Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Girl Cancer is definitely interesting, although a little mysterious. Under external restraint and coldness, you can discover a delightful sense of humor and the ability to rejoice. She has very little selfishness and vanity, but at the same time she is constantly misunderstood, accusing herself of selfishness and indifference. She is interested in secrets, but the dark, unexplored waters frighten her. Unless they are surrounded by the man of the sign of Scorpio – she is not able to resist this secret and even able to reject all her inborn fears for her sake. Give her “excellent.” Fears almost always wind around a “lunar” personality, and they are so complex and so deeply rooted in the subconscious that every attempt to overcome them should be appreciated and awarded with applause.

To be appreciated is her most cherished but futile desire, although she is unlikely to admit it. Few even tried to understand it, not just to appreciate it. A Scorpio man can do both. Maybe that’s why she finds the strength to answer his eyes? She feels that he is the only person in the world who understands her, and she is right.

If any other man tried to penetrate her mysterious self, looking into her eyes with such frighteningly close frankness, she would have doused him with an icy shower of alienation or bit off his head. She is very annoyed when someone she does not trust is trying to open her sink. True, with her “water relatives” – Cancers, Scorpions and Pisces – she rarely goes to extremes, is able to endure the Maidens and Taurus and, perhaps, the Capricorn man, but Aries and Libra can expect an aggressive reaction in advance.

She will not only stand the gaze of Scorpio, but will also accept it, marveling at her own credulity. But it is also surprising that the usually suspicious Scorpio man will also feel trust in her at first sight.

Others accused them both of being cold, and not without reason. After all, they belong to the element of Water, and therefore it is difficult for them to express their feelings openly. But temperament is an ambiguous concept, something that others might think is cold, the “moon” girl and the Eagle can be considered warm or hot. But these two are very sentimental – even more than Taurus and Lions. But no one in this world is able to restrain his emotions as well as a Scorpio man. He exercises constant control over them, putting a neutral expression on his face with any strongest experience, from surprise or joy to resentment or grief. And if he does not succeed, it means that he is possessed by feelings of truly overwhelming power that are beyond control. Others may not feel this, but the Cancer woman understands everything, and it deeply touches her.

Now you see that they are not cold at all, it is simply difficult for both of them to let out what is inside of them. Feeling, even strong, is not easy to break through the shell, and Crab and Scorpio have solid shells of self-defense – nature’s insurance policy against everything that their super-snowy souls can hurt. Nevertheless, sometimes she would have to remind herself that what seemed to her to be cold and almost harsh could be a mixture of shyness and unwillingness to express thoughts of which he was not yet sure. He will need to be aware that her apparent estrangement is only a way to defend herself from possible disappointment until she is convinced that she is loved. Nobody seeks love and needs it more than Cancer and Eagle, and this is not just love, but comprehensive love, entwined with strong threads of karmic dedication, tenderness and fidelity.

This man is maximalist. But you will never guess about it, and you better just believe it. He has a soft voice and subtle strategy. He is able to descend into the darkest depths of depression and rise to the intoxicating heights of ecstasy, but, looking at him, you would think that in his monotonous life, ups and downs were a few times, if any. Do not be fooled. Of course, this is advice for other signs of the Sun, he doesn’t need a woman-Cancer – she already knows everything. Of course, this detached Scorpio pose required many years of training. As a teenager, before he took control of himself, he allowed himself very emotional outbursts of anger.

The “lunar” woman of his dreams may find that he has flaws: a suspicious character, jealousy and a desire to dominate his girlfriend (and, by the way, most of the rest). True, he disguises it well. He, too, will be able to make sure that her weaknesses are mystery, a sense of possessiveness and a special sensitivity to resentment, real or imagined. Imaginary resentment can be just as painful as real. Any doctor will tell you that a person after amputation very vividly feels phantom pain.

All pain, even the so-called physical, begins in the psyche, and not in the body. So, in dealing with the wounded feelings of his “moon” lady, the Eagle must first realize how terribly pained her heart is and how real this pain is for her, even if everything that offended her was only her imagination. Then he can gently explain to her that before showing up in the body, all pain begins in the psyche and can only be removed through their source – the psyche or imagination. Her subconscious, where all her nightmares and childhood fears have nested, has absolute control over her body, emotions and all human reactions. Tell the hypnotized person that the postage stamp that they put on his hand caught fire and he would get a real burn. Bring fire to his skin and say that it’s an ice cube, and no burns will occur. This is the key to dealing with the anxieties and fears of Cancer, when the real problem is not so much physical as emotional pain.

Sexually, Scorpio is endowed with power and desires to a greater extent than many other men, and his “moon” girlfriend is more romantic and sensitive than women of other signs. She so needs visible signs of his tenderness … an unexpected rose or a bunch of violets on her table or pillow … or maybe a little kitten with a bow around her neck, which she suddenly finds on some clear morning … These little things deeply affect on her sexuality.

He should know that she is with him now out of sincere desire and that this is not pretense, not an attempt to hide secret boredom. You still can’t hide anything from him, so why try? If they remember each other’s unspoken needs, minutes of their intimacy can become a truly magical experience. Both of them are given to understand that restrained passion is not passion at all. Only when two completely trust each other in everything else can they be open and in love. The memory of tenderness that they will guess in each other all day is also a manifestation of the feelings that they need. It is hidden deep inside, and they don’t talk about it, but it is also the happiness that they will discover in physical love, thanks to the high harmony of relationships such as 5-9 (in the absence of a negative aspect of the Sun and the Moon between them).

Now I want to repeat what I have already said. Both of them must deal with the worst that is in them: with her unreasonable fears and sometimes unbearable possessiveness, with his jealousy and revenge, with financial caution of both (some call it stinginess). When they are angry, they go inside and remain silent, and this is the worst solution for these two signs (although for other pairs of type 5-9, for example, Fire signs, a little silence would do good). Cancer and Scorpio need to discuss everything, to express all their complaints in words. If you hide the insult deep inside, it will not disappear, but it can grow into a huge green monster that can deal with them and their love. It’s so sad when union 5-9 breaks up, because both lose too much …

This man pretends to be indifferent to the holidays, but look at his usually impenetrable face when his beloved woman unexpectedly presents him with a present. You will see that keen admiration, that instant happiness that shone on his face when he was little and had not yet learned to wield his face as a player with this mysterious, mystical grin.

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