Cancer Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

In Libra women there is so much love and charm that sometimes it seems to you that you hear the ringing of bells. (Bells are ringing next to the Gemini and Virgo girls, but they are not so distinguishable.) What you hear now looks more like a melodic Easter Sunday chime. This is part of the music of Venus, and you can easily imagine what effect it has on the Cancer man with his sentimental heart and sensitive, finely tuned consciousness.

In addition to this fabulous quality, the Libra girl who charmed him looks like an angel. Venus gives her children a memorable beauty, or at least a smile that can please the most tired soul. Sometimes a Libra girl is fortunate enough to receive both of these gifts at birth, and then the Cancer man has no chance of salvation at all. Amazed by the beauty, enchanted by a smile, he hears the chime of bells … from all this you can completely lose your head!

He will want to impress her, so the first thing he needs to do is to tell some funny story, because the Cancer have an excellent sense of humor. Then she will laugh … and not just an ordinary laugh, but similar to the one scattered in a thousand pieces from which the fairies appeared, about which Peter Pan told Wendy. He will discover that she has a taste in order to understand the subtlety of his humor. Then he learns that she is not only beautiful and witty. She has so much softness, fragility and femininity, and there is a special secret in her – the eternal secret of a woman. But she is also smart and in this can make him a couple in everything – from chess to charades. She is able to be a surprisingly balanced and creative silent participant in all his endeavors, and, if necessary, a true partner. She’s definitely smarter than all these dumbasses,

Not only he is fascinated, but also she. Those men whom she had to meet annoyed her. They are so insensitive, sometimes rude and always demanding, and they never asked her for advice, because they believed that she was “just a woman,” and what did women understand in business? This infuriates any Libra girl for whom gender equality is almost a religion. She is not going to stage a demonstration in defense of the women’s movement (although she is quite capable), just for Libra equality is equality, and honesty is honesty.

And here in front of her, he is charming, with eyes in which there is so much humor and intelligence, thoughtful and sensitive. With him, she feels feminine, and at the same time, he makes her realize that he is delighted with her intellect. She feels calm and reliable with him, realizing that he will never allow something ugly, vulgar or sad to somehow hurt her. It has something gallantly old-fashioned in it, but it oddly gives it a sense of security. He understands her differences from loneliness to love for all people, from happiness to hatred and sympathizes with her, because he also depends on her mood. But most importantly, he is so calm and patient, and these qualities mean a lot to Libra, striving for peace and tranquility.

Why don’t they get married? She might be the first to think about it. I wonder what holds him back? Maybe she doesn’t like his mother or is he not sure that she can replace his mother as a Woman-Who-Always-Adores-Him? Maybe he thinks that he must first achieve financial prosperity? So what is holding him back? The responsibility of marriage. It’s not a matter of whether he loves her or not, of course, loves her, but …

In response to his crab cautiousness and desire to back away, she can pretend to be indifferent, avoiding meetings in private, or torment him, pretending that she is interested in someone else, hoping that jealousy, fear of losing her or his passion, which has not found a response make him finally make a decision. She hopes to convince him of the truth of Samuel Johnson’s observation that “there can be many weaknesses in marriage, but there are no pleasures in celibacy.” If the Sun and the Moon in their birth charts form a harmonious aspect, this can work. Otherwise, these tricks of her will lead to the fact that he will become angry and irritable or, offended, will close from her with his impenetrable shell. This is what will incredibly upset her, although she will try not to show her mind. Then she will remember her charm of Venus and begin to gently manipulate it with a velvet voice and sunny smiles. She will try to conquer it by combining logic and charm. But he with his keen perception will feel what she is doing, and will begin to resist even more. His mother once told him that it was better to be careful right away than to regret later. So he always tried to be prudent. And now this beautiful smart woman is trying to make him become careless and free. This confuses him and makes him only cling harder to the old. So he always tried to be prudent. And now this beautiful smart woman is trying to make him become careless and free. This confuses him and makes him only cling harder to the old. So he always tried to be prudent. And now this beautiful smart woman is trying to make him become careless and free. This confuses him and makes him only cling harder to the old.

He will be secretly tormented by her extravagance, and she will be annoyed by his suspicion of her innocent friendship with others. (Although sometimes she should admit to herself that she purposely aroused suspicions of him). They can quarrel, but as soon as she realizes that she is losing him, she will try to see him again … and again. When they quarrel, he panics a bit, because he is haunted by the memories of those days when they laughed, loved each other and so keenly enjoyed life. Would he be so good with someone else? Hardly, but will you tell her about this? Sometimes he himself understands that the main enemy of their love is his secrecy, his unwillingness to directly and openly share his thoughts and feelings with her. If he did, if he could … But again she can only guess what he really thinks.

“We will not think about anything, we will only feel,” they say when they love each other. It can make them up for a while. When a Cancer man plunges into the depths of his feelings, he becomes himself, freeing himself from fears and anxieties. And then it seems to her that the flow of a strong and clean river takes her away, and she is just a small light leaf … Her imagination and tenderness soothe him, and he relaxes, allowing love to fill his whole being, so that there is no place left in him nothing but enjoyment. He would never want to lose his feelings at these moments! But passion comes and goes, but problems remain.

Since this is a complex 4-10 model, they are very hindered by deadlock misunderstanding and divergence of views. But if he uses his crab tenacity to hold on to that which unites them, and not vice versa, and if she uses Libra’s honesty to treat him with caution and sympathy for his emotions, and not his own, they could try to start all over again … Doesn’t he want to hear the joyful Easter chime of bells again? But doesn’t she want the beloved man to appreciate in her not only femininity and beauty, but also intelligence? And she so lacks his love and admiration … It is very difficult, but if they need each other’s eyes and they have enough patience, they can even learn to compromise. She knows this better than he, because on the Karmic circle of life, Libra had already passed the path of Cancer. If their song ends,

The moon gave Cancer a curse and grace at the same time – a living memory, sometimes almost photographic in its clarity. Lunar memory will return to him their best days. And he will regret that he could not say something most important … He will think about it again and again and hope that she will hear wherever she is …

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