Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

The love relationship between Taurus and the sign of Gemini could be very difficult to manage , but once the right understanding between them has been established, it could also be extremely engaging and instructive for both.

Often the sign of Gemini appears contradictory in his choices, tending on the one hand to seek safety and protection in the partner, and on the other to claim his independence.

It is the task of the Taurus to reconcile these two parts , trying to continually demonstrate his love and above all by controlling his possessive character. Taurus has a very calm disposition and is always very practical and concrete in everything he does. On the contrary, the sign of Gemini has a more intellectual approach to things and often seems to have its head in the clouds.

This fundamental diversity can represent a big problem in the couple’s internal balances , because the Taurus can get to consider the partner as a frivolous and inconclusive person, while the sign of Gemini can go to question the intelligence of the Taurus. The situation will only be resolved positively if both of them learn to take an example from the other: the Taurus will learn to be more enterprising and less predictable, and will help the partner to return with his feet on the ground.

Taurus is under the influence of Venus , the planet of love, while Gemini is under the influence of Mercury , the planet of communication. Both planets are located very close to the Sun, but the influence they have on the two signs is quite different. Venus is pure feminine, physical, romantic and sensual energy; Mercury possesses both male and female energy, and its influence translates into the ambiguous and contradictory character of the sign of Gemini, which takes on different positions from time to time.

At first the Taurus, in search of a reliable and sensual partner , will remain insensitive in front of the intellectual vivacity of the sign of Gemini , which however will learn very quickly the art of seduction and courtship, with which he will be able to attract the beware of the Bull.

Taurus is an Earth sign and Gemini an Air sign . The sign of Gemini is instinctive and capricious, he experiences situations day by day, without planning his actions and letting himself be guided by his intellect and his intuitions. Taurus is much more concrete, generally it only acts if it is completely sure of the result.

The possessive character of Taurus , and the detached and cold attitude that often characterizes the sign of Gemini, could undermine the stability of the relationship; to avoid this, they must both try to understand the partner’s needs more and to accept his defects: the Taurus must not be too irritated by the provocative character of the sign of Gemini , which, in turn, instead of criticizing the stubborn character of the partner should learn to indulge him and sometimes even to yield to the latter’s requests.

Taurus is a Fixed sign , while Gemini is a Mutable sign . The Bull sets himself a goal and concentrates on it by working until the desired result is achieved; Gemini, depending on the impulse of the moment, passes from one project to another, letting itself be attracted by things that very often contradict each other.  

What is the best aspect of the Taurus Gemini couple?

The strong point of the Taurus-Gemini relationship is the sense of protection and security that each inspires the other when the bond rests on solid foundations made of love and mutual respect.

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