Capricorn and Leo : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

The love relationship between Leo and Capricorn is profoundly marked by the mutual support that each one gives to the other . Capricorn is conservative, worker and always down to earth.

Leo is also a supporter of the importance of hard work for human life, but tends to always show off, arousing the anger of those around him.

At first theirs seems like a story destined to end in a short time, but the more the two have the chance to get to know each other, the more they will discover that they have many things in common.

Both are oriented towards a life of luxury and comfort, and they know well that the most effective way to satisfy their needs is hard work. The determination that unites the two lovers is a good basis from which to reach a perfect understanding both in the working and affective fields.

Leo can teach Capricorn to be more open in dealing with others , while Capricorn can teach Leo the importance of traditional values.

Leo is under the influence of the Sun, while Capricorn is under the influence of the planet Saturn. Saturn’s action is manifested in Capricorn’s great sense of responsibility and his orientation towards hard work. The action of the Sun is instead evident in the enthusiasm and vigor typical of the sign of Leo. The combination of these forces of a different nature gives rise to a complete couple ready to face the various situations that life reserves.

Leo is a fire sign, Capricorn is an earth sign . Leo wants creative freedom, Capricorn job security. It is a balanced relationship. They will find ways to spend time together but also to work and get the things they want.

According to the compatibility for Capricorn and Leo, the probability of long lasting love relationship very low love between these two people. This couple could have a pleasing intimate love relationship however this happiness won’t last longer and over times their love relationship would become less pleasing. The egoistic aptitude of the Leo person would not be bearable for the Capricorn person. Compatibility for Capricorn and Leo establishes that the Capricorn person would not be able to fulfill the desires of the Leo love partner.

The Leo person wants to be at spot light throughout its life and because of this trait it would not be able to focus on its love partner which would make their love relationship tiresome. Since both love partners are of domineering nature, therefore it would be difficult for both of them to decide who would rule in their love relationship and no one would be ready to accept the dominance of other and because of this conflict there would be lot of complexities.

The Capricorn person would not be able to give the required time to the Leo person because of its busy life and it would make the Leo person feel ignored, this is a big problem in this love relationship. The covetousness from any of the love partners would be harmful for the future of their love relationship therefore both of them should avoid it. The sensible approach and point of view of the Capricorn love partner would let them able to make future better and prosperous. The Capricorn love partner would be more concerned about the future of their love relationship however the Leo person just wants to live in the present and this difference in their character would make it difficult for both of them to get good along with each other.

The energetic and sparkling personality of the Leo person would be very helpful for making their love life full of enjoyment. Since this pair doesn’t have much in common and has a lot of conflicting personality traits, so it would not be possible for this couple to have a successful love life.

What is the best aspect of the couple affinity between Leo Capricorn ?

Their dedication to seizing opportunities. Both have strong personalities. It is the case of opposites that attract each other. This couple will have a good time together.

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