Cancer and Sagittarius : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

It is necessary that some time passes before the relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius can evolve to become a solid and mature sentimental bond. The two signs in question present numerous differences at the character level which negatively condition their coexistence. Only with much patience will the two lovers overcome these obstacles, and finally understand that they have a lot to learn from each other. Sagittarius is a thrill lover, constantly looking for strong emotions, he is ready to take any risk.

Cancer, on the other hand, loves a quiet and safe life , spent within the home and under the warm protection of family affections. Their way of understanding life is, therefore, completely different: Cancer is traditionalist and filters everything through its strong emotionality, Sagittarius is, instead, more unpredictable and restless. If on the one hand it could be very difficult for Sagittarius to accept the pressure created by the immense emotional flow of Cancer, on the other hand even Cancer itself could find the frenzy that characterizes the sign of Sagittarius intolerable. Cancer, however, can represent a solid point of reference for the restless Sagittarius, who, in turn, can spur Cancer and push him towards a more exciting and unpredictable life.

Cancer suffers the influence of the Moon, while Sagittarius suffers the influence of the planet Jupiter . The Moon is love, instinct, growth and protection. Jupiter is a symbol of optimism, luck, research and knowledge. When the two signs focus their attention on a common interest, their collaboration could lead to excellent results.

Cancer is a sign of Water, while Sagittarius is a sign of Fire. Sagittarius wants freedom and independence, while Cancer seeks security and stability. Sagittarius is more active and determined in pursuing his dreams, Cancer instead lets himself be carried away too much by his emotionally unstable disposition . The two do not always manage to understand each other perfectly, but when they join forces, every dream can become reality. Any conflict between them can only be overcome if there is a strong feeling that unites them and allows them to overcome the difficulties.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, while Sagittarius is a Mutable sign. Sagittarius tends to pass easily from one situation to another according to his mood and desires; Cancer, however, thanks to its infallible intuition, is always full of new ideas to propose. Cancer must leave the Sagittarius partner the vital space that the latter needs to best express their potential. The influence of a lover like Sagittarius can be key to teaching Cancer to be less stubborn and more open to others’ points of view.

This pair is not best compatible with each other because of conflicts in their personality traits. The uncaring nature of the Sagittarius person would be problematic for the Cancer person because it would feel ignored when the Sagittarius love partner would not care for it. The Cancer person loves to discover new things and want to visit several places however the Sagittarius person is opposite to it.

The Sagittarius person is a free bird and it want to roam freely but the Cancer person would not allow it to do so because it risks the security of their love relationship. The consistency is of much importance for the Cancer person however the Sagittarius person can’t ensure the desired consistency which makes them incompatible with each other. The Sagittarius person stays away from its love partner but the Cancer person needs the time of its love partner so this disconnected nature of the Sagittarius person would create a lot of problems for the Cancer person.

If the Sagittarius person happens to be liable then there is a probability of fine love relationship because that’s all what the Cancer person desires from its love partner. The apprehensive nature of the Cancer person would also be irritating for the Sagittarius person therefore it is required for the Cancer person to avoid this unpredictable nature in order to have a successful love relationship.

The Cancer person is very bold and open to its love partner however the Sagittarius person is kind of secretive nature which would be agitating for the Cancer person. The Sagittarius people happen to be of flirty nature which makes them insecure for their love partner and since the security is of utmost importance for the Cancer person. Therefore this relationship would not be attractive for the Cancer person. In order to make this love relationship successful a lot of compromises are required from both Cancer and Sagittarius person.

What is the best aspect of the Cancer-Sagittarius relationship?

The strength of the Cancer-Sagittarius relationship lies in the balance that the two signs can give to the couple, given that each one has what is lacking in the other. Once everyone learns to see things also from the partner’s point of view, an excellent communication component will be formed within the couple, which will give stability and security to the relationship.

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