Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Scorpio and Leo. Water + Fire

The compatibility between Scorpio and Leo is quite low. The attraction is huge, but the strong characters shock more. The romantic Leo, a Fire Sign, is self-sufficient and confident and an ardent lover, full of personal charm and physical magnetism … A wonderful challenge. Despite his bravado, the intrepid but sincere Leo will be instantly fascinated by Scorpio’s strategies and legendary ingenuity.

In the approach between a Leo man and a Scorpio woman it is normal for sparks to fly. The energetic, overflowing masculinity and presumptuous character of the lion tends to collide with the intuitive and feminine character of the Scorpio-born. Although they share traits like passion and their desire for independence, the relationship between the two is continually at risk of confrontation when they disagree. However, it is not an impossible pairing because the incompatibilities can also give rise to the chemistry that amalgamates the relationship.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Both Leo and Scorpio are Fixed Signs , closely tied to courage, determination, and endurance, but not subtlety. The confrontation of two strong egos , although totally different, can cause important conflicts when Leo tries to give orders to Scorpio or meddle in his private spaces. These collisions can be resolved with explosions of passion , at least in the early stages, while the turbines are fully operational.

The Leo man is characterized by his good heart, a powerful ego and wanting his partner to feel special, cared for and loved. He constantly seeks relationships with other people, has an easy time making friends, and shows a willingness to help them. You need to reaffirm your ego frequently so that you will seek the attention, recognition and respect of others.

Although he appears, by his happy and carefree personality, to be superficial, he is not. The lion’s heart contains deep and intense feelings. He will do his best to understand the riddles of the Scorpio woman, especially if she does not give him the attention he wants.

Men born in Leo are loyal and protective, and these qualities emerge at their best when they have a partner by their side who also shows loyalty.

The Scorpio woman is characterized by being mysterious and unpredictable. These traits can confuse even those who know her well. He is also a person in which the masculine and feminine sides and reason and emotion coexist in balance.

Women belonging to the Scorpio sign deeply feel every emotion and experience. They are authentic and their moods are reflected in their actions. If it is scorned, it will go into an attack position; When you feel protected and respected, you will reciprocate with love. They expect their partner to act with the same sincerity that they demonstrate.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman in Love

Among the traits that the Leo man and the Scorpio woman share are the tendency to be possessive and obsessed, and also the indestructible loyalty they show when they are with the person they consider appropriate. Each one has different ways of living these characteristics at the beginning of a relationship, which results in the couple taking time to move forward and consolidate. The Leo man will want to appear superficial, he will not want to show how deep his feelings are. As the Scorpio woman closes in on herself, she becomes an enigma in Leo’s eyes.

As for their intimate relationship, the combination of Fire and Water generates enough steam to drive a turbine. Leo’s enthusiasm and passion have to be returned in equal measure, but Scorpio’s sexuality is deep , grabbing, and intense, so there will be no problem.

Leo loves to shine, so physical relation will be a proud display ; Plus, he loves collecting trophies. Scorpio seeks transformation through sexual experience and is rarely taken lightly. Ruled by Mars, the God of primitive acts, and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, Scorpio mixes primary passion with a deep need to unravel the mysteries of life and death, especially intimate ones.

In intimacy, the Scorpio woman and the Leo man fit very well. They both want to fully enjoy and express themselves in intimacy. The Scorpio woman is confident, spontaneous, eager to please and to be pleased. The Leo man shares these characteristics, he should only be attentive to satisfy the expectations of his partner.

Intimate relations between a Leo Man and a Scorpio Woman can be somewhat uneven – sometimes cold, then hot. Her warm strength seems erotic to her, but at the same time cozy and gentle. He finds in her hidden silent power of passion a sensual challenge to his impulsive romantic nature. With some mutual concessions (for example, a little more affectionate words on her part and a little more sensitive attention on his part), the desire that they experienced when they first met will remain. But if she is too silent and too arrogant, then the initial passion can turn into a moderate boring tenderness, and they, less and less will truly make love … The Scorpio woman already knows what she needs to know every man is a lion: good sex does not start with physiological needs,

One of the reasons that often causes sexual coldness between them is her sometimes sharp outrage at his admiring fans, who often follow Leo everywhere, like puppies in love, and his refusal to give them an ice rebuff. And in general, he is delighted with this, can you imagine? Yes I can. Leo sometimes needs a Valerian of adoration, but this rarely leads to infidelity, practically never, if his wife fights this threat with the world’s most powerful weapon – love. A Leo man who receives enough adoration and admiration at home, in his own possessions, will never go far from the pride that he shares with his girlfriend. Leo’s deepest instinct is fidelity. To change his nature, it requires a lot of causeless jealousy. Logic can convince a Scorpio woman that if the female environment of her Leo admires him and desires him, then he must also admire them or desire them. But logic is sometimes the most deceptive of all systems of lies. From resentment or anger, whether it is justified or not, a Scorpio woman can completely change herself. She should be very careful with her emotions, because Leo does not forgive physical infidelity, no matter what he says or does to deserve it.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship Issues

Physical chemistry is not everything, so clashes may occur in this pair. These will arise mainly from the mystery and intensity of the Scorpio woman, from her unpredictable and enigmatic behavior, especially at the beginning of the relationship. The lion has to be ready to decipher the riddles and break down the emotional barriers that the Scorpio raises. And you have to do it by being receptive and willing to give in to your need to always be in control.

Both Leo and Scorpio enjoy doing things alone, but the Scorpio woman also wants to work as a team and the Leo man is probably not interested in that. The lion’s life will not revolve around his partner, which can become a problem for the relationship when the Scorpio woman realizes that this attitude will not change.

Leo can be jealous , usually out of pride, while Scorpio’s temperamental jealousy arises from his deep need to control . The Lion is not a softy and will soon show his formidable claws if he becomes frustrated.

Leo will soon tire of any possessiveness and grumpy jealousy . And Scorpio will tire of the game and will no longer be so willing to flatter Leo’s ego or accept the beast’s endless desire to dominate. Can Scorpio with Leo’s constant extravagance and shameless social escalation?

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Professional Work

In labor relations there are often disagreements between the Leo man and the Scorpio woman due to the desire of both to be in control. However, the Scorpio woman also wants a coworker who shows self-confidence and takes the initiative, and in this Leo can please her because he has qualities to inspire confidence in others and take charge of any situation.

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Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship

Leo Man’s self-confidence, which he so casually shows, from the very beginning makes the Scorpio girl fascinated by him. She also has self-confidence (frankly, much more than he has), but she does not know how to show it with such brilliance. So, the Scorpio woman sees in Leo much worthy of admiration and even respect. Unlike her, he found a way to express himself. Her confidence in her own internal knowledge, living in her is always, as it seems to her, securely locked. Perhaps he has a key, and if so, what a wonderful freedom he could give her!

He is attracted to her for almost the same reasons. Usually she does not know about the impression of cold poise and inner wisdom that she produces on others with just a deep, deep look. Most of the people she looks at so quickly turn away to avoid what’s unknown. Only they are absolutely sure that they would like to avoid this. But not such a brave and staunch Leo. Her eyes fascinate him. Sometimes he feels that he is drowning in the serene cold whirlpool of her eye, sometimes – that she silently transfers knowledge to him, revealing mystical secrets, and sometimes – that he has come dangerously close to the large and foaming waves raging in the depths of her scorpion look, and this is very excites Leo, if only in childhood he was not intimidated by ghosts.

She is jealous of his ability to spread heat around her. No matter how much she wants something else, her own warmth, which she feels, turns into a kind of detached coldness even with those whom she loves most, since she belongs to the sign of Water. But the male Lion is controlled by the fiery Sun, even when he is angry or pouting. It is impossible to be near the Leo and not feel the heat of the sun rays piercing your whole being. When he is happy, it seems to you that you are basking near a cozy fireplace; when it’s neither hot nor cold, you feel yourself basking in chopped coals; and when he is excited, you recall a formidable forest fire. If only she could squander her own, much deeper emotions with such generous carelessness! She always tries to show her feelings more openly, and it’s so difficult, and here comes a man who can demonstrate his pride and prejudice so gracefully and effortlessly. And his tread undoubtedly speaks of royal dignity. 

No wonder she passionately falls in love with him. No wonder she adores him. And it is not surprising that the Scorpio girl attracts the Leo man. There is nothing in the world that he would love more than adoration. 

It is true that the silence of a Scorpio woman can annoy and anger a Leo man. He is more frank in expressing his pleasures and displeases, he needs to talk about his happiness and his sorrows. It never occurs to a Leo man that a woman ruled by Pluto is silent because of his constant pressure.

The Scorpio woman is deeply wounded and enraged by Leo’s unbearable arrogance, but she rarely realizes that she just needs to be praised in time, absolutely sincerely. This requires a little introspection. And although Scorpio is more capable of introspection than Leo, Leo forgives easier than Scorpio, so it’s a perfect balance … Or it could have happened if both had tried.

When the chasm of pride and resentment increases so that both do not dare to jump over it, almost always it is a woman who must take the first step. No matter how much he longed for reconciliation. Leo considers it too humiliating to apologize. He is afraid that, once going back down, he will lose his throne. He will often unfairly shift the blame onto her shoulders, desperately hoping that she will accept her, and then he will be able to generously forgive, and everything will again become sunny and warm. Unfortunately, many male Lions learn a different way to restore harmony.

For Leo, any manifestation of tenderness is preferable to the silence of loneliness. But the Scorpio woman would rather be alone than receive only half of his heart. And here lies the deepest ocean of differences between those who are subject to the Combination Square 4-10, an ocean that can only be overcome with the help of love.

In Conclusion

The Leo man and the Scorpio woman can form an enduring couple if they know how to take advantage of the common traits of their personalities and take advantage of the differences that they can face through moderation and communication. If you are willing to compromise and understand each other’s expectations, you will succeed as a couple.

A relationship between Scorpio and Leo could work if both are clear about their feelings and intentions from the first moment, establish some rules of the game and know that their partner can be really faithful.

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