Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman ( 32% Compatible )

Cancer and Sagittarius Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage30%
Cancer and Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility Percentage10%
Cancer and Sagittarius Communication Compatibility Percentage60%
Cancer and Sagittarius Trust Percentage10%
Cancer and Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility Percentage70%
Cancer and Sagittarius Common Interests10%
Cancer and Sagittarius Overall Compatibility Percentage32%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius = Water + Fire

The degree of compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius is rather low. Although there is a chance that Cancer and Sagittarius may experience a strong attraction when meeting, the relationship may not be destined to work in the long term .

Cancer is prone to falling head over heels in love with the strong character of Sagittarius, but a friendly or professional relationship is more likely to work than as a couple.

Sagittarius is honest, very direct and sometimes insensitive; And although the Cancerians appreciate honesty and openness, they are very sensitive to criticism.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Friendship

When speaking of interpersonal relationships there are essential differences between the Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman. The former is friendly but reserved, the latter is outgoing and responsive. 

Cancer does not care about meeting the needs of many people, whether in the home or the work environment and therefore makes friends with some ease, but that does not mean that it considers all its friends quickly and unequivocally. The Sagittarius woman is, in this respect, much more liberal and receptive. 

Her spontaneity leads her to connect with many people but at the same time, she has no filter with them being much less distant than Cancer when it comes to establishing more complex relationships. 

In this sense it can be said that Sagittarius does not take the same amount of time as Cancer to judge whether a person should be in his life or not.

Despite this ease with which Sagittarius forms ties, he does not break them easily. In that aspect it coincides perfectly with the Cancer. A Sagittarius woman will only renounce a significant relationship with Cancer men if they really have aspects that are very contrary to their nature and freedom. 

In these cases, in which Cancer men are very restrictive and co-dependent, neither friendship nor love can flourish simply because Sagittarius cannot express himself as he truly is.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship

The relationship between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman can, without a doubt, be stormy. Their impulses are practically opposite and their qualities are more opposed than complementary. 

However, the knowledge of the Astros has been decisive in these cases since a deep knowledge about the qualities, strengths and weaknesses of both signs may be the key to bringing out even the least promising relationship in terms of compatibility. 

At the moment we will only say that Sagittarius is a very mobile sign, while Cancer, for its part, is a very stable and sedentary sign.

The Cancer man often has problems living with the Sagittarius woman precisely because he loves the safe and predictable while she lives by emotion, freedom, without stopping with commitments or ties. 

If anything characterizes Cancer it is, of course, his devotion to the couple, but such devotion is not well assimilated by Sagittarius who, unlike Leo (to give an example) does not enjoy flattery, but usually relates it to a dependency that does not go with his style. 

It is important, however, to repeat that this gap between the Cancer and the Sagittarius is not insurmountable, among them there are some well defined lines that can serve to build a bridge between both types of character so dissimilar.

To understand the basic compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer, it is necessary to start from the nature of both signs. First of all, Sagittarius is a fiery sign that while dominating and energetic does not enjoy flattery as well as its partner Leo. Cancer, for its part, is the protective and devoted sign par excellence. 

His main characteristic when talking about relationships is none other than attachment, clinging to loved ones. This in the first instance does not really satisfy Sagittarius, because he is always looking for new experiences, new emotions,

Sagittarius does not usually find tranquility in warm and peaceful homes since he needs to satiate his adventurous spirit before any other thing or task. This is unacceptable to Cancer man who, being much more conservative and traditional, He prefers security in all aspects of his life (work, sentimental, personal) instead of the risky adventures that passionate Sagittarians. 

Their interests are revealed to us as completely opposite, and yet this can also mean something positive, since oppositions identify strengths and weaknesses, making the relationships between these signs can be understood as great challenges for the individual growth of those involved.

For a relationship between Sagittarius and Cancer to work, it is necessary that both recognize their central qualities, otherwise, between both, constant conflicts will arise that will lead first to serious discussions and then to the dissolution of the relationship, whether it is a friendship or a loving relationship. 

As a Sagittarius he is very dynamic and with a practical sense of life collides with the sensitivity, mystique and emotionality of the Cancer man. This is characterized because the central thing in his life is the emotional-affective, Cancer does not think much in pragmatic terms and (as they say) in rational terms.

However, as a point in favor, the complementary nature of Cancer with respect to the balance between changes and repetitiveness must be mentioned. 

Cancer can find in Sagittarius a reason to experience things and new things and take opportunities that imply a certain risk and, in turn, Cancer can give Sagittarius some structure and continuity in the realization of its plans, they can therefore illustrate it with respect to the advantages that presents the balance between planning and freedom.

As long as Cancer manages to recognize the limits and individual freedom of his partner, this relationship does not have to be destined for failure as it seemed at first. Both Cancer and Sagittarius complement each other (although in principle they seem to have incongruous qualities) in everyday life, in work relationships and, of course, in sexual life. 

The Sagittarius woman also has to make some sacrifices to get used to the Cancer home trend, but if both manage to face the tests, you can enjoy a good and lasting relationship.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

For a relationship between a Sagittarius woman and a Cancer man to prosper, they will have to give in to certain demands from their counterpart. 

However, in advance it can be affirmed that it is Cancer who must make a greater effort (which does not mean that Sagittarius owes him everything) since he is the one who must fight with his insecurities and affective needs so that Sagittarius can be freely just as it is with any of your friends and family. 

Cancer is a sign in which love is intense, but precisely for this reason it also tends to be possessive. If the Cancer man manages to recognize and work on this aspect of his personality, he may be worthy of the unconditional love of a Sagittarius.

The conquest will not be particularly difficult, because although Cancer is shy, he is also very tenacious. When the crab sets a goal, it does not stop until it is between its claws (or pincers) and it is precisely this drive and determination that captivates Sagittarius women. Its romanticism will be the ideal hook for your practical and material spirit. 

The mystique of Cancer in her daily life is what the Sagittarius woman’s personality lacks and that is why it usually seems so attractive.

Their Intimate Relationship can be very satisfying and passionate, because Cancer and Sagittarius are very matched in this aspect . It is more likely that everything will be in a passionate love affair, than in a long-term stable relationship, unless there is so much love between the couple, that both are prepared to make adjustments in their personalities in order to make things last.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Problems and Breakup

Sagittarius , on the other hand, is very insensitive and may, when he realizes that his frequent criticisms are tiring his Cancer partner, it is too late to save the relationship. This is because Cancer tends to try to hide her feelings from her Sagittarius partner, because she does not want to appear weak in the face of such a strong sign.

For this combination to work, it is very important that Sagittarius learns diplomacy and that Cancer stops being so hypersensitive to criticism and learns to take comments more constructively.

Sagittarius can be very unpredictable and this is difficult for Cancer patients, who prefer a trustworthy and well-structured domestic and partner life.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Compatibility in Work:

Cancer men and Sagittarius women are what are popularly known as workaholics or workaholics. The difference is that they are both driven by different motives. The Sagittarius woman and the children of this sign in general are driven by defiance. 

It can even be distinguished that it is not competition (which is why they do not tend to conflict and rivalries) but rather the fact of surpassing a set goal. Sagittarians are determined (like Cancer) and their greatest satisfaction lies in seeing the objectives set fulfilled. Sagittarius does not have time to argue, he needs first of all to solve.

It is at that point that Cancer is great. Cancer always builds and supports, he is not interested in shining particularly as it would be with Leo. The Cancer man is helpful and he is also a workaholic because he loves helping others (therein lies his engine and differentiates him with Sagittarius). 

Cancer is more interested in contributing his grain of sand so that the goals are met and to collaborate with his partner. In this sense, a Cancer man is the perfect support for Sagittarius women who occupy leading positions in work environments, offices, companies and project managers. 

Neither is particularly conflictive. Only Cancer can be very susceptible to negative comments about their work and on certain occasions it can be somewhat volatile.

In Conclusion

If any difficulties arise between each other (which may happen in the beginning) it is probably related to innovative and conservative trends. 

Of course, it will be the Cancer man who will always advocate to maintain what already serves and which has proven to be useful and safe. Sagittarius for its part will be risky and will propose new ways and alternatives. 

Both one factor and another is useful in a work environment, prudence is as good a counselor as the future vision. 

The Sagittarians most compatible with Cancer are those born between December 2 and 11, because their vision and initiative attracts the other sign; and the most compatible cancers for this combination are those born between July 14 and 22.

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