Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility (32%, low): love, marriage, friendship, profession

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility (32%, low)

love, marriage, friendship, profession

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility
Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

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Cancer and Libra = Water + Air

Libra and Cancer Compatibility
Libra and Cancer Compatibility

The long-term compatibility between Cancer and Libra is a combination of signs, it is quite low and the couple will only survive if there is a very strong base of love and passion.

A relationship between a Libra man and a Cancer woman is beneficial for both parties, it is worth trying a match between them.

Libra is honest and fair and knows how to balance the excessive emotionality that characterizes the Cancer woman and her tendency to manipulation. If they come together, they explore the world with innocence and vulnerability, but always with the Libra man attentive to injustices to try to remedy them.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

The Libra man is like a butterfly that flutters among people in search of friendships and, above all, the love of his life. You have a facility for making friends, other people appreciate your willingness to help, your attitude and your low demands on friendship. In love it is different, and the Libra man becomes demanding.

The Cancer woman shares with the Libra man the willingness to befriend different types of personalities. But, unlike the man on the scale, it is emotions that strongly influence how she begins and develops a friendship relationship. The crab woman builds a fortress not to reveal her insecurities, which represents an obstacle to the trust that must exist in relationships.

If they get intimate, the bond between Libra man and Cancer woman will be powerful and deep. The issue is the way to get there. Why? Because they are both critical, Libra takes time to decide and Cancer is insecure to take the plunge. This can result in not taking the necessary steps toward an intimate relationship.

Regarding emotions, both complement each other: Libra brings rationality to Cancer’s emotionality.

In sexual relations between the two, sensuality and emotions predominate. Libra men express their romanticism, enjoy dinner and a chat with their partner, while Cancer women love to be with their partner anywhere.

The intimate combination of Cancer and Libra is quite good, because both signs are ruled by female stars, the Moon and Venus, respectively. They both like to give love and be loved, so both will feel satisfied and appreciated.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman: Compatibility in Work

Those born under the Libra sign stand out at work for their good performance, ethics and their willingness to cooperate. If they occupy supervisory positions, they are not very tolerant of laziness, which they see as an injustice that could lead them to confrontation to remedy it, although they do not like to enter into conflict. Instead, they appreciate those who work hard and are always ready to help.

Libra men shine when they work in teams and when they are leaders in companies that are not characterized by their aggressiveness.

Cancer women are also good and reliable companions when working in a group. Their sensitivity leads them to lean towards careers such as nursing or veterinary medicine. Those born under the sign of the crab do not shine in leadership positions, they do not take criticism emotionally well.

Together with the Libra man, the Cancer woman can form a cohesive and efficient team that achieves work goals without problems. It is worth trying a relationship between the Libra man and the Cancer woman, it is a bet that can have risks but if it is successful it will be of great satisfaction and benefit for both parties.

It will be a committed relationship where the positive traits of both are combined to overcome the disagreements and conflicts that arise. A strong, long-term relationship between Libra and Cancer is to be expected, both in love and friendship. There will be love, balance and support.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman: Problems and Breakup

One of the problems that occurs between both signs is the resentful tendency of the Libra man that can affect the extreme sensitivity of the Cancer woman. The man on the scales will not be abused by Cancer’s bad mood and tendency to manipulate, he knows how to put a stop to them by making him see what is fair.

Both signs can form a couple where tranquility prevails and frustrations are the minimum possible. The crab woman’s propensity for sadness is offset by the optimism of the Libra man. The dynamics of the relationship are kept in balance.

A relationship between Cancer and Libra is one of the most difficult relationships in the Zodiac , and will sometimes lead to enormous discomfort, even though the differences are not clear at the beginning of the relationship; Both Cancer and Libra seek peace, quiet and harmony, so at first, the relationship may seem very simple.

The most important difference will become apparent once the relationship is established, when the Cancerians’ need for a quiet and peaceful home life meets the social, playful and diversity-seeking nature of the Libras. Cancer may not like Libra’s desire to lead an active and varied social life, while Libra may find Cancer restrictive and boring.

A possible cause of problems will be your different way of looking at money. The Cancer sign is usually thrifty, generous but at the same time very prudent – they like their partner to understand the importance of being prudent in financial matters. Libra, on the other hand, tends to be more capricious with money and, paradoxically, more possessive with material things.

In Conclusion

Libra Man and Cancer Woman ( 32% Compatible )

Libra and Cancer Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage40%
Libra and Cancer Emotional Compatibility Percentage10%
Libra and Cancer Communication Compatibility Percentage40%
Libra and Cancer Trust Percentage30%
Libra and Cancer Intellectual Compatibility Percentage60%
Libra and Cancer Common Interests10%
Libra and Cancer Overall Compatibility Percentage32%

the relationship will survive and flourish if both members of the couple find common projects. Libra will appreciate Cancer’s ability to extract the seed from an idea and feed it to fruition and will do a great job selling the idea (they are very good at PR). It could be a good relationship from a financial point of view, for ideal business partners whose skills complement each other.

In fact, if the Libra member of the couple is open enough, Cancer can be a very enriching partner, because it will help them not to be afraid to look inside and learn things. However, Cancer will have to control their bad mood, because Libras have less patience than other signs. Also, they should be receptive to advice, because Libras love to give advice, and they are usually very intuitive, so their advice is quite useful.

The Cancer-Libra relationship , therefore, has some very positive things, once the fundamental challenges and barriers are overcome, but it will not work if there is not enough love and respect to compensate for the differences in the personality and needs of both signs.

The Cancerians most compatible with Libra are those born between July 4 and 13, because they are ruled by Scorpio, who raises passions. The most compatible Libras with Cancer are those born between September 26 and October 3, because they are magnificent companions and great support.

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