Cancer and Libra : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

The love relationship between Cancer and Libra reveals a couple whose balance is given by the fact that each seems to possess what is lacking in the other. Both are looking for sentimental security and tend to appreciate luxury and beauty.

In addition to this the two signs seem to have nothing in common , that’s why during the initial phase of the relationship both show a very prudent attitude. But over time they will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, and each will learn to respect and recognize the qualities of the other. Their union manages to combine the emotional factor with the intellectual one, two concepts that are usually very distant from each other.

Very active both at the emotional, the Cancer and Libra it very important to be able to freely express their feelings, even if often the sign of Cancer has some difficulties in his emotions. The Libra great test admiration for the domestic and protective nature of the cancer, which, in turn, is strongly attracted to the diplomacy that the partner shows in every situation. The influence of Libra can prove fundamental to make Cancer understand the importance of being able to know the different faces of a situation; on the contrary, the proximity of Cancer can help Libra to defeat its perennial indecision.

Cancer is influenced by the Moon, while Libra is influenced by the Planet Venus . Both the Moon and Venus act on their respective signs giving them the propensity towards love, family affections, harmonious and peaceful life. These two signs together have the ability to radiate a strong sense of warmth and tranquility. Libra, whose vision of the world is based on intellect, can sometimes appear a little snobbish, while Cancer, whose way of seeing things is filtered through its emotionality, sometimes seems to compete with anyone you meet on the road .

Cancer is a water sign, while Libra is an air sign. For Libra, life is a continuous exploration of man’s mental and intellectual abilities; Cancer, on the other hand, appears much more practical and oriented towards real and tangible things. While Cancer wishes to find an emotional meeting point with its partner , Libra is more oriented towards the search for a common interest that can stimulate both on an intellectual level. Problems could arise if Cancer is too closed and impenetrable, or if Libra takes too provocative an attitude.

Both are cardinal signs. Certainly within this relationship there will be an ongoing struggle to determine which of the two must play the role of leader. The proverbial indecision that characterizes Libra can irritate the sign of Cancer, which, in turn, to get along with the partner, must control his stubbornness and above all learn to take into account the suggestions of others.

This pair has the equal chance of success and failure, it totally depends on both love partners that at which side they want to take their love relationship. There are several similarities in their nature and as well dissimilarities. The responsive nature of the Cancer person would be captivating for the Libra person because Libra person loves the responsive people and the Libra itself is also very responsive because it loves equilibrium.

They would have a wonderful romantic relationship. The Cancer person has the potential to arouse the romantic feelings of the Libra love partner that’s why the Libra person would be contented by this love relationship. The enduring and serene nature of the Cancer person would also be mesmerizing for the Libra love partner because it would be helpful for them to avoid some minor conflicts in their love relationship.

The Libra people are very social and they have a good place in the society and it is required for the Cancer person to help Libra person in social issues otherwise problems may arise. Both love partners would be able to satisfy the needs of their love partner. Another thing which makes them compatible with each other is the peaceful and calm nature of both love partners. The Libra person is of practical nature, however the Cancer person is opposite to it and this dissimilarity in their nature may cause problems in their love relationship.

Dissimilarity in their natures is the balanced nature of the Libra person and unbalanced nature of the Cancer person; this is a major drawback in their love relationship. Moreover, Libra person is very bold and lively however on the other side the Cancer person is not as bolder and this may not be acceptable for the Libra person. In order to remove the conflicts in their love relationship both love partners should cooperate with each other.

What is the best aspect of the Cancer-Libra relationship?

The strength of the Cancer-Libra relationship lies in the balance that is formed once the two signs have learned to know each other and accept the differences that tend to separate them. The harmony that reigns within the couple leads the two lovers towards ambitious goals.

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