15 Money and Abundance Attracting Affirmations (read every morning)

15 Money and Abundance Attracting Affirmations

(read every morning)

Here are 15 very effective affirmations to read over and over every morning to attract abundance into your life.

So yeah, I know it might sound crazy at first glance, but do you know the law of attraction? We attract whatever we focus on the most. Admit that very often, you focus on your fears more than your dreams. I am wrong ?

Put your doubts aside and finally dare to believe that anything is possible, you are in control of your life. Everything is a state of mind, change your way of thinking and you will change your life.

How long will it take?

It depends on each person. Personally, I had results very quickly. At first, I had small results, but I was happy, I went from zero sales for several days in a row to one sale every day, then 2, then 4 then, then 10 sales etc … but I still had this blockage, I had so much trouble believing it, that it could be so easy and so effective that my doubts took over and made me start from scratch, several days without sales, so I tried again and it’s crazy it worked really, it was no accident!

Tell yourself that currently, you take the time every day to worry about money, the future … promise yourself that from today, whatever happens and even if that takes a little time, you will focus on abundance even if you don’t have it yet or find it hard to believe. Try, you have nothing to lose, on the contrary, EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

One of the most important secrets for this to be effective is letting go. If you are in doubt or impatience, you will create blockages as I told you just now. Yes, everything is energy , you must have certainly seen it for yourself we often say it’s crazy right now everything is accumulating, only bad news, or on the contrary it’s crazy right now I have only some good news ! Well yes the negative attracts even more negative and the positive attracts even more positive.

So when you doubt, you prevent the energies from flowing, the ‘so negative’ doubting energies take over and block everything, I know this is really the hardest part but you really have to play the game, read the affirmations every morning , then every night truly believing in it like you’re being given everything you instantly want, pretend the genie in Aladdin is telling you, “Make a wish and you’ll get it instantly.” »Feel this happiness, this inner well-being. It is this positive energy that will attract to you what you want to achieve. Then, let go completely, be confident (here we are talking about money but it works for all areas of your life , love, health, well-being, work)

Don’t put up any barriers. Start with things that you find quite accessible if you prefer!

You can rewrite the following affirmations in your diary, in your phone or on a sheet that you will leave on your desk or your bedside table, you can also record yourself reading them and loop them in your ears and do not hesitate. not to create them yourself because the more they correspond to you in your own words, the more effective it will be.

Affirmation for Manifesting Money (Read Every Morning)

1 – I earn money easily and quickly
2 – I attract money like a magnet
3 – I like money
4 – Making money is very easy
5 – Money comes to me easily
6 – I earn ___ $ per month
7 – I feel good
8 – I’m Happy
9 – I make all my dreams come true
10 – I’m proud of myself
11 – I deserve to receive a lot of money
12 – Abundance is endless
13 – I am ready and able to receive money now
14 – I see abundance everywhere
15 – Thank you for all the abundance that I receive today in all areas of my life