What is Ho’oponopono ?Ho’Oponopono mantra: what it is and why it is important to practice it
Zhan Zhuang Standing Meditation origin, benefits, technique


1) Law of Karma – As you sow you Reap ‘MULTIFOLD’ !! Applies to thoughts as well as actions

2) Like (vibrations) attracts like

3) Energy Follows Thought.

4) SuperCounscious collective mind has all answers

5) You are the creator of your own destiny. (Your thoughts create your reality)

NOTE: Being on Fast Track Spiritual path accelerates good karma as well as bad karma. Based on your past karmas, many good as well as bad events will manifest in your life, at a faster speed. Hence, you should rise in spiritualism at the speed where you can handle the repercussion of your bad karma.

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