Libra Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

It’s right. This couple may find that their relationship is more likely to be permanent if they stay home more often, even if not every night. With all their characters in harmony, too many parties can lead to friction and even anger. Most Libra men love to attend any festivities – from sledding to picnics. This man is also keen on intellectual salon evenings – for example, dinners in honor of his political candidate. Especially if this candidate is himself.

Lioness also rarely rejects such invitations. More than anything, she loves attention and excitement in equal doses, so that any large and even average gathering of people delights her. And this is a matter of numbers. Just numbers. The more guests, the more possible compliments. Every Libra man is a little playboy by nature, every Leo woman is a little playgirl. None of them were born to live in the desert in the company of a wise owl alone.

I am not saying that they should stay home and read hobbit books every night, just too frequent parties increase the danger of hearing disharmonious chords in the symphony of their Solar Signs. What is the problem? Her jealousy is his craving for women. Or maybe this: first – his craving for women, then – her jealousy. In the end, the Leo girl is not jealous for no reason. There must be a reason. This man will provide her with more than one.

Something in it makes any woman feel like Cleopatra. It is impossible to determine, it is just a natural gift. (Apparently, he owes this to his planet Venus.) His exquisite charm makes an indelible impression on women, even when he just asks for a marinade. If he also smiles at the same time, then the lady who delivered the marinade will soon feel a trembling in her knees. Such a scene does not caress the look of the Lioness. She really wants to let out small neat varnished cat’s claws – and grab onto it!

In addition, there is another problem. Delighted men gather around her when she arrives somewhere. Do not hesitate, she encourages them with hot looks and elegant manners. I repeat: jealousy is dangerous. But not the jealousy of her Libra man, but her anxious lack of jealousy.

You see, most Libra men think that jealousy is unfair. What right does he have, he thinks, to be mad at her innocent flirting at parties when all these “marinade bailers” begin to clean their feathers as soon as he enters the room? Such deliberate tolerance is not pleasant to his woman-Leo as she is flattered by moderate healthy jealousy. Any woman of the sign of Fire will understand this. This proves that he is worried. And when the only answer she receives is: “Go dance with this interesting ski champion, dear. I discuss Greek art with this lovely lady, a sculptor. She portrays the human body in marble. Amazing, right?” – the Lioness’s eyes sparkle with a wild warning, and her royal smile becomes … And if he had any sensibility, he would immediately cease to be interested in sculpture and dancing. Of course, sometimes the arrow of his scales fluctuates a little along with his normal cheerful mood. Then he may well resent her attention to other men until the fight, but these cases are the exception, not the rule. Fortunately, this man takes care of all the details concerning their social situation. His peacemaker talent is unsurpassed, even when it comes to a battle with his own girlfriend. He somehow knows how to find and say something touching or sentimental, to do something passionate or delightfully crazy and amazing. He will do it so gracefully, speak so melodiously that the insulted Lioness will forget about his wounds and fall right into his arms. Love will triumph again. In fact, we could predict this from the very beginning. This is a combination of type 2-12,

A Libra man will almost certainly expect difficulty with his beloved Leo woman. Her looks are not as hazy as his. She knows what she believes, is not at a loss to clearly define her opinion, can be angry if her Libra-lover tries to make her understand that in the end everything in the world is the same. Are the plebeians equal to those who lovingly care for and command them? Equal to their rulers? What nonsense! This concept is absolutely contrary to her feminine and liberal standards, but it is probably better not to remind her of this.

A Libra man will probably give unexpected gifts to his Leo woman, so she will feel that she is cherished and adored. This is very important for the Lioness, whether she is a star in the Metropolitan Opera or a mule drover high in the Andes. She loves gifts. The Libra man has a huge talent for letting this woman feel that she is highly valued (unless his Ascendant or Moon Sign is Virgo or Capricorn). Therefore, their relationship can range from more than satisfactory to intoxicatingly delightful. When the Lioness feels that she is desired and cherished, she is capable of very hot tropical passion, and the Libra man adores women who love to make love.

This Venus-driven man knows: to release her rich emotions, he must promise her at least the Moon and the stars. (She does not need the sun, because it already belongs to her by birth.) With her it is easier to discard caution than with most men. Consequently, their sexuality will lead to a wonderful warm intimacy. Even controversy can add sparkle to their love. He can apologize for the insult, like the charming penitent of Lord Essex, and she can forgive him with the gracious grace of Queen Elizabeth, whose lover rebelled against her royal dignity. But he should not let his thoughts hover somewhere or look with an absent gaze in the midst of passion, at some trembling moment when she needs to know that his thoughts are focused on her, and only on her. She can cool his ardor with all his distant thoughts with an unexpected angry command: “Sleep!”, And she will go to bed alone. She will not play the second violin in his dreams. Especially in his nightly dreams. And also in his career. She is number one. It is good for him to remember this. She will certainly interrupt every dreamy missing look of this airy man, and something like this will take place.

She: Tell me what you think. Right now!

He: You know perfectly well what I think, dear.

She: Nope. I have no idea, tell me.

He: I think of a beautiful spring day that would be like any other. But I met you, and the sun shone as brightly as ever before.

She (frowning). It was January. When we met, it was winter. There was wind and snow. (Now he’s caught!)

He (blurry in a smile). Well, spring was already close. I could smell her in the air. Thanks to you, it seemed to me that she had already come. So I remember that. Sometimes I think you could make the snow melt. When winter is in my heart, this is what happens.

She smiles, sighs … and stretches sensually, purring like a kitten. His charm of the sign of Libra triumphed again

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