Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility (88%, high): love, marriage, friendship, profession

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility (88%, high)

love, marriage, friendship, profession

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility
Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

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Cancer and Scorpio = Water + Water

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility
Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

People, who are born under the same element, tend to feel comfortable and attract each other. This is the case for Cancer and Scorpio. It has a high degree of compatibility. They are both sensitive, emotional and loving, but Scorpios have a very different way of expressing love.

If we talk about compatibility, people with water signs are the most compatible with Scorpio. In the case of Scorpio and Cancer, in addition to being sensitive and mysterious, as good representatives of the water signs they must be contained in some way. 

This containment they need is expressed differently in each one, so communicating will be key so that they can live together as a couple.

At first glance, these seem to be your only similarities, but the intensity and emotional depth will play a role in everything you do as a couple. So, your different approaches will be quite compatible, allowing a balance between the two, to create a satisfying spiritual combination for both of you.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

Intimacy between Cancer and Scorpio can be very rewarding in the long run , because both signs like sex and are open and loving. However, there are important differences: while Scorpio is guided by the purely sensual, Cancer needs emotional ties and a higher level of love in long-term relationships.

Despite the different way they express love, there is a high compatibility between Scorpio and Cancer, because they have many things in common. Because Scorpio men are ambitious and direct, it is easy to assume that they are completely self-reliant. 

When in reality, the Scorpio man desperately wants a deep connection with a partner who is loyal. He does not settle for someone who is not suitable for him, so he does not risk exposing his deep emotional world to those who do not really understand him.

Therefore, the Scorpio man listens to his head, even when he does not want to, while a Cancer woman follows his heart, even if it hurts. If a Scorpio feels safe and understood, he will more easily indulge in his emotions, granting a passion and intimate connection that any partner yearns for.

Cancer women are walking contradictions, so it’s great that Scorpio men like and attract a good puzzle. The complexity of a Cancer woman is due to the fact that she shows her mood swings, which allows her to be more vulnerable and passionate than most women.

A Scorpio man can benefit from the emotional intelligence of the Cancer woman, to stop being so cautious when showing his intense emotions. Learning to reveal your own emotions to all the people who, normally, do not understand them.

Cancer women are creatures who use their maternal instincts to protect and teach, so it’s a combination that can work. If we consider that life is full of significant relationships that have nothing to do with romance or sex, and that become the most important connections in our lives, because friendships last longer than other relationships.

If you have already established a bond with a Scorpio man or Cancer woman, you are very lucky, because you can count on them, even if there is no romance.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman: Compatibility in work

In the workplace, Scorpio men are born leaders, ambitious and goal-oriented, capable of turning goals into complete projects.

For their part, Cancer women are great when you assign them a task, because they wisely manage their time and energy in getting the job done.

Outside the office or bedroom, when Scorpio and Cancer meet, they are great friends. Their friendship is a deep and lasting connection over time.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman: Problems and Breakup

Scorpios are very possessive partners, but Cancerians should be able to adapt to that, as they love to repeatedly show their love. However, they can be turned off by the Scorpio’s tendency to want to dominate the relationship and to make excessive emotional and practical demands. Scorpios can be a bit ruthless when trying to get what they want.

Cancer’s intuition and domestic nature go a long way in curing an intense and melancholic sign like Scorpio. Because Scorpio men usually bury their emotions, while Cancer women use them as a guide for their actions. These differences may seem like a disastrous thing, but different ways of handling emotions can bring you something good, basically, because when you delve into your differences, they can reach explosive depths.

In Conclusion

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman ( 88% Compatible )

Scorpio and Cancer Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage90%
Scorpio and Cancer Emotional Compatibility Percentage80%
Scorpio and Cancer Communication Compatibility Percentage90%
Scorpio and Cancer Trust Percentage90%
Scorpio and Cancer Intellectual Compatibility Percentage90%
Scorpio and Cancer Common Interests90%
Scorpio and Cancer Overall Compatibility Percentage88%

The relationship will have a chance to prosper if Cancer detects a “cause” in its Scorpio partner. In that case, you will enjoy the challenge of overcoming Scorpio barriers and connecting with your soul. And while the Scorpio may find this a bit disconcerting at first, they will eventually end up feeling grateful and loved.

If you have a relationship like this, communication between the two of you will improve as each of you get to know each other better and are able to talk to each other. Because although Scorpio and Cancer manage their desires and feelings in opposite ways, this will strengthen the integration of the couple.

The most compatible Scorpios with Cancerians are those born between October 24 and November 2. Scorpios born between November 13 and 22 are also quite compatible with Cancer. The Cancerians most compatible with Scorpio are those born between July 2 and 22.

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