Cancer and Scorpio : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

The love relationship between Cancer and Scorpio is the union of two signs both endowed with an inexhaustible energetic charge. The two signs are very compatible with each other, the qualities of one balance the weaknesses and shortcomings of the other and vice versa. In addition, there is great affinity between them on a sexual level, their meeting tends to raise the temperature inside the bedroom.

Together they tend to build a comfortable and congenial environment for their respective needs: Cancer seeks comfort and safety in everything, while Scorpio wants power and recognition. Both with a particularly passionate disposition, they are deeply affected by any aspect of existence. Compatibility between them is made even stronger by the devotion they both show towards the family, the home and the affections.

Cancer suffers the influence of the Moon, while Scorpio suffers the influence of the planets Mars and Pluto.The combination of these planets tends to perfectly balance male-type energy with female-type energy. The two signs possess the essential and basic characteristics for any sentimental relationship: the love and devotion that derive from the action of the Moon and the passion that is instead a prerogative of the planet Mars. The Moon symbolizes development and birth, and its action, combined with the passionate component provided by Mars, contributes to making the union of the two signs stable and lasting. The intensity of Scorpio’s feelings is a strong stimulus for Cancer, which feels spurred on to express more secret emotions; Scorpio, in turn, feels great admiration for the genuineness of the partner’s feelings.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are signs of Water. The depth of their thinking is such that they often risk misunderstanding their attitude. A deep sense of respect binds these two signs, making their bond extremely sincere and secure. If Cancer is more concrete and oriented towards family life, Scorpio tends more to go beyond appearance to find out what is beyond the tangible aspect of things. Scorpio could teach Cancer not to dwell on the surface of things and to dig deep, where it is possible to find a reality that is sometimes totally different from the apparent one. Cancer, in turn, could demonstrate to Scorpio how sometimes it is useful to let oneself be guided by the emotional drives that stir the human soul.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, while Scorpio is a Fixed sign . Once a goal has been set, they will do their utmost to reach the finish line. In case of misunderstandings Cancer will be the first to start the discussion, but the last word will surely be up to Scorpio.

This pair has the potential to understand the feelings and requirements of each other which makes them compatible for each other. They both share the same romantic feelings which make their romantic relationship very exciting for both of them. The selfishness of the Scorpio person may cause problems for the Cancer person. The grumpy nature of the Cancer person may infuriate the Scorpio person therefore the Cancer person should avoid it.

The charming personalities of both love partners would be mesmerizing for both of them and it would be enough attractive for them to start a love relationship. The realistic nature of the Scorpio person would be very supportive for a safe and secure love relationship which would be fascinating for the Cancer person.The Scorpio person should try to understand the sensitivity of the Cancer person about their love relationship otherwise problems may occur.

The dominating nature of the Scorpio person might initiate problems for the Cancer person because the Cancer person cant live in restrictions therefore the Scorpio person should avoid this nature. Both love partners have the potential to point out the flaws in each other’s personality and they can also suggest on how to remove these flaws from their personalities. The mutual understanding of both love partners makes their love relationship very exciting and supportive for both of them.

Both love partners have the appetite to appreciate each other for their struggles for a flourishing love relationship. The sympathy of both love partners would also be very supportive to make their love relationship sublime for both of them. By telling that sometimes the covetousness of the Scorpio person may also bring some agitation in their love relationship. Both love partners have the ability to set up their goals by mutual understanding and they have the potential to get to their goals easily.

What’s the best aspect of the Cancer-Scorpio relationship?

In general it seems that Cancer is the dominant part in the couple’s internal dynamics, but Scorpio also knows how to assert its points of view. Once a situation of complete mutual trust has been reached, the two are ready to face the life of a couple with a greater awareness of the diversity of their characters. The only real obstacle to the serenity of this couple is represented by the stubbornness common to both signs.

The strength of the Cancer-Scorpio relationship is the strength that the two know how to produce when they reach an agreement on the goal to be achieved. The determination they both show contributes to the productivity of this couple.

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