Leo and Virgo : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship, Breakup

The love relationship between Leo and Virgo is marked by an uncertain beginning, during which the two signs come to think they have nothing in common. The relationship will evolve slowly, over time the two signs will learn to understand each other, to grasp each other’s qualities, and to accept their respective defects. Leo’s sign is extroverted, authoritarian and charismatic, while Virgo is calm, organized and methodical, and, compared to Leo, she knows how to adapt to the most varied situations. Despite their diversity, the two signs have the ability to form an unbeatable team, you just have to crave it.

Certainly at the beginning only the defects that the two signs carry will come out; the Leo appears an aggressive tyrant, and the hypercritical and petulant Virgo. The two must take their eyes off their respective defects and focus more on their qualities. The influence of Leo contributes to making the life of the Virgin more exciting, showing her how spontaneity is often more useful than a mere calculation. In turn, the Virgin can teach her partner Leo to remain calm and cold even in the most critical situations, to be more attentive to the needs of others and to put aside his self-centeredness.

Leo is under the influence of the Sun, while Virgo is under the influence of the planet Mercury . The Sun gives off light and heat, occupies the central position in the galaxy, and all planets depend on its energy; its action determines the self-centered character of Leo. The sign of the Virgin tends to be meticulous and attentive to every single detail; only after having studied properly the situation will be able to pass to the actual action. Both influence each other: Leo teaches Virgo to be more spontaneous and less critical of others, while Virgo represents a valid point of support for the impulsive Leo.

Leo is a fire sign, while Virgo is an earth sign . Leo undertakes new projects without stopping to reason about the consequences of his actions, while Virgo tends to calculate every single detail in order not to be found unprepared by circumstances. Virgo always has in mind the goal that inspires every action, while Leo often acts driven by his passions or interests without having a goal in mind.

Leo is a Fixed sign, while Virgo is a Mutable sign . The Virgin is always committed to doing something, also because her interests are manifold. The Lion, however, always tends to take charge of any project by assigning the various roles to the other participants. The absence of conflicts regarding establishing the dominant role in the relationship facilitates communication between the two signs and limits the possibility of unnecessary clashes.

This pair is good compatible for each other. Compatibility for Virgo and Leo shows that both of them would be able to meet the requirements of their love partner. The magnetism in the personalities of both persons would be conspicuous for both of them and because of this magnetism they would have a tempestuous physical love relationship. The Virgo person wants to make safe relationship therefore the safe and sound nature of the Leo person would make the Virgo person feel sheltered.

Their physical relationship in this relationship would be an ideal relationship for the Virgo person because the Virgo person would see everything in this relationship which he wants to see in its love partner. The Virgo person wants its love partner to be loyal with their love relationship and the Leo person tend to be faithful with its love partner, therefore this relationship would be ideal for the Virgo person.

They should not hide their feelings and other matters from each other otherwise the love could turn into odium, specially the Leo person needs to be careful about its mysterious nature. The Virgo person wants to play a leading role in this relationship however the Leo person too love to lead therefore this could be a conflict in this relationship, one of them needs to sacrifice in order to have a successful love relationship.

Another thing which could cause problems in this relationship is the short tempered nature of the Leo person because the Virgo person would not be ready to abide the tempered behavior of its love partner.

The critical nature of the Virgo person would be a problem for the Leo person because Leo doesn’t want to be criticized because it thinks that what it does is always right.  This relationship is the egoistic nature of the Leo person. In short according to the compatibility for Virgo and Leo, if both are willing to compromise on few things they would have a wonderful life because the conflicts are not much bigger.

What is the best aspect of the couple affinity between Leo and Virgo?

The strength of the Leo-Virgo relationship lies in the contribution that each can make for the development and growth of the other. The diversity that distinguishes their characters contributes to creating a complete and multifaceted bond, within which everyone possesses what is lacking in the other.

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