, and a woman under the female. Natural moments would become even more natural. As a rule, the influence of the male principle only makes the girl more courageous, while the influence of the female sign makes the man more sensitive. It is only necessary not to overdo it. However,

The bull is least of all prone to excesses of female traits, such as passivity, humility, humility, etc. It’s just that his masculinity and stubbornness are compensated by courtesy and tenderness, unless primitive features prevail. The Libra girl will have slightly more problems with the balance of the properties given to her, in the end, her symbol is the scales, and this is a mechanism that requires fine adjustment.

Libra Girls are almost always charming. Even if she has simple facial features, her absolutely dazzling smile makes her considered beautiful. She has dimples on her cheeks, an affectionate look, a clean and pleasant voice, elegant manners. With a touching, helpless look, she will allow you to move a chair for her, hold the door and bring things. It looks like an angel of femininity. Inside, she is driven by male principles, determined by her sign of leadership: strength – perseverance – masculinity – offensiveness – victory – power. This does not mean that she is invulnerable, but her armor is much stronger than can be expected, judging by her appearance. In addition, she quickly recovers from blows.

Taurus’s heart wounds heal slowly, and he should know the rules of the game with Libra woman in advance. But the Bull does not like to discuss the situation before fully comprehending it. After that, he proceeds to decisive action and rarely changes his point of view. She is characterized by the same decisiveness and the same constancy of views. Once she makes a decision, she goes forward with incredible energy and determination. Therefore, she does not understand why she is undeservedly accused of indecision. She just needs time to evaluate and weigh the situation. For Taurus, this time was occupied by silent thoughts, and for Libra – lengthy discussions of all the pros and cons. Moreover, his too little enthusiasm for participating in the verbal marathon may cause her indignation.

The physical attraction between these women and men is often very strong; it probably serves as the basis for initial interest and is unlikely to disappear with a closer acquaintance. Most likely, it will add depth to their relationship. Maybe her approach will seem too abstract next to his earthly sensual needs. However, they are both sentimental romantics, who also know how to combine eroticism with love. Between them there is a correlation of signs 6-8, which promotes sexual interest and satisfaction, as well as selfless devotion and desire to help.

Of course, the male Taurus is often a real find for the Libra woman. His very presence calms her restless soul. And no one more confident and reliable than the Bull can comfortably lead her out of those dead ends of indecision that are characteristic of Libra. His warmth and humor, his reliability and common sense – this is what she has always been looking for. In the end, even the birds, no matter how much they like to fly, occasionally rest on the branches and build their nests, rejoicing in safety and peace.

This couple has one more advantage: its natural optimism can serve as an excellent counterbalance to Teltsov’s pessimism. No one can so easily cheer Taurus like her. He can rest, but, seduced and blinded by a smile and encouraged by her voice, he will become a plush toy in her hands. At heart, he admires her intelligence, however, while she acknowledges the fact of his male superiority. The Taurus man will be proud that his Libra girlfriend can handle everything so easily. The trick is that he does not understand that her true gift is the ability to cope with him.

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