Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

The love relationship between Cancer and Aquarius represents the classic case of attraction between opposites. Cancer filters all life experiences through its strong emotional charge, Aquarius has a singular vision of the world and stands out for its originality and its propensity towards everything that represents innovation.

While Cancer tends to retreat into his protective shell, the ‘Aquarium manifested on every occasion his extroverted and sociable nature . When the two signs manage to combine their respective qualities in a constructive way, the union will be productive and satisfactory for both.

They both know how to be ambitious and determined, and each of them loves to do things their own way. Cancer is a lover of quiet life and daily routine, instead Aquarius is attracted to everything that represents modernity and tends to have an exciting and unpredictable life. Cancer is strongly attracted to Aquarius’ lively personality, but he may also feel frustrated by the inability to penetrate such a sophisticated mind. For his part, the Aquarium will certainly be annoyed by the obsessive ways of Cancer, but, even if he does not like to admit it, the stable presence of his partner represents a valid support for him.

Cancer is under the influence of the Moon, while Aquarius is under the influence of the planets Saturn and Uranus. The Moon radiates female-type energy, Saturn is pure male energy. Uranus ‘action influences Aquarius’ propensity for all that is strange and unusual. The Moon is emotion, development and protection, and influences Cancer’s propensity towards safety and life devoted to family affections.

Finally Saturn represents determination and hard work, concepts absolutely necessary for a successful life. Cancer will be able to demonstrate to the partner Aquarius that it is often useful to make decisions by relying on one’s emotional resources. In turn, Aquarius can teach Cancer to be more detached and objective when the situation requires it.

Cancer is a sign of water, while Aquarius is a sign of air. The life of Aquarius is a continuous research aimed at developing its intellectual abilities, instead Cancer is much more pragmatic and concrete in everything it does. This being the case, it seems difficult for the two to come to a meeting point.

The greatest obstacles to the natural development of the couple’s life could arise if Cancer is too demanding and oppressive towards the partner, or if Aquarius takes on an attitude that is too detached and cold, even if they know the emotional needs of Cancer. Only if they can accept the differences that tend to divide them can Cancer and Aquarius get the best out of their bond, even going so far as to take advantage of the different way of dealing with things.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, while Aquarius is a Fixed sign . Both endowed with great perseverance, the two signs work hard to reach their goals. Often, however, Aquarius sees the excessive emotionality of Cancer as a weak point, and considers the partner unsuitable for its ambitious projects.

Cancer and Capricorn are not very well compatible with each other because of their opposite natures. The Aquarius person can’t provide the desired security to the Cancer person which would make their love relationship vulnerable. If both love partners are willing to work on common goals then there is probability of good love relationship. The Cancer person has the potential to hear the advices of the Aquarius person which would be very pleasing for the Aquarius person.

The Aquarius person is very social and wants to be in people however the Cancer person is opposite to it, which makes them incompatible for each other. The loving and affectionate nature of the Aquarius person would be very appealing for the Cancer person. The independent nature of the Cancer person is not acceptable for the Aquarius person because it risks the security of their love relationship.

The carelessness of the Aquarius person may irritate the Cancer person, that’s why the Aquarius person should try their best to avoid this nature otherwise there would be a lot of complexities. The Cancer people are more poignant than the Aquarius person and because of this difference; they might have few problems in their love relationship. The Cancer person wants to have a very close love relationship with its love partner however the Aquarius person is of isolated nature which would be unacceptable for the Cancer person.

It would not be easy for both of them to understand the requirements of each other which would make it complicated for them to fulfill the desires of their love partner. The Aquarius person wants to have the full attention of its love partner however the inattentiveness of the Cancer person may cause problems for the Aquarius person and it may hurt. Cooperation is necessary from both love partners for the success of their love relationship.

What is the best aspect of the Cancer – Aquarius relationship?

The strength of the Cancer-Aquarius relationship is the energy that the two manage to unleash when they decide to take parallel paths. Once the roles within the couple have been established and the respective points of view accepted, the bond can be said to be firm and well balanced.

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