Leo and Libra Compatibility

The love relationship between Leo and Libra is well balanced, by virtue of the compatibility existing between these two signs . Leo and Libra occupy diametrically opposite positions in the scheme of the Zodiac, and this positioning favors their degree of understanding towards the work of others.

The combination of Leo’s typical strength with Libra’s natural sense of harmony generates the birth of a couple characterized by a particularly stable internal balance.

Their relationship is always extremely intense by virtue of the total devotion that binds them to one another. Libra, balanced and reasonable, transmits its calm to the exuberant partner; charming, cultured and educated, with her personality she manages to reason the stubborn and aggressive Lion.

For his part, the Lion , confident and determined in every situation , can help his partner Libra to be more casual and spontaneous when he has to make a decision.

Leo is under the influence of the Sun, while Libra is under the influence of the Planet Venus . We are faced with a very particular relationship that involves the planets of the Passion and that of Love, linked together by a great compatibility, as they represent the two sides of the same coin, respectively the male energy and that of female type. It follows that the couple has all the necessary requirements to create a long-lasting relationship.

Leo is a sign of Fire, while Libra is a sign of Air . As the wind feeds the flame, so the influence of Libra has a beneficial effect on the partner, as its presence stimulates the qualities of the Lion and keeps its impulsiveness at bay. Always very determined when they join forces for a common goal, they have great skills and can achieve important results. The vastness of their respective interests increases their degree of compatibility and makes the bond always lively and interesting.

Leo is a Fixed sign, while Libra is a Cardinal sign. Surely Leo will claim for himself the dominant role, by virtue of his strong and decisive character. Libra, while letting the partner play this role, will never lose control of the situation, playing a fundamental role from an intellectual point of view. Leo is authoritarian and loves to give orders and feel respected for this, Libra instead achieves the same results but with more subtle methods, leveraging on his capacity for conviction and mental manipulation.

What is the best aspect of the Leo – Libra relationship? 

The strength of the Leo-Libra relationship is the harmony that results from the combined action of the Sun and the planet Venus. Within the relationship we note a strong balance between the individual component (Leo) and the altruistic one (Libra). They have a lot to learn from each other, and this fact makes things even more interesting and stimulating for both of them.

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