Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

The love relationship between Leo and Scorpio is experienced very intensely by both the signs involved, both in constant search for confirmation. Scorpio loves to feel desired and respected, while Leo always wants to feel at the center of attention, feeling admired is fundamental for the preservation of his inner balance.

Both very loyal and often possessive, they do not stop at anything in order to safeguard the balance that makes their relationship stable. Leo’s exuberance is a stimulus for Scorpio, who will never step back from any partner’s request. the roles within the couple are defined by the natural orientation of the two signs: the Lion is the undisputed leader, powerful, decisive and destined for the limelight, the Scorpion, from a more secluded position has the task of checking that everything is going in the established manner, intervening in favor of the partner whenever the occasion requires it.

Leo is under the influence of the Sun, while Scorpio is under the influence of the planets Mars and Pluto . The sun gives off light and heat and transmits the charge and enthusiasm that distinguish this sign to Leo. Mars is the god of war and determines the combative nature of Scorpio, while Pluto’s action gives the sign particular interest in all social and humanitarian issues . The combined action of Sun, Mars and Pluto gives the couple a particular bond made of total understanding and devotion: for this reason both of them tend to avoid discussions and support each other in every situation. The longer the time spent together, the deeper the feeling that holds them together.

Leo is a sign of Fire, while Scorpio is a sign of Water . Both need personal affirmation and therefore tend to aspire to the dominant role, albeit with extremely different tactics. The lion has a tendency to show off continuously, with the intent to demonstrate to the whole world all its skills and willpower; Scorpio, on the other hand, acts more discreetly, relying on good feelings and adapting to any situation to win people’s trust and respect.

This common desire is often the source of disagreements, which sometimes lead to the total breakdown of the bond: like the elements that characterize them, they have the ability to destroy each other. If they manage to keep the urge to emerge at bay, and put the love that binds them first, they can avoid serious misunderstandings.

Both Scorpio and Leo are Fixed signs. They often prove inflexible, stubborn and hostile to any kind of change. Determined in everything they do, they continue their journey until they reach the goal; no matter how many obstacles they will have to overcome, the important thing is never to look back. The problems come when there is a disagreement on how to deal with a certain issue: neither of them will move from their positions, risking to show themselves weak in the eyes of the partner. Things improve when the two realize they are on the same side of the field, therefore it is better to collaborate than to make war.

What is the best aspect of the Leo and Scorpio union?

The strength of the Leo-Scorpio relationship lies in the determination and commitment they show every time they fight for a goal to be achieved. Both endowed with a very strong personality, they provoke admiration in all those who cross their path. Together they can truly achieve ambitious goals.

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