Aries Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Aries is the first star sign amongst the 12 of the signs of the zodiac. Being the first of the star signs, it covers about the first 30 degrees of the Celestial Longitude. The individuals born under the date of on March 12th and onwards to April 20 belong in the category of the Arian horoscope. 

The sign associated with Aries is that of the looking Ram, a most noble creature. The sign first appeared in ancient Egypt but its true origins remain a mystery even now.  Ram is represented as aggression, male fertility and bravery. Ram was taken as the symbol of leadership in history. Thus Aries is said to pioneers and leaders.

Aries Woman Personality

Aries and the individuals who belong to the star sign are usually characterized as having extremely authoritative and motivationally amplified personalities. They are the ones who have a sense of exploring, being pioneers at something and being courageous and unruffled at the task appointed or set out in front of them. They are adventurous and vibrant, meaning that they boast a high level of energy. Arians are witty, dynamically exuberant, and also entail a high level of enthusiasm and confidence in their personalities. However, on the other hand, they can also be noted for having a short fuse and a swift temper. They can be highly impulsive and provoked easily. Some of the more negative attributes of their personality can be impatient, recklessness and a sense of overconfidence which may lead to misleading and detrimental heroics on their part.

In relation to Love life, Aries is usually characterized by an eagerness to accept and make relations easily. This haste causes the people of Aires to experience many drops and disappointments in their love life. They swiftly make commitments and realize too late that the partner chosen was in truth the Mr. or Ms Right that they were searching for. Aries and the individuals associated with it are usually compatible with those belonging to the star sign of Capricorn, Cancer and Libra from an amour or love based perspective.

Aries Woman love life

To describe a love life of Aries, it is similar to a bee that is given a task of getting the nectar. It plays a straightforward role of getting the nectar without creating any mess. If you ever fall in love with an Aries, you will surely understand their actions which involve a high level of motivation. Astrology describes some natural feelings which give a person belonging to Aries an idea about what kind of natural responses are expected.  

“Aries connect with love”

Aries has a connection with the planet Mars which helps in letting us know about the passions and desires. It is for this reason whenever Aries wants love; they will put in all the effort to get it and will concentrate deeply on the point of affection. They believe heavily in the concept of everything being fair in love and war.

“Aries an aggressive star”

If you belong to Aries and if you fall in love with the person belonging to Aries, you can easily come off aggressive and pushy. When in a relationship you will find it easier to solve the problem if any occurs and your opinion will be heard and given attention. You will also be criticized for any opinion which is not liked by the person whom you are in a relationship with.

“Understand’s your problem”

If you belong to Aries and are looking for a relationship which lasts for a long term, make sure to be with someone who tries to understand you perfectly and find this quality attractive in you. If this quality of caring is not understood properly by your partner you might face lots of issues. It is very important for the person whom you love to understand your problems and must have the ability to carry things forward by leaving behind the painful memories.

Aries like to solve any problems at the time when it occurs. They look for the solutions at the same time when any problem occurs. The wills are really tested when in a relationship with a person who belongs to Aries. You need to master the optimistic side of this sign in order to progress perfectly with your love life. Try to avoid putting in the extra effort which is not required at times. You must feel strong and secure from inside and try to feel what you deserve. If you will not work on what you deserve, the relationship might end up. You should understand yourself that what is good for you and when to ask for things which you deserve. It is obvious that everyone has the right to go after those things which they deserve.  

“Don’t demand too much from Aries”

A person belonging to Aries might also face issues regarding their excess level of demands. They should try to avoid demanding too much and should do the basics perfectly. You must not argue about those things which you know is not possible. Try giving a chance to your partner and let him feel free to express and let you know what you are doing wrong. This will make your relationship last longer and there will be deep understanding between you and your partner.

Aries Female Celebs

Some of the many eminent female stars or celebrities that belong to the Aries class of the Zodiac are Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Miranda Kerr, Michelle Monaghan, and Keri Russel.

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