Libra Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Love knows a way to turn a secretive, dull, sometimes irritable woman-Cancer into a sweet, caring, gentle and soft “moon” woman. If she is in love with the man of Libra, she sighs all the time. He works too much, plays too much, doesn’t eat well, drinks too much, has little rest, allows others to use his good nature, he is too careless, he will catch a cold if he doesn’t stop running in the rain without galoshes, and he must stop losing umbrellas, therefore that umbrellas cost money, and if you count how much he lost last year, you could buy a new juicer to make vegetable juices because he eats and drinks all sorts of nasty things. The girl is full of care. On his birthday, she can give him an electric blanket to make him more comfortable. This is actually a hint

Since Libra is a male sign, he will soon let her know that he is not going to let her put pressure on him. But it is ruled by the female planet Venus, which harmonizes so well with the fickle Moon, giving it wonderful qualities of fidelity, patience and affection. For a while, everything will be peaceful and calm.

Despite the rather large difference in their characters and outlooks on life, not too much time will pass from the beginning of their romance, and the typical man of Libra will be tempted by the idea of ​​marriage. When a man ruled by Venus experiences a strong temptation, the name of which is a woman, he will find thousands of rational explanations for what he should do, and finally decide that the only way to get rid of the temptation is to give in to him. (Here is an example of Libra’s logic when it is distorted by romantic desire and the call of the flesh.)

If he is a pronounced representative of the sign of Libra and if the aspect between their luminaries is favorable, he certainly made a wise decision by offering his hand and heart to this soft creature with wet eyes and a hard shell. This fragile (ha!), Sensitive and receptive (really) “moon” girl who is so exaggeratedly concerned about his well-being. But when you really think it over, you will not blame him for giving in to the temptation. If the Solar-Lunar aspect between their horoscopes is a square or an opposition, it can still be a wise decision for the benefit of his eternal soul, although their union may turn out to be a rather difficult test. However, we recall what was said in the first part of this chapter: if they manage to balance the disharmony and come to an agreement, their angels will rejoice in their love, and it costs a lot.

No solar sign is characterized by a completely definite, albeit unconscious, pessimism to such an extent – in this Cancer surpasses Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn taken together. And in no other sign can you find so much fun, endless that sometimes drives you crazy, optimistic, as in the sign of Libra – here it can even go around Aries or Sagittarius. If his optimism and her pessimism are mixed day after day (and night after night), it’s like pouring different water into one kettle, a little hope will be added to her pessimism, and he will gradually become less gullible and more sensitive. However, we must admit that, by its very nature, optimism cannot become less gullible and more sensitive, because then it will no longer be optimism. Similarly, by its very nature, pessimism, to which hope has been added, is no longer pessimism.

We would not want them to solve their problems by exchanging these character traits that were ingrained in them, because the pessimistic Libra man would be terribly unhappy, and the absolutely optimistic Cancer woman would be unfaithful to herself. She can warn him that too much optimism is the fog in which his dreams are lost. And she so wants them to come true, because she loves him. He, in turn, can tell her that too much pessimism is not at all a necessary loss of a large share of happiness in the way that they could go along. He wants her to escape this tragedy, because he loves her so much.

She, of course, is the owner, and he loves freedom. This seems to be an insurmountable contradiction, and yet it is not as difficult as it might seem to each of them. If he really loves her, he will understand that this is not possessiveness, but the desire to tightly surround him with attention. It’s just her old childhood fears. She is afraid that his love is only a mirage that may one day disappear and leave her alone, unloved and unprotected. It is clear that when he is out of her sight, these very real fears become greater, because in childhood she was frightened by the false truth “out of sight – out of mind.” She needs to understand that from time to time he wants freedom, not because he is going to leave it, and not because he is in love with someone else: his element is Air, and air cannot be stagnated, the same applies to false warnings that you should not let your loved one go far from home, it has been proven a million times that “separation makes hearts beat faster.” This is a universal law of love that cannot be changed.

A Libra man who truly loves and understands his Cancer woman will call her special, even if it is a boring business trip. And not because it will anoint him in business, but because he remembers that people fall in love to be together, and everything that separates them and deprives them of the joy of joint discoveries interferes with their happiness – and do not give a damn about the rules of society.

How can they discover something together if they are seen only at home and the only impressive discoveries are a new baby tooth or a leaking roof? If he sincerely calls her with him and this is possible, a touching surprise awaits him: when she realizes that he really wants this, she will cease to cling to him, because his invitation has cast off all her moon fears. Then he can start to worry – the lovers are such strange people … The next problem concerns money, and here I refuse to be a judge. I will only tell him: let her save money in order to feel calm. And here’s what I will tell her: stop making him fear bankruptcy, stop imagining poverty, or it will become reality. When you have money – spend it, give it away – and they will come back to you even sooner than you can imagine. With all your dog care, you cannot change the “universal law of giving” in the universe. How can you prove that I’m wrong if you haven’t tried?

As for the sexual side of their relationship, at the very beginning their love may seem like a promise of a miracle, but then they may find that their hearts are empty. This tragedy should be prevented in the first act of the play, and better before the curtain rises. Her endless suspicions can ultimately give rise to a sense of worthlessness in him, which can be a prelude to impotence, and a lack of understanding that she so needs emphasized tenderness and romantic assurances can drive her into a “shell” of emotional protection that can turn into in frigidity. If they respect each other’s feelings, remembering the Newton’s law of Cause and Effect, their love can be a wonderful experience of noble passion, such intimacy that brings them peace and harmony every time he rediscover himself,

The sexual union of loving men and women is like an eternal melody full of inexpressible desire. When it is wonderfully fulfilled, it is able to heal. The language of music and poetry can also become the language of love. It is sometimes easier for a typical Libra man and a Cancer woman to express their feelings in this way, and they need to remember this more often when they find it difficult to utter such ordinary words: “I’m sorry … I didn’t want to offend you.”

The next time he has to leave, he can give her a je reviens perfume bottle and a dictionary so that she can find out what it means in French, “I’ll be back” … or maybe a doll to show that he understands her feelings and that she values ​​the past, because it seems to her more real and reliable than today or tomorrow. And her reciprocal gift will be full confidence … Both of them are sentimental. Both are endowed with wonderful imagination, and both believe in dreams. She has a great sense of humor, and he has a wonderful smile. Both are mood-dependent and know what tenderness is. And, most importantly, the angels are on their side, because they understand what sacrifice is required from the union 4-10

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