Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When Leo meets Virgo, he is seized with a strong desire to protect this sweet, elegant creature from, rude and sad experiences with all the strength of his huge loving heart. But after a while, he begins to feel a little out of place. He, looking in the mirror, understands: it’s time to cut your hair. Then he notices a few spots on his best jacket that he has not seen before, and hurries to give it to him for cleaning. His shoes would suddenly seem to him shamefully slack, and he decided to buy some new pairs. In the store, he will be struck by the thought that he probably needs a pair of new shirts in calmer shades than he usually wears (or maybe more lively ones). Gradually, he will have a vague suspicion that his speech may not be a model of perfection (which he still firmly believed in), and from time to time he will be silent (Leo – shut up?).

You see, it’s not that she says something like that. She is too polite to directly criticize him (at least until she knows him better), but she looks at him like that … This cold look of her clear beautiful eyes, the slightest disapproval, reflected in her calm, restrained face … Not that disgust, but too close to him, so that his vanity would remain calm.

The lion is on the verge of submission. But she does not even carry a whip or a pistol with blank cartridges. They say that wild animals conquer music. The soft music of the refined nature of the Virgin, insight and a keen sense of beauty, together with her noble manners and exquisite ability to show his respect and admiration for his virtues, can turn the most egocentric growling Leo into an obedient playful Kitty, quite purring and enthusiastically chasing a ball.

If she is careful, she will be able to work miracles with him. He will adore her because she respects him so much, not suspecting that by her efforts he is gradually changing his lifestyle. After some time, his anxiety will pass, and he will feel freer, satisfied with his new image, and will be more confident in himself than ever. There is no doubt that by persuading Leo to become better and at the same time not diminishing his self-esteem, but increasing her, Virgo achieves a rare and valuable success thanks to her elegant head. But should she get carried away with success and take up more serious criticism as she crosses the security line. This is a thin line, and it is difficult to determine, but since the Virgin knows a lot about drawing and defining thin lines, using common sense (which she has in abundance), she can always step back in time and switch to praise, noting all those wonderful new changes that he has made. He is so inclined to introspection, and has such incredible self-discipline! Just amazing!

Yes, it is simply amazing how you can wrap what could so easily provoke his anger into another reason to say how strong and amazing he is. Lady Virgo, you are amazing! But please, don’t ruin anything now. Harness your criticality once and for all, believing that your Leo is something similar to your ideal of masculine excellence. Let him keep individual flaws, and then he will remain human. Otherwise, he will soon realize what you have done and then you run the risk of being alone. It is better to let him sometimes make mistakes, put on a tasteless sports shirt from time to time and overestimate his bank balance. It’s better to smile when he talks about the trifle for too long, to believe that he is such a good driver as he thinks, and never to remind him that he sometimes chooses the wrong path, without a map … And all that jazz. Why tell him that the concoction that comes out when he fumbles in the kitchen is always saline and that he falsely sings in the shower? What will you achieve? Nothing. But you can lose a lot. His, for example.

In a favorable case, this couple is waiting for a very calm, wonderful relationship. Despite the tendency of the Virgo woman to overly criticize others (and even more herself), the vibrations 2-12 that arise between the Virgin and Leo allow her to be exceptionally gentle and tolerant in her judgments about this person. Her sympathy for his views, no matter how strange they may be to her, comes from the karmic memory of the soul about the recently experienced Lviv motives (Leo represents the twelfth house of Karma for the Virgin). True, there is always the possibility (especially if there are negative relations between the Sun and the Moon in the birth charts of both) that from time to time it will break down and cut it a little, but he will transfer it all quite calmly. If she steps too hard on the sensitive Lion’s tail, he will emit a roar, warning, but not too loud, and she will apologize sweetly. And yet the slightest misunderstanding can easily destroy their harmony. In any case, Leo will always go his own way. She can make subtle hints, and sometimes he allows himself to agree with her, but only if these proposals suit him. He decides everything himself. He is an indisputable authority, and his wise word should be the last in all serious matters.

The good thing about their relationship is that, since she mostly submits gently and eagerly, he will feel free and in return will not spare the sunshine warmth of a lion’s nature, treating this smart, polite, clear-eyed woman with almost tangible benevolence. More than any other woman, she learns the true nobility and generosity of Leo, and then her obvious admiration for him will come from the heart.

All Lions in the world “love love”, and this quality makes the typical Lion an unsurpassed lover. He is undoubtedly sensual, but at the same time equally sentimental. There is something very cozy and comfortable in the sexual behavior of a male Leo. He knows how to turn a physical expression of love into a gesture of tenderness, creating a feeling of emotional reliability, which makes sex both an expression of passion and something warm and calm. On a subconscious level, this appeals to everything virgin and pure in nature, and she responds with enthusiasm and with touching faith in his nobility. Leo has an open mind and an open heart, which is why he is so cute and arouses love (and why it is so easy to forgive him unbearable pride and arrogance). In turn, the attractive simplicity of her relationship to sex evokes in him the best side of his talents for love, which are very significant. The only thing that can shake their physical harmony is the always existing possibility that she can interrupt his romantic dreams with a sudden conversation about some little things. Then, casting an offended look at her. A lion can even take a pillow and a blanket and leave to sleep on the sofa in the living room, where he will sulk like a banished monarch in solitude. But in the morning, when his feet freeze, he will return. His romantic mood too. A lion can even take a pillow and a blanket and leave to sleep on the sofa in the living room, where he will sulk like a banished monarch in solitude. But in the morning, when his feet freeze, he will return. His romantic mood too. A lion can even take a pillow and a blanket and leave to sleep on the sofa in the living room, where he will sulk like a banished monarch in solitude. But in the morning, when his feet freeze, he will return. His romantic mood too.

Both of them like to sleep a lot. They both have a metabolism that requires more than eight hours of sleep (if they are typical representatives of their Solar Signs). Usually they will go to bed early and get up early. A lion needs a whole night of sleep to make up for her outstanding physical strength, she needs even more to fill up the mental energy that she spends in such large quantities, worrying all day and trying not to show it. Leo can even lie down during the day, because of which Virgo may seem at first that he is lazy. But the male lion, like the lion from the jungle, only seems lazy. Soon he yawns, stretches languidly like a cat, and engages in vigorous activity, nailing, stern, remodeling something, excitedly offering a trip or some other adventure – in short, he will do business.

The Virgo woman will be absolutely delighted with the ability of her Leo man to repair everything that is broken (even small cracks in her heart when she is offended), and the fact that he usually will not calm down while there is something that requires his attention. And he admires her legibility, accuracy, with that restrained-attractive look with which she invariably appears in public. Lions adore when they can present their ladies (as well as their achievements) with pride. In particular, he will be proud of her subtle mind. Many male Lions seek to marry women who are not superior to them and not equal to them intellectually, so that the King has an enthusiastic subject who can be instructed, taught and supervised. But the happiest of Lviv is the one whose girl or wife throws him a stimulating intellectual challenge.

His personality is controlled by the powerful Sun itself, and therefore it is often so warm in his presence (sometimes even hot). Her personality is formed by two planets – her interim lord Mercury and her real lord Vulcan. Mercury gives it quickness of mind, alertness, versatility, and almost constant activity. At a deeper level, the thundering Vulcan almost woke up strange music in her heart, promising to free her spirit from old restrictions, hinting that someday she would become as brave and daring, as independent as Leo himself. The anticipation of such a transformation (and, possibly, soon) is a heady thought, and it could be the song of Tomorrow’s bottom to its sunny “ego”, the promise of that Future, when together they will rise to even higher peaks!

But in the meantime, in a convenient Present, he is grateful to her for her calm presence, for practical thoughts and is pleased when she rewards him with a cold gentleness and a charming mixture of Earth and Sky, the blessing of her laughter, similar to the ringing of silver bells. His gift every new morning, when they wake up in each other’s arms, is a piece of sunlight intertwined with golden ribbons of his indestructible optimism, and his confidence that the day will be beautiful. As always, he’s right, isn’t he? Whatever the weather, the day will be beautiful, because even soft and clear rain – a blessing, sparkling cold snow – is a miracle when you love and know that you are loved.

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