Capricorn Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When a Capricorn man and a Leo woman become emotionally close or get married, this always causes some shock – this is a mysterious surprise for outsiders and even relatives. Whatever their faith, nationality or status, these two are very different from each other. Does Capricorn own a landfill, a flotilla of oil tankers, a used car market, oversees the government, a shoe store or a movie company, does Lyvitsa the Queen of the Salvation Army, an empire or a country, a motel, a cosmetics company, a fashion house, a stall with coconut juice on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, people will wonder, whisper and make assumptions. These solar signs are considered vulgar to pay even the slightest attention to gossip. Nevertheless, people continue to wonder.

How could the conservative Capricorn be carried away by the extravagant Lioness, who is so impulsive. So theatrical in speeches and deeds, magnificently demands the fulfillment of each of his whims, expects and seeks worship, but refuses to honor any man or bow to him?

And what could a warm-hearted, generous Lioness find in a cautious Capricorn, who is rather quiet and despondent than Charming and Sociable (two “O” lion character); who picks up pennies when she scatters them around like confetti; says compliments once every hundred years, usually doesn’t like parties (except for them there is a practical reason), looks askance at luxury (except that she has a practical purpose) and is invariably secretive about her emotions and feelings?

Good question. Or rather, two good questions. But astrology will give answers. There is more in common between Capricorn and the Lioness than the astrologically untrained eye sees. They have many attractive qualities and character traits.

Consider the nature and needs of Capricorn. A typical Capricorn male prefers to climb the social ladder with the help of marriage (rather than go down below). He secretly respects fame and success, even reveres them, whether within the local community, country or even the whole world; he receives great emotional satisfaction, possessing the values ​​(whether real estate, inanimate objects or women) that people admire. Capricorn touchingly attracts women who promise to bring a little sunshine to the heart, help expand their emotional horizons, which he secretly longs for, no matter how angrily he denies this.

Now consider the nature and needs of the female Leo. A lioness needs a spouse whom she can respect (she can flirt with a stroller, but will not stay with him), a man who is not lazy, but a real hard worker. She is touchingly attracted to those men who calmly and patiently relate to her thoughtless arrogance and theatrical manners. She is looking for a man who will never humiliate her in public with a lack of education or good taste. She needs a man who can earn enough money to provide her with relative luxury (in her understanding, but in comparison with how most of us live), and who will, moreover, give her complete freedom.

Well, the Capricorn man can very well achieve world recognition and a strong financial position, which any Leo girl admires. His calm ambition and stubborn desire to climb to the top of the nearest or highest mountain is worthy of her royal encouragement. She will appreciate that his cold head fits well with her cold languid appearance. Since he is never lazy, this allows her to be lazy periodically (Lions need a lot of rest to look great and replenish their powerful solar energy). His usually dignified behavior will meet her regal approval, and the shy gentleness that he shows to a few (she belongs to these lucky ones) awakens in her a warm tenderness and desire for patronage. His sense of fidelity is identical to her own. And its seemingly infinite

As for her, a typical female Leo relatively early reaches a certain prestige and status, a certain degree of public attention or social difference. The occupations of this woman can range from playing the role of the queen of the ball or the head of the fire service in a small town to the activities of a politician, a famous actress, an outstanding scientist and generally any successful career in various fields. She is almost always admired, her; both equals and lower ones envy (there are no higher ones for her). She possesses the light of the Sun in abundance and loves to lead conservative people to alluring horizons in any direction and at any level.

So far, everything is fine, premium and excellent. However, if the Sun and the Moon in their horoscope are in an unfavorable aspect, they will have to desperately fight for compatibility. He will accuse her of being conceited, self-righteous, utterly corrupt and selfish. She will accuse him of being cold, cruel, mean, insensitive and selfish. (But selfishness is their common feature.) Even if their luminaries are in a positive aspect, they will have to face some difficulties. A lioness needs a man who will give her complete freedom, which will cause many of their conflicts.

This lady, so sensitive and graceful, graceful and generous, sunny, cheerful and proud, is prone to two lions “O” – Charisma and Sociability. Not only does she need occasional parties and gala dinners where she can wear her crown and communicate with her subjects. She feels the same great need sometimes to freely follow her Sun: suddenly she decides to visit the christening, coronation, auction or exhibition of horses alone or, perhaps, also without any accompaniment goes on a cross-country skiing trip without official permission of anyone including her friend or even husband.

She will also dramatically demand (or secretly desire with unexpressed, but dangerously hidden flames) that she should not be prevented from paving her own path of fame in some kind of creative pursuit or an interesting career. Women Lions, as a rule, leave their surnames in marriage, although because of this they have to experience minor emotional trauma about what initials should be displayed on satin pillowcases, silk draperies, gold taps in the bathroom, etc. Since the average Capricorn male is highly susceptible to a sense of possessiveness towards his girlfriend and comrade, he may not like this. Moreover. Capricorn does not like explicit competitions, not to mention hidden ones (he simply does not trust them). It may even come to a small scandal when he insists that he should always know

The only solution here is a compromise. He will have to give her a certain freedom if he wants to preserve a happy harmonious home – to admit that she has both dignity and pride. Believe me, she has plenty of both, so as not to disgrace him or herself and not be wrong, if she wants to attend clothing design or animal husbandry lessons, devoting it a couple of nights a week, he must show clear approval, and not sullen consent. If she wants to visit her friend alone or go to the cinema, he may well spend the evening with his friends (but it is advisable that this be a “bachelor party”).

She, too, should try to compromise, and do it gracefully. Isn’t this so regal person always cope with all the difficulties? If she is going to leave home for more than a couple of hours, it would be nice to tell him about her intention – it’s nice and respectful. And this woman is sincerely kind, and she loves to make people happy. If she understands how much happier she can make her beloved man, taking some care of his feelings, she will behave more tactfully and more often ask for his wise advice.

He is a gentle lover, but his passions rage more than he shows. Only a woman who knows the Capricorn man closely understands the true depth of his emotions and the hidden power of his sexuality. The first few years of their union, the Lioness may be too keen on expressing physical love with her whole being, and her sexual behavior at first may be a little selfish and superficial. But he is patient and ready to wait until the wealth is revealed, which; as he knows, hidden behind her female vanity. His calm expectation, his eloquent silence with which he touches her, will gradually touch her heart. The pure and wild delight of making love is part of her nature, and a man ruled by Saturn often possesses the very combination of masculine qualities in which these feelings could be awakened and reach an extreme expression. The key to this is his obvious desire to possess it, because the sign of Leo represents for the sign of Capricorn the eighth house of sexual sacraments (among other things), and the woman-Leo is always irresistibly concerned about the consciousness that she is truly adored, thirsty, in need of her. If there are negative aspects between their horoscopes, they can adapt for a long time, but the best way to meet difficulties is to have Saturnian patience (his gift to her) and solar talent to scatter clouds and shadows (her gift to him).

Her noble manners delight him, but he loves her for her noble character. Her great ability to forgive and her generosity develop his melancholy and even gradually dissolve his caution. He needs her warm courage just as she needs his strength and stability. They are very different from each other, but when people look like twins, they can become bored. Learning and growing together is an interesting adventure for a man and a woman. Lion’s sultry jungle full of smells can become seductive and exciting soil for Capricorn, accustomed to the monotony of rocky slopes, and its “majestic mountains” beckon the curious Lioness with a promise of a wonderful view from the top. Such is the eternal demanding call, unknown.

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