Leo Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Leo man is sure that he is the most practical person among all he knows. He looks in the mirror and sees in him a reflection of the courageous hero – strong and cold-blooded. Then he falls in love with the Capricorn girl and suddenly feels that he looks terrible, moves abruptly and awkwardly, maybe even a little funny. For Leo this is an unpleasant discovery.

Naturally, he does not show to the mind that he feels so uncomfortable in her presence. Him – and worry? He continues to grin and bluff, pretending to be calm and trying to take control of the situation, pretending to be cold and disinterested. Discomfort begins when, he feels a strange “instructiveness” in her. Or does he just think?

Something cozy and reliable in it makes her trusting, and she begins to openly express her views and beliefs. Her decision to be frank with him should touch him deeply, because this is a “guarantee card” for a timid girl, promising that she will later trust him and her heart. Does it touch him? I think no. He is too busy thinking about the demands of his masculine ego.

He kindly listens to her, slightly interested and patiently, taking the opportunity to study her and think over a strategy of seduction, lazily figuring out how soon she will agree to relax in his hands, and then … But wait a moment: she was suddenly silent to see if he was listening. her. Then, in order to prove to her that he did not miss a word, he gently, unsteadily scolded her for some statements, confidently indicating errors. Flushing up, he will tell her which hairstyle she should wear and which sweater, in his opinion, would suit her more than the one she put on. Since she is so calm and does not interrupt him, he will be inspired and tell her how she could change her thinking, appearance and even improve her health if she would allow him to manage her life from now on.

Something is wrong? She is too calm. He thought that she had such cute eyes, soft and clear, in which subtle humor shines … But why did they suddenly remind him of two steel bullets or a pair of shiny marble balls? Her piercing gaze is as cold as her voice when she says: “It’s too late. I get up early. I’ll see you next week, maybe.”

Well, perhaps now in him these feelings of clumsiness and stupidity arose. He feels rejected and humiliated. But the fact is that her reactions are under the control and control of Saturnian instincts. She has an extremely developed sense of self-preservation and common sense enough to escape before love is seriously injured or killed. The fact that she takes time to think for herself shows more love than he thinks. If he stopped thinking only about himself and thought about her, he would have received her silent message: “Let’s think a little away from each other, because I don’t want to stop loving you, but it can happen if you put such pressure on me “I am almost afraid to believe in you again. Please understand what you are doing. I do not want to return to the lonely life that I lived before I met you.”

If he could look into her window after he left that evening, he would see that her eyes were no longer cold with strict determination, but became kind, and unbroken tears shone in them. She tries her best not to cry, this girl, so as not to give out the most secret feelings, and usually she succeeds. But not always. If he could look at her that evening, he would see her cry for a few brief minutes. The only way for Leo to ever truly understand this calm creature, which seems invariably cold and collected, is to look at her when she thinks she is alone and no one can see how bad she is. Even when she was very young, she held all the nameless fears of childhood deep inside, showing adults the image that Saturn persistently whispered to her about. They always said: “What a beautiful baby!” – and nodded approvingly. From childhood, Saturn teaches all Goats how to behave in public, and they never forget the lesson. The Capricorn woman unconsciously feels that if she fouls, giving all her free rein to emotions, she will be scolded. Consequently, the habit of self-control deepens every year, offending many, and leaving her in a sad lonely reflection on where she made a mistake? ..

She is not alone. In our example, the lion also suffers, wondering where he was mistaken. If he carefully thinks over everything that happened, he will realize that he made some common mistakes with the Capricorn girl. He decided that he could only circle her finger with the strength of his presence, could not show respect for her very thorough and deeply thought-out ideas, and he also expected that she would be delighted with his offer to fashion her image of an ideal woman, as if she is a piece of pliable clay.

This woman is not clay for you, which is just waiting for the genius Leo to sculpt from it. It is made of strong stone and damp earth (but remember, the earth is still warm and reliable). A chisel, or perhaps dynamite, could change her way of thinking and habits (even slightly), but you won’t take her with her bare hands. And of course, it will not change from the thoughtlessly arrogant lectures of the self-confident Leo, no matter how he attracted her in other respects. (For Capricorn, Leo represents the eighth house, which, among other things, includes sexual ordinances.) She is not going to change her clothes, hairstyle or opinions for any man, even for this proud woman, from whose smile her knees invariably bend and which makes her sad when she is sad, even though she may not talk about her sympathy. Perhaps he will be able to change it gradually, very neatly, one soft step. But let him not even think of an immediate change. The Capricorn girl does nothing immediately, and power commands, even filled with love, can only reveal all her stubbornness and strengthen the already steel will.

However, his sunny mood and self-confident appearance soften her more often than he thinks, inspiring her and dispelling Saturnian gloom more than she herself thinks. She will listen carefully when he begins to talk about her gigantic goals and future achievements. She stands for right and good, so that she will enjoy his idealism, and, of course, she approves of any of his achievements. The grander his goals turn out to be, the more she will support him, although without hesitation he will point out any defects and shortcomings. He should highly appreciate her prudent advice and listen to her instinctive wisdom, and not resent. Capricorns are amazingly cleverly able to turn dreams into reality.

For her part, she should more often obey his brave personality and listen when he advises her to discard caution if she interferes with both of them. There are joys available only to the free spirit of those who follow the song of the lark and who understand that risking from time to time can make life more poetic. Leo knows from birth that the Kingdom of Happiness does not provide insurance against possible disappointment and distress. He is the King and, therefore, can teach her the subtleties of nobility, but he must bring her out of the dark dungeon of depression into the sunlight – gently, without strong shocks.

A lion in love with a Capricorn girl should remember the tale of a hare and a turtle (even if it ends up annoying him), assuming that she is a turtle and he is a hare. He has enough magic power to take shape and adopt the tortoise’s style if he really wants to win the race. But an attempt to quickly overtake the turtle will not stop the slow and deliberate steps of the Goat to the finish line. Time is her friend. And Saturn is the father of Time. Nobody has overtaken him yet!

They will almost certainly talk about money about once a month. It would be better to devote these hours of love. What is the argument about? After all, it does not concern him at all how she saves her money, and she does not concern at all how he spends his. A simple solution for Leo and Goat is to completely and permanently share finances. She may want to earn money herself, and he will be a complete egoist if he begins to object. If he wants to share his income with her when they get married (because Leo is generous only if his Moon or Ascendant are not in Capricorn, Cancer or Virgo), she should calmly accept this, without resentment and without refusing.

No matter how they decide, she should be able to “hide money in a stocking”, invest it as she likes, and every evening to calculate the income from savings, if it pleases her, without suffering from his lectures about her stinginess. In the same way, he should be able once to make a kite out of dollar bills, give alms, buy expensive gifts to himself and others, throw a lot of money into a dream or the wind, if he is pleased, without suffering from her strict disapproving glances. This is the only way. Love dies because of money. But this is just a green paper with portraits of the visiting presidents, unattractive pieces of metal or checks, which are also plain paper! Only love is real. Money is a mirage, an illusion. They should divide them as evenly as possible and forget about them. Ignore.

Because their characters are so different, their physical relationships depend on the aspects between the Ascendants, luminaries, and other planets in their horoscopes. If they are unfavorable, he will feel that she does not respond to his thirst for tenderness and sentimentality, and she may be unable to physically express her love for him when he makes her suffer from her own imperfection, finding fault with her sexual behavior.

There are few (very few) Capricorn women in the world whose sexual morals have undergone regrettable distortion due to some circumstances in their families, which always results in severe psychological trauma. Such an insensitive Capricorn girl accepts sex as casually as a handshake. She owes such a relationship to the negative side of the influence of Saturn, which simultaneously hardens her, emotions and her conscience. She performs mechanical movements of an erotic order, leaving her partners with a feeling of disappointment, but this is far from the coldness and emptiness that she herself feels. Subconsciously, she uses sex to get something, distorting the positive practicality of the Saturnian motto: “I use.”

But such Capricorn girls are unlikely to attract the proud lazy Leo, and the vast majority of Capricorn women symbolize the opposite of illegibility – romantic modesty and sexual gullibility.

If certain planets, including luminaries, create a harmonious aspect between the horoscopes of the male Leo and the female Capricorn, their sexual relationship will be magical.

She should keep a small card in her wallet (which she will often have to look often) with the words: “Do not destroy his enthusiasm and generosity with excessive pessimism, depression or excessive caution and never bring down cold criticism on his dignity and pride, which he will understand as rejection” .

He should keep a small card in his car’s mirror (which he will certainly often watch) with the words: “Be kind and full of respect for her family, keep your notations to yourself and be gentle with her. Understand, her conservatism was born of an internal fear of poverty and loneliness and some obsessive karmic memories. Do not forget: she needs sincere compliments and a high score even more than you do. And remember: she only pretends that she does not like sentiments and hugs. “

If you think about it, Leo should make a very large card. Perhaps 8-by-10 inches. In a gold frame. Weight so that he is happy. Antique that she was happy. She is well among the old objects created by masters who loved his work. By the way, this is a hint of a gift that he can choose for her on the anniversary of the day they meet. She may never talk about it, but she remembers that date. She wrote it down in a diary and hid it under the mattress along with the first love letter that he thinks she threw away. He should have known her better. A goat never throws away anything that can be of real value. And let him decide whether his love for her is in this category …

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