Leo Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

She can compliment so beautifully that you almost hear the sounds of harps. She can also be domineering and dominant in her graceful graceful manner. But dominion is dominion, and supremacy is supremacy. Leo “licks” her compliments, like a cat licking cream, but shakes her paw and sends her an insulted look if she tries to manage his life, saying that she knows better what he needs and will try to make him look at things logically and honestly, that is, most likely, like her.

He likes to look at things in his own way. But can there be a different look? Okay, for example, other points of view may exist, but it is obvious that it is the only reasonable and correct one. He will try to convince her of this, first gently, then firmly. She will pretend that she has learned, but, despite her modest behavior, she will never give up, disagree with the fact that he knows everything, and will always be sure that she knows the correct answer, at least in half the cases. She is the Cardinal sign of Air; he is the Permanent sign of Fire. So the question of who commands the parade will always remain open. He is sure that she should at least allow him to be a tambourmaster, because the drums set the rhythm. Not having received power comparable to hers, the male Leo will clog in a corner and refuse the parade at all. He won’t even carry a flag which she so beautifully painted for him and brought out the words: “Love is a compromise.” Libra girl usually has soft manners, insinuating voice, a smile reminiscent of the light of stars, and a halo in autumn purple-gold tones in the aura. It makes you think about football matches, soft cashmere sweaters, bread. Toasted at the stake, a walk through the wet forest or sunset …

Through the autumn haze the spirit of care and responsibility is clearly breaking through. Perhaps this is not so obvious to Leo. At first he may not notice him. Lions are so keen on beauty … And besides, all these harp chords that are heard every time she smiles … To notice what is hidden behind the velvet manners of the Libra girl, another woman is needed. The woman is more sensitive. Aries woman, for example, can immediately feel this, because she is quite domineering, and, in addition, the signs of Libra and Aries are opposed to each other on the astrological wheel of Karma.

Although a person is greatly attracted by the personality of a sign of the opposite sex that is opposed to him, he feels vague caution regarding a representative of the same sex, but standing opposite the sign. Think about it, please. This statement is an ancient truth. That is why the Libra woman that we are discussing, represents herself once in love with an Aries man (no matter how long ago) and usually (not always, but often) keeps her distance from Aries women. And that is precisely why the Leo man, perhaps, once thought that he loves the Aquarius girl (no matter how long it was), but usually the Aquarius men shy away. If a person’s Moon is in a sign opposed to his Solar sign in the horoscope of birth, all these “opposition” rules are canceled. Well, maybe not canceled, but changed. Something is increasing in value

The Libra woman receives her charm, dimples on her cheeks, a sweet voice, a seductive figure, general beauty (as well as pleasant manners) from her mistress Venus. Her courageous Sun sign is responsible for her calm feminine courage. Her symbol – Libra – gives this girl excruciating indecision. (She may not be tormented by this, but when she ponders one of her ambivalent decisions, it hurts anyone.)

The sun that rules the male Leo is the source of his pride and passion, as well as generosity, warmth and goodwill. The sun is the strongest astral factor acting in a system named after its own name. From his courageous Solar sign Leo receives courage and his own courage? His symbol – Leo – is responsible for the sensuality and consciousness of superiority, as well as for royal arrogance. It is because of this weakness that he falls into the trap of compliments. But that makes him an inimitable lover. Venus gives the same to her. Both are able to show each other their feelings, and both are very tender.

Having married, Leo and Libra are likely to work (even in the Victorian era, Libra wives managed to find some kind of business besides their own home, husband and children). Will jurisprudence or architecture, theater, book publishing or commerce be their occupation; both will seek either independence or some power, although the former is preferable. She will feel bitterness and dissatisfaction if she has to work too long as a temporary typist in some fund or some assistant, although she will gladly try to do the best she can. He will never agree to drive tours of Disneyland. To create Disneyland is yes, but not to lead people according to the dreams of another person, Leo, who is not his own master or others at work, will sometimes overly emphasize his superiority at home, commanding your woman. Who else can he command? If she understands the reason, she will react much more calmly. Nothing will happen if you let him sometimes be in his own eyes a king for an hour. But he should never suspect that her gentleness and humility are a carefully thought-out medicine for his sick self-importance.

This couple should not have any serious hassles over money. They treat them almost equally. For money, you can buy the beauty and comfort that both love and need. He may be a little more stingy than her. You should remember the Lion laws of the jungle regarding shops and shopping. They are as follows: if she wants it, then this is excessive luxury, and if what he needs, then, despite the price, “it is practical” and, undoubtedly, “will ultimately save money,” such as the three-color headlight that he will attach to the elbow when jogging in the evening. Do you understand? Another woman might have come to angry tears because of such selfish behavior. The Libra woman will explode only when the balance leaves her, but more often she smiles sweetly and happily agrees to sleep, preserving the world. Later, she will return to the store alone and buy what she liked. He will not detect the purchase immediately. He will see these wonderful bronze candlesticks one fine evening when invited guests (preferably someone important) will admire their sparkle in the light of candles. (She will pull them specially for this occasion from the cache in the pantry.) He will radiate when he remarks: “Her absolute taste is only one of the reasons why I fell in love with her.” She will smile at him with one of her wonderful smiles. He will take a breath. ) He will be radiant when he remarks: “Her absolute taste is only one of the reasons why I fell in love with her.” She will smile at him with one of her wonderful smiles. He will take a breath. ) He will be radiant when he remarks: “Her absolute taste is only one of the reasons why I fell in love with her.” She will smile at him with one of her wonderful smiles. He will take a breath.

This is just one of many examples to show the “iron fist in the velvet glove” of a Libra woman. Apart from the battles over who will enter the elevator first, she is a wonderful, smart comrade for Leo. And an elegant inclination to harmony is her most important quality in the role of his lady. She manages to guess exactly how to smooth out his frowning forehead. She is a very balanced woman, and only if she is upset can she be completely reckless. Nevertheless, marriage is her calling. Libra women have such a strong need for marriage that often they are in a hurry to marry the wrong person. But practice gives rise to perfection.

Libra woman loves romance in lovemaking, despite her feminine courage. And Leo can provide this if he wants. Lions are very cute. His languid sensitivity meets her need for sensual passion due to the eternal cosmic compatibility of the Sun and Venus. She is an intuitively responsive friend for an impulsive Leo, capable of appreciating his fiery desires. She can also fulfill them. When two love, the same quirks of character that cause problems in other areas of relationships are reflected in their sex life, albeit more abstractly. Remember the jungle law of shopping? He acts in their lovemaking. When she needs her Leo, and he was just physically tired this evening, she is too demanding and does not care about his vacation. When he needs her, but is very tired, this is a normal healthy manifestation of love, thanks to which they will both sleep better and feel perfectly rested in the morning. For the rest, however, their sex life is perfectly balanced, and love can be a rich experience for both.

Male Lions are always more trusting, sincere and relaxed after marriage than before her. They need their own possessions, someone who can be protected, and the confidence that someone loves them and waits every night. The Libra Girls are irresistibly attracted to marriage, so it’s good for these lovers. Very good. It will not be boring, but it excites love. Sometimes a Libra woman perceives any nonsense with wonderful calmness, sometimes – for the slightest reason she falls into anger or gets into a dispute. Perhaps her emotional balance is upset because she wants her hair to be darker (or lighter), the leg loosened at the coffee table, and he did not strengthen it, or the color of the bedspreads irritates her … It does not matter. The husband will dispel such a mood in his warm, comfortable lion manner, she will smile with her brilliant smile – and they will be happy again, like fools. (Fools are always happier than the rest.)

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