Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Cancer and Aquarius. Water + Air

The combination of Cancer and Aquarius signs presents many challenges in a couple. Compatibility is low at first glance, although thanks to the fact that both signs are very persistent, if there is enough love and willingness to strive, a lasting relationship is difficult, but not impossible.

The compatibility between the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman is one of the weakest and most infrequent in the entire zodiac. It could be said that these signs are almost completely incompatible, but it is necessary to explain the causes of this fact and the exceptions to the rule. First, the reason for the incompatibility must be explained.

Both Aquarius and Cancer are associated with personalities reluctant to change, somewhat immutable personalities in regard to their most intimate qualities, which, in addition, are usually related to their problems in maintaining stable relationships. One of the problems with Cancer men and Aquarius women is their poor tendency toward commitment. But are they really like that? In reality what happens is that (for different reasons) both signs are extremely reserved, especially Cancer, who is usually very introverted and somewhat suspicious.

The flip side of this story is that precisely because of their reserve, the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman can identify the causes of their differences and, after a healthy negotiation, learn to deal with them to carry on a beautiful relationship.

Cancer Man approach to Relationships

Let’s start by talking about the relationships between both signs in general. The Cancer man is characterized by being a kind person, with a serene character (although sometimes he presents abrupt changes) which, however, is not characterized by being extroverted, being rather a closed and cryptic person. Cancer men often have few relationships because they recognize in them a great sensitivity that is also associated with a certain emotional vulnerability.

Aquarius Woman: approach to Relationships

The Aquarius woman is usually reserved for opposite reasons. Although they do not have bad intentions, Aquarian women tend to cut off relationships that they feel are not meaningful to them with any ease. For this reason, many people of the Aquarius sign generally prefer to surround themselves with only a few friends, even when they are very outgoing and, therefore, have the ability to create new relationships.

In this sense, both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman are usually reserved people who carefully analyze their interpersonal relationships. Of course, this influences their love relationships.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility:

Aquarius’ taste for freedom and independence, in the face of Cancer’s rigidity and conservatism , can be a somewhat difficult combination to carry, especially for those Cancerians who may cause insecurity and resentment.

Now, the real problem of compatibility between the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman lies in their differences of character and their different conceptions of love and freedom. Let’s start with the Cancer man and his particular personality. Cancer is a sign famous for its emotionality.

In simple terms, the Cancer man is often much more dependent on his partners in that he requires the certainty that he is loved beyond all conditions. With Cancer rational arguments are not enough, genuine and spontaneous displays of affection are often necessary to keep him calm. The opposite happens with the character of Aquarius. Aquarius women often require much more space than Cancer men. This is usually much more important to them than the emotional displays of love that Cancer requires.

These differences are reflected in his conceptions of freedom and love. Cancer associates love with commitment and constant closeness, while the Aquarian woman relates love with respect for the individuality and freedom of the other. Finding a balance between closeness and freedom may be the key to a successful relationship between Cancer and Aquarius. In addition, it is necessary to mention some of their points in common or that they are complementary. Such is the case of Aquarius women who tend to have a tendency towards humanitarian practices and Cancer men tend to have a high sense of empathy and collaboration, so when they interact with Aquarian women they can end up sharing values ​​and aspirations.

Finally, it is precisely the difference between their personalities that can be favorable to their individual growth. The Cancer man can learn to be less dependent with an Aquarius woman and, for her part, she can appreciate commitment from another perspective with the help of a Cancer sign partner.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Love:

This combination brings Cancer’s lunar vibrations and Aquarian’s uranian element into play, which together creates a very electrifying and often hectic relationship with a host of exhilarating adventures. It is likely that there is also a passionate intimate relationship , not to say spasmodic, between the two.

Regarding intimate relationship, these different needs also influence their satisfaction. In the case of Cancer men, sex becomes an encounter with the other, an activity in which closeness and affection are demonstrated. For the Aquarius woman, sex is more a means of personal satisfaction, it is not that they ignore the other, but that they conceive the sexual act as a space for personal satisfaction and the experimentation of new sensations.

To be compatible with Aquarius, the sign of Cancer must be prepared to explore a few more things in life and to give up some of its preconceptions so that it can share some of Aquarius’ exhilarating spontaneity. Aquarius, in turn, will have to settle his head a little so that Cancer has the opportunity to get inside. This is their fort and although most Aquarians fear sharing their interior, if they do, the couple will be more united. And when a Cancer-Aquarius couple reaches maturity and stability, they bring together a combination of qualities so disparate that they lead to a unique and formidable force.

When a couple between Aquarius and Cancer ignores these important aspects, that is, those essential needs that each one possesses, they usually decay until their dissolution. The recognition of them can help make the relationship work and is satisfactory and favorable for both of you. Both daily company and intimate relationships can be much more satisfying and enjoyable if these fundamental differences are recognized.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Issues:

Due to their very different personalities, Cancer men and Aquarius women present different and apparently contradictory needs. The Cancer man usually has more marked affective needs and the Aquarius woman usually needs a marked respect for her individuality and personal space. This means that the Cancer man requires the attention of his partner to feel loved and valued while the latter requires Cancer to reduce their pressure so as not to feel drowned and limited within the relationship.

Aquarius needs to explore all paths throughout life before establishing a firm commitment to someone and for a Cancer, much more traditional and conservative, the wait may be too long.

Aquarius, on the other hand, may feel trapped with a sign, which demands absolute dedication to himself and the family. However, since both signs are very loyal and somewhat stubborn, they can overcome the differences, especially if the relationship begins at a more advanced stage of life when Aquarius has completed its discovery phase and appears to settle down.

By nature, the Cancerians will try to bind the Aquarians , bring their independent and free nature to the line, to bring them into a routine of stability, so it will be enormously infuriating and irritating for Aquarius to do something unexpected or spontaneous, since for the Cancer planners being spontaneous equals being reckless and even irresponsible. Therefore, for the relationship to work, both parties must be very patient with each other.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Within the workplace, the differences between the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman are usually small, but not non-existent. Such differences usually occur, in any case, when there is a hierarchical relationship between the two or when competition arises between the two. They are based on the fact that Cancer prefers to work as a team or as a couple, while Aquarius tends to work better independently.

Of course, this implies that the Aquarian woman will always tend a little more than Cancer to impose her perspective on how things should be done and will not think twice before casting strong criticism of Cancer’s work. For the latter, this is devastating, given that due to their great emotion, criticism is never well assimilated.

However, both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman do not like drama, so even when conflicts and even small arguments arise, they will not reach embarrassing levels. What can happen is that both Aquarius and Cancer cross each other and do not want to work together again. 

Their confrontation is determined by their different ways of handling and feeling in everyday life. The Cancer man is usually much more emotional and the Aquarius woman is usually much more cold and rational. Therefore, the latter does not conceive how a criticism can emotionally affect Cancer man and the latter, for his part, does not conceive how a criticism can be devoid of bad intention or discontent regarding him. 

 if they both recognize their strengths and weaknesses, they can make an excellent match for the workplace. The Cancer man will bring a more humane and compassionate perspective to the Aquarius woman and this will prepare him to accept criticism, strengthening his self-esteem and emotional stability. The recognition of these factors can, in turn, represent a great benefit for the work environment, especially if both Cancer and Aquarius occupy important administrative positions within the workspace in which they work.

In Conclusion:

The most compatible Cancer with Aquarius are those who were born between July 12 and 22, and the Aquarians most prepared for a long relationship with Cancer are those, who were born between February 4 and 18.

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