Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility (30%, low): love, marriage, friendship, profession

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility (30%, low)

love, marriage, friendship, profession

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility
Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

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Cancer and Aquarius = Water + Air

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility
Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

The combination of the signs Cancer and Aquarius presents many challenges in a couple. Compatibility is low at first glance, although because both signs are very persistent, if there is enough love and willingness to work hard, a lasting relationship is difficult, but not impossible.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

This combination brings into play the lunar vibrations of Cancer and the Uranian element of Aquarius, which together makes for a very electrifying and often hectic relationship with plenty of exhilarating adventures. 

A passionate, not to mention spasmodic intimate relationship is likely to occur between the two of you as well.

For intimate relationships to work between these two signs, Aquarius will need to appreciate the Cancer sign’s need to feel stable, and emotionally cared for. These values ​​are simply mandatory for your happiness, and a relationship is unlikely to work if overlooked. 

The Cancer woman needs to allow the Aquarius man his freedom and avoid drowning him. Sexual intimacy is often the last obstacle to happiness for this couple, but fortunately it is a small obstacle. 

Cancer women value the emotional connection of sex and tend to expect it in all encounters. Aquarius men value sex for excitement and can be much more focused on trying new things as their nature dictates.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman: Friendship

Both the Cancer woman and the Aquarius man maintain a close friendship, although for totally different reasons. The Aquarius man is attracted to the new and interesting, which applies both to friends and romantic relationships. 

He tends to be extremely likable and is able to meet new people easily, but his charm often fades for him, and therefore he needs an extraordinarily unique individual to come to believe in love. For the Cancer woman, trust is the main reason why her close friends are few and far between.

She is fully aware of her vulnerability and leaves quite a few gaps between outsiders and her heart, be they friends or lovers. 

Luckily for the Cancer woman, Aquarius men are clearly honest and don’t waste time playing games. While you may be shy about commitment, when it comes down to it, it’s for real.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman: Compatibility in Work

The coexistence of these two signs at work can be frustrating due to their innate differences. Cancer women may not find any problem working under an Aquarius boss, as it is not difficult and you want to avoid confrontation. 

But when the roles are reversed, it can become an unbearable situation, as the Aquarius employee often fuels his feelings of insecurity when he constantly claims that he has better ideas.

Aquarius men love working alone, which is no surprise due to their love of independence. It’s not that they can’t work in a group, but because they’re stubborn, things get out of hand pretty quickly.

Cancer women, on the other hand, work well in groups and that’s where they excel. Their only struggles come when they are forced to assume a leadership position or when strong criticism is imposed on them.

It is worth noting that both signs value the security that a stable job provides, so there are no dramas on this issue on either side.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman: Problems and Breakup

Aquarius’s taste for freedom and independence, in the face of Cancer’s rigidity and conservatism , can be a bit of a difficult combination to carry, especially for Cancerians who can cause insecurity and resentment.

Aquarius needs to explore all paths throughout life before making a firm commitment to someone, and for a much more traditional and conservative Cancer, the wait can be too long.

Aquarius, on the other hand, can feel trapped with a sign, which demands absolute surrender to the family and to her. However, as both signs are very loyal and somewhat stubborn, they can overcome the differences, especially if the relationship begins later in life when Aquarius has completed its discovery phase and it likes to settle down.

By nature, Cancerians will try to bind Aquarians , bring their independent and free nature into the line, to bring them into a routine of stability, so it will be enormously infuriating and irritating for Aquarians to do something unexpected or spontaneous, as for Cancer planners being spontaneous equates to being reckless and even irresponsible. 

Therefore, for the relationship to work, both parties must be very patient with the other.

Your moods can be mismanaged, resulting in periods of depression, anxiety, or just an unbearable mood. People with this sign also have great empathy for everyone they meet, even if she feels too insecure to help them. 

Her ultimate goal in a partner is someone who makes her feel safe and who is infinitely loyal and devoted.

Aquarius men and Cancer women tend to fight together due to their high emotional needs. The Aquarian leads with his mind and the Cancer woman leads with her heart and emotions. 

This imbalance will gradually lead to growing insecurity on the part of the cancer woman, who over time will feel that her partner has no emotions, therefore, she cannot trust her.

In Conclusion

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman ( 30% Compatible )

Aquarius and Cancer Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage10%
Aquarius and Cancer Emotional Compatibility Percentage50%
Aquarius and Cancer Communication Compatibility Percentage30%
Aquarius and Cancer Trust Percentage30%
Aquarius and Cancer Intellectual Compatibility Percentage40%
Aquarius and Cancer Common Interests20%
Aquarius and Cancer Overall Compatibility Percentage30%

Aquarius men with Cancer women make a surprising connection. What can start as a simple help, can blossom into the best friendship or love relationship.

Although getting to that point won’t be easy, the Aquarius man won’t give up if their current relationship looks promising. 

The common traits with each other are just that, common and unsecured. Aquarius man and Cancer woman are opposites enough to strike a healthy balance. The truth is, both of you must be prepared to take some risks to find true happiness in life.

To be compatible with Aquarius, the Cancer sign will need to be prepared to explore a few more things in life and to shed some of its preconceptions so that it can share some of Aquarius’ exhilarating spontaneity. 

Aquarius, in turn, will have to settle down a bit so that Cancer has a chance to reach inside.

This is their strength and although most Aquarians fear sharing their interior, if they do so, the couple will be more united. And when a Cancer-Aquarius couple reaches maturity and stability, they bring together a combination of qualities so disparate that they create a unique and formidable strength.

The most compatible Cancerians with Aquarius are those who were born between July 12 and 22, and the Aquarians most prepared for a long relationship with Cancer are those who were born between February 4 and 18.

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