Pluto in 7th House

PLUTO (planet of transformation) in the seventh house: you are frantic and powerful in relations with people. You strive for satisfaction in marriage and are demanding emotionally. Pluto in the seventh house indicates a secret or flight-related marriage. A business partnership is likely to be successful. Dignity: you intuitively feel the needs of a partner. Disadvantages: conflict, jealousy, excessive emotionality.

You attract people with powerful egos and strong temperaments. You have a strong desire for close, intimate contact with many of the persons you associate with, and this alone should be a warning to you. When you discover that someone is trying to make you over to satisfy his own desires, make a fast exit. But this is also a sure sign that you try to do the same thing to those you are attracted to. You make extensive demands on the people you deal with, but you resent it when similar demands are made of you. This is essentially the meaning of the old saying on birds of a feather. Such problems can ruin otherwise fascinating relationships.

Your talents lie in your ability to mold people, so public relations is a field you should apply yourself to. Political, social, and financial activities are other areas in which you could find a great deal of satisfaction. You express yourself with dramatic flair, and people are impressed with your ability to command attention.

You generally get what you want when you want it, and you do not tolerate refusal of your demands. If you are motivated to change people”s attitudes about their social obligations, you can accomplish miracles. You will be able to gain the support of your friends in seeking to improve intolerable social conditions. However, elected officials will try to discredit you and turn public opinion against you. But you are not afraid of such tactics because you have information about such officials that could be equally embarrassing to them.

In personal relationships you may have difficulty in achieving the success you enjoy in public conquests. When you relate to people at close range, you can become burdensome and make others feel uncomfortable. You understand how people think and may even be psychically tuned to them. This ability further helps you to deal with people.

In love you may seek partners who are quite dominating and powerful, not so much from a need to be dominated as from a desire for struggle and transformation within a sexual relationship. This can lead to very intense forms of sexual expression, but it can also lead to knockdown drag out affairs that can take quite a lot out of you. If you want this tendency to be sexually useful and not too interfering, you should not express it in your daily life but reserve it for the bedroom, where it can provide much pleasure. When conflict is confined to the sexual arena and ritualized, it can become a tremendous agent for transformation, making sexuality much more than just a pastime. It must be stressed that neither of you should force your fantasies on the other, even if the fantasies are very forceful. The scenarios should be mutually agreed upon so that each of you can fully express your needs for aggression and power, while maintaining equality in all other areas. If this is done effectively, it can defuse competition in your daily life, and you can use the transforming power of sexual energy for better self understanding and closeness.