Virgo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Virgo Man and Leo Woman ( 42% compatible)

Virgo and Leo Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage30%
Virgo and Leo Emotional Compatibility Percentage10%
Virgo and Leo Communication Compatibility Percentage50%
Virgo and Leo Trust Percentage60%
Virgo and Leo Intellectual Compatibility Percentage50%
Virgo and Leo Common Interests50%
Virgo and Leo Overall Compatibility Percentage42%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Leo and Virgo = Fire + Earth

The chemistry in this configuration is a bit complex, with elements that are not as compatible but finally, when they manage to put aside these superficial differences, they can find points of coincidence that will make them accomplices of exciting adventures. Respect and understanding will be key for this pair to develop a satisfying relationship.

Leo and Virgo being contiguous signs on the zodiac wheel, they have a number of qualities that collide. Using the differences to make the relationship grow and deepen will be a topic that both must participate in to overcome the obstacles if they want to achieve the stability that this astrological combination offers.

The Virgo gentleman is a perfectionist, focused on stability and routine, which is why he is usually mostly quiet, in preference to always following the rules. For her part, the Leo woman has innate leadership ability and although she declares herself an introvert, she really has an outgoing side, always wanting to take control and be in charge of situations.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Friendship

Speaking about friendship and love relationships between these signs, it is important to note that Leo is a sign of fire and Virgo of earth; the earth suffocates the fire and the fire can destroy everything that is tried to sow on the earth. 

It is a very peculiar relationship, since both must know when to give space to the other and remain with their mouths closed.

However, both in love and in friendship, these signs are protagonists of a very volatile attraction; Any small imbalance in this pair can trigger unpredictable reactions between these personalities. Virgo is accessible on an affective level, which is attractive for the Leo woman.

This combination can become positive since she would have the freedom to make decisions and be in control of situations and without disturbing the Virgo man, who will be predisposed to follow the indications of his partner in order to maintain stability and routine.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Relationship

A friendship relationship between Virgo and Leo is quite common, since both signs have the characteristic of being very protective of their friends and there is very little competition between them, since the Virgo gentleman can perfectly accept assuming a discreet position and low profile to let the Leonina woman take the lead in situations.

In fact, Leo and Virgo are two signs that complement each other very well despite the first impression. They share very similar tastes and interests, both with a particular taste for receiving friends at home and being surrounded by people. Together they are wonderful hosts, characterized by offering excellent banquets.

Both love pets, so most likely they will share outings with other people who own animals or participate in activities related to the protection of fauna. Another point they have in common is the preference for a balanced diet, especially Virgo, who is usually in charge of designing diets and monitoring compliance.

Leo women always get what they want and they love being in charge and making decisions. Combining this personality with that of a Virgo who needs to follow rules but that are of his creation, becomes a difficult task, especially when both want to go in opposite directions.

At first it seems that they will not be able to understand each other, but you have to be a little calm. When they learn to recognize their differences between their personalities and increase their respect for individuality, they will have the opportunity to strengthen the points of commonality and make the routine go by with the fewest problems possible.

Virgo is the 6th Sign in the Zodiac and Leo is the 5th sign in the Zodiac. Leo and Virgo zodiac signs have a 2-12 relationship. What this means is that the relationship will be acceptable, thought there will be a lot of differences in their basic nature.

Both Leo and Virgo will have to understand each other’s personalities and treat each other in a way not the hurt the feelings.

The Virgo Man

Needs Perfection in Finances

A Virgo man can truly suffer from dizziness and high blood pressure if he has to live in the midst of chaos and confusion. He must own his life and circumstances, or his nervous system cannot stand it. Practical and conservative in nature (unless his Moon or Ascendant are in the sign of Fire or Air), he hates the extra waste of money. 

Virgo Man demands perfection in finances; insisting that she count every check on a calculator, when she just bravely stands in front of him, too proud to cry, in a new sweater, with a new hairstyle and lipstick of a new shade on her lips, in vain begging him to say with a look that she looks great. hmm… Leo Woman will soon have to accept this.

Worries, Worries and more Worries ….

He worries about his health, worries about trifles, and when the frames that are familiar to him are broken, even for a short while, he simply gets sick. He panics when his private property is lost or destroyed. Loud voices and dramatic emotional scenes undermine his calm. He is very soft, introverted and sensitive, and therefore, when someone humiliates him, he is on the verge of fainting and even wants to die.

The Leo Woman

Now imagine a Virgo man in love with Leo Woman, who also loves him, but stubbornly spends twice as much money as they together, buying every little thing she likes, periodically rearranging everything on his desktop and throwing out his favorite socks and suspenders if she suddenly did not like their color, not bothering to tell him about it. 

Add a couple more strokes. Imagine this warm and loving Leo Woman who carelessly leaves her makeup in the bathroom, thoughtlessly scatters linen in the bedroom, as if she expects the servants to neatly put everything together and is angry with her Virgo man if he slightly touches her dignity, or chastises him in the presence of a plumber or a parrot.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Problems and Breakup

Can you imagine the feelings of this thin-skinned male creature when she tells him bedtime stories about her old buddies, just before they go to bed? 

And he stands in front of her, quiet, dressed in pajamas, which she ruined with bleach, with a huge hole on her side (he tried to sew it up himself, as a result of which one leg was four inches shorter than the other), thinking with alarm. 

At the same time, he tries to forget that in the afternoon she broke the headlamp and did not pay for car insurance for the last month, because she was passionate about remodeling the house, for which she had to give a second mortgage to the house.

You do not need to have a rich imagination to understand what will happen after this scene, when the lights go out. The Leo Woman will be offended because her husband will immediately fall asleep (as people fall asleep with complete nervous exhaustion), without even kissing her at night. 

Perhaps she would be even more offended in the morning, because the poor man had been talking all night in a dream, and she had not rested at all. “It’s all your fault!” – she will tell him, looking in the mirror and looking at the dark circles under her eyes.

Yes, all these are extreme behaviors. But it’s useful to know about them when it is necessary to warn the Virgo man and Leo woman, so that they are more careful, knowing each other’s sore spots. Understanding this can help save their relationship.

The self-centeredness, vanity and pride of a Leo Woman magically turn into exquisite treatment and spiritual generosity, when she receives enough adoration and admiration, when her feelings are respected, even honored. 

And the petty pickiness and cold detachment of the Virgo man turn into gentle caring, more calm and at the same time more friendly behavior, when he is treated kindly and sincerely appreciated.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman – How to avoid breakup

Do not blatantly point out Mistakes

If he wants their relationship to not end, he must first of all realize that he will have to curb, or better to completely overcome his natural tendency to be critical. To criticize Leo Woman means to run into certain troubles. 

Her lion’s pride makes even the slightest criticism more painful than he can imagine (or what she will ever show). In addition, when a her man finds flaws in something that she does or says, in her appearance or character, it hurts her even more than the disapproval of her friends. 

The only way to change this Leo Woman is through subtle hints expressed with utmost tact, and by no means direct criticism. Virgo Man must allow her to maintain the illusion that she is almost flawless. 

The monarch is not told that he is mistaken, but very carefully suggest another better plan. 

Such a suppression of critical inclinations may at first irritate the Virgo man, but he just needs to wean from it or realize that otherwise the Leo Woman, whom he managed to catch, will run away from him in order to roam free again. One out of these two option – He will have to choose.

Appreciate The Leo Woman

It is never easy for a Virgo man to kindly squander compliments.He will master this art faster when he sees that sincere compliments can soften her disposition.

They compliments can turn her angry growl or puffed silence into a happy purr. A couple of gentle words spoken at the right moment will show her sunny personality in all its splendor. 

A lioness is a noble creature, and when her qualities controlled by the Sun encourage, rather than bury, under tons of earthly conservatism of the Virgin, she can become an ever-beating fountain of hope and happiness.

With this, she will be able to create exactly the harmonious atmosphere that this man needs. She becomes lazy and careless only when she is annoyed and not appreciated.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Naturally, and she will have to leave her throne to meet him somewhere halfway. She will not argue with him over food when he will chew his lentils and beans, because negative emotions cause strong indigestion. 

If she can understand how much he feels obligated to solve every (big and small) problem that gets in his way, for she believes that if absolutely everything is not accurate and perfect, his world will collapse, then her generous heart will tell you a way to smooth out wrinkles on his forehead and rid him of many worries. 

She could remind him that perfection itself is not perfect, because it deprives the life of the charm of a delightful combination of light and shadow and leaves only a smooth surface, dull and uninteresting. 

But she must explain it to him gently and not haughtily, respecting his opinion.

If there is no mental and emotional connection between them, they cannot expect much from sexual union. Sometimes their lovemaking will not satisfy her more spontaneous desires, and then her apparent disapproval will add humiliation and timidity to him. 

Her icy frankness can suppress his sexuality, and his quiet maiden criticism in this case is clearly inappropriate. 

He should allow himself great freedom and enthusiasm for sexual expression in order to understand that love is equally necessary for two, and he should not be afraid of being rejected. 

If he does not restrain his feelings, he will understand that an incomparable experience of the physical unity of a man and a woman is more than just a controlled exchange of tenderness. 

And she should realize that passion can sometimes be as quiet as a whisper. 

Since they are influenced by type 2-12 vibration, he can somehow embody material or emotional reliability for her, and she will feel that there are many more lessons of happiness that she will receive from this smart and conscientious man. 

He will certainly become more tolerant of her independent and impulsive temperament when they get to know each other better. 

If she is patient, she will notice that he is quietly proud of her beauty and achievements. 

The love of Leo and Virgo is like a flame that slowly but surely flares up brighter every year if it is carefully guarded and sheltered, as from the wind, from the gusts of egoism. 

He is a strange, quiet person, sometimes extremely sensitive, and sometimes completely insensitive, with strictly balanced emotions. But his spirit lives in gracious silence. In the cold marble halls of his thoughts, her own spirit can rest …

When the threat arises that their joint life will become too measured, the Leo Woman should suddenly open the windows, let in sunlight and help their love find a second wind. 

I wonder what would happen if she surprised him by bringing him breakfast to bed one morning? It is better to do this very early, at dawn, because in order to come up with a special way to thank her, he will need a lot of time. In addition, she must be sure that he will not be late because of this to work. 

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Problems and Breakup

Mutual respect and the ability to keep your mouth shut on certain occasions so as not to hurt susceptibilities are skills that both of you should learn to master, so that the problems between you decrease. Neither can pretend that the other lives according to their values ​​and way of doing things.

Virgo is quite a critical man and Leo has little ability to control his character. At critical moments some understanding problems may arise between them, since both will be more willing to point out their partner’s mistakes than to look at their own and try to correct them, which can put out the flame in this relationship.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility in Work

The relationship between these two signs will be only as good as they build it. Leo’s energy can drive the development of business projects, as he has great persistence when he has goals in mind. 

This quality is highly admired by Virgo, who will also have the ability to take advantage of the leadership of the leonine woman.

For its part, Virgo is more oriented towards solving problems. He has the ability to detect problems and fix them, keeping a project or business idea on track with a minimal amount of mistakes. With Leo’s support, any project can be successfully completed.

Something that can affect the working relationship between them is Leo’s quality of becoming tyrannical. 

Virgo prefers a balanced society and is good at teamwork, but Leo has leadership qualities, which is why he prefers to stay ahead of projects rather than follow orders.

For a working relationship to be optimal, Leo will have to recognize that he cannot always lead projects and take control of everything. 

Balancing the amount of activities with your Virgo partner will be crucial, so that both can complement individual talents and take advantage of working together.

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