Scorpio Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The strong character of the Scorpio man will help him win the inevitable victory in any serious encounter with the Lioness. It belongs to the sign of Water, and this is the strongest of all the elements. Fire can dry out without a trace, and water will oozing drop by drop, destroying even granite. A boulder thrown into a stream will not change its course, but throw a burning torch into the ocean, and how long will the flame last?

Of course, it all depends on the strength of the stream and the flame, but most female Lions and male Scorpions correspond to each other, and in the more familiar combinations of Leo and Scorpio, whose individual vibrations are balanced, the Water-Scorpion will win has a much greater soul experience than Leo, because it is in front of Leo on the Karmic Circle. You need to know about this when your relationship is just beginning, because, on the other hand, it is never known for sure which of the two overtook the other and for how many turns. However, you can be sure that even if the Lioness completes the millionth circle of her Higher Self in a certain embodiment, it is because she has not yet completely mastered the lessons of the seven signs in front. Since Scorpio is astral in front, even if it makes only the thousandth circle, in this particular combination, in this incarnation, he is karmically destined to teach her something whether she likes it or not. The same is true for the male Leo and female Scorpio. The lion cannot overcome this fate predetermined by the stars and win, so it would be wiser to relax and accept it.

The Lion Girl may seem warm, generous, sociable and friendly, but this does not mean that she really enjoys being studied like a butterfly. She is uncomfortable under the impossibly deep and gaze of Scorpio, who is trying to comprehend the depths of her mind, her heart and soul, not to mention the body. If a desire appears in his gaze too soon, she will not hesitate to turn his Water into ice, even though she is magnetically drawn to it. A lioness cannot stand familiarity from a stranger, so wait better until you get to know her better. They don’t stare at the Queen, or they can remove you from the ball with a royal gesture full of contempt.

Their first quarrel may be due to money. She loves to spend it, although it can be surprisingly practical in how and what to distribute them, and only occasionally crosses the boundaries and arranges brilliant revelations. He also happens to be touchingly generous on occasion, but he will not like her attempts to control his expenses, but he will certainly want to do that in relation to her. Only the atypical Lioness will be indulgent. The overall budget for them is almost always problematic. She will easily spend money, while being offended and even quarreling, when he begins to complain that the money has already run out this month. A Scorpio man will put up with this for a very short time, and then he will become menacingly silent and give his beloved a stone look, and this is hardly the ideal environment in which love can bloom.

Harmony can be achieved by opening separate bank accounts, without asking questions and without calculating who spent how much, even if her checking account can only exist thanks to gifts or part of his earnings (which is unlikely to be needed, since a typical female Lion will already save some money by the time he first meets his Eagle). Almost all Lionesses are business girls. She can happily do housework after her wedding with a man whom she loves, but not for long, but only until she wants to find some interest outside the house to strengthen her sense of self-worth.

A woman-lion enthusiastically does household work only if it is the White House, a castle with towers on a high hill or a huge empire.

The sexual relations of the Lioness and the Eagle to each other should be subtle, his stormy and somewhat mystical manifestations of love will first delight her, but over time she will need a more explicit manifestation of tenderness, richer and more tangible, more diverse assurances of his devotion . He will find that her strange mixture of alienation and fire is constantly exciting, and he is unlikely to be bored with the eternal challenge that she throws. But if he too often stumbles upon her chilling dignity, he will lose that living magnetism that made her awe at the beginning. In addition, he may begin to take revenge by refusing sex. This is one of the most unkind ways to answer the offended Scorpio, even when he acts unconsciously.

If these man and woman really try, then, despite the obstacles of their square-forming combination of 4-10, they can make a perfect couple. Much at first may be against them, but still they may well become close. Imagine a calm and clear lake in the moonlight, a thousand bright bonfires floating on its surface and throwing diamond sparks to the velvet midnight sky. How do bonfires keep water and not go out? They are lit, on rafts. For the Fire sign of Leo and the Water sign of Scorpio, such rafts can become common goals.

If Eagle and his Lioness one day find such a common goal (or cause), they will be able to work miracles. His passion is her strength. Or is her passion his strength? It doesn’t matter because both possess both. Under the brightness and courage of a woman-Leo lies a deep uncertainty, and she can become as sad and restless as a lioness in a zoo cage if her friend denies her the right to be a person. As for him, the strong need of Scorpio for her cheerfulness, which can illuminate his life, can cause violent outbursts of Plutonic jealousy and a sense of possessiveness. He will have to realize that this woman just needs to be the center of attention sometimes, or she is fading away. If there are men among her friends who adore her, this does not mean that she is illegible, she simply uses her royal right to worship. The selfish Eagle cannot stand it when other men look after his woman, but that is exactly what will happen if he leaves her alone. A lioness will never agree to sit by the fireplace, mend socks to her husband, satisfy one hundred passion at night and amuse his complex of power in the morning. So, if both do not bother, the path of these two lovers can sometimes be rocky. But you know what to do with stones? Take them away. Just lift and push away.

If she is able to learn to appreciate the emotional reliability and exceptional devotion that he offers her, and if he learns to correctly evaluate her warm, generous, sunny spirit, they can turn the astrological square of tension and collisions between their signs into powerful square energy , which will create an amazingly strong affection, because love, like a ship, is always stronger and more reliable when it is tested by a storm.

Despite her passion for flirting in her youth, the Lioness will be faithful and loyal to her husband when she gets married, it is only necessary that his hand be soft and not too strict.

If these man and woman look intently into each other’s eyes to see the true nature, they will understand that they need neither jealousy nor rivalry.

An attempt to strengthen relationships with the help of children is often unsuccessful for other couples; but for Leo and Scorpio, Fate magically decided that if their needs and desires are strong enough, the child will lead the way to Oneness.

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