Gemini Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

In fact, he did not know anything about this; he only suspected and therefore said at random: “Wendy, I ran away from home the very day I was born.” Wendy was very surprised, but interested; and in the charming manner of the living rooms she touched his robe, as if to say that he could sit closer to her.

This combination of 5-9 is an astrological factor, which is nothing to argue about. The twin man is irresistible. And the poor Libra girl, who was so balanced yesterday, loses her head and gives her heart to a man who does not promise her a definite future. She is ready, she agrees, although he has a hundred moods and a thousand plans! But if you look at it from the other side … Duality is so natural for Gemini and Libra!

Let’s observe how a Libra woman, so irresistible in her helpless femininity, convinces a poor twin man that it’s his own idea to do the only reasonable and logical thing after falling in love — to get married, and also find a job and settle in one location, with one person … Who will win this romantic game? Often it depends on who has the stronger Moon sign, and yet it is usually not him, but she. It’s so funny when the Twin Wizard is fooled by his own magic tricks, adding a few new tricks to them! But there is a certain justice in this. He has fascinated girls all his life. In these love stories, he managed to never be guilty, possessing an enviable ability to cope with any situation. To do this, you need so little:

Now he meets a woman who, in a trick game, not only hits his balls, but sends them back to him. After he was made to think that he had enchanted and defeated her, after he allowed her to bind his free spirit with the knot (Libra girls agree only to a wedding ring), after all this, he discovers that for her softness, tenderness, convincingly friendly manners hide a bright mind, strong will and steel determination. This is not a soft kitten – this is the infantry general of the Female Army Support Service!

Under the guise of justice, femininity and helplessness, Libra women always achieve their goal. Ultimately, Libra is a male sign, and again I remind you of this. But no one, even Libra, can fool the Twins with their brilliant intellect for a long time. True, she was not going to deceive anyone. Love is simply a war between the sexes, and a woman who wants to defeat a man must be good at owning her weapon.

Her mind, which so attracted him at the beginning of their love, will make him wary. She deprives him of his advantages, forcing him to show his character, to lose his calm and balance. Thus, he feels defeated, while with tears she declares that he is a tyrant, and that he is angry only says that he is wrong. So again and again, she circles him around her finger, using his own trick. And he cannot prick her with at least some flaw in her arguments, because she is capable of doing things with such subtlety that in general it seems that everything she does only justly protects her.

A Libra woman cannot tolerate coercion, although perhaps not as much as Gemini, Pisces, Aries or Sagittarius. Her twin husband had better not put pressure on her. Just remember: Libra in astrology rules China, and even if you are a master at solving Chinese riddles, you cannot guess how to behave with eastern people. They seem soft and patient and do not seem to resist, but nevertheless they can always find some subtle way to disarm the opposite side. The twin man will never achieve complete victory over the Libra woman. As soon as he thinks he has achieved success, she already uses a different tactic or emotional strategy and again takes him by surprise. She will try to win, but if this does not work, she knows how to analyze the causes of failure so calmly, as if nothing special had happened. And in that they are alike. In general, they are very similar in many respects and often complement each other even in those areas where they differ. In fact, Gemini and Libra are surprisingly compatible and have many virtues (as, by the way, and vices common to both).

They respect what the other says and thinks. True, sometimes he can offend her. But this will upset him. He did not want this at all, just his verbal explosions could be too harsh for the Libra girl, who covers her every opinion with gentle tact and politeness. And yet, with his amazing charm of Mercury, he will make her believe that he did not mean what he said (which, perhaps, was so: the Twins never hold on to what they said).

Their physical connection may not be understood by those born under the signs of Fire and Earth. The love of this couple will always be more poetically ghostly than sensual. But thanks to the initial compatibility, these man and woman are just as attached to each other as those lovers or spouses whose union is held on by passionate passion. Love for these two is always more important than sex – this will combine their intimacy with beauty.

These two do not look at love as hunger to satisfy. Their mutual pleasure is like a pure drink, which should be slowly enjoyed, and not swallow it eagerly or blindly. Libra woman is able to create a special atmosphere of purification around passion. Rudeness, vulgarity, vulgarity and obscenity offend her.

Of course, the Moon or the Ascendant in the Earth sign or the tension between Venus and Mars in her birth map can weaken these qualities, but we, as always, are talking about a typical Solar sign.

There is little chance that the twin man will offend her in this way. After all, they feel the same thing, although sometimes it seems to him that a little variety is not so bad …

She believes that their union must necessarily become a marriage. And she will become his wife or leave him (Libra in astrology, as you know, lead a marriage). A typical Libra girl, who usually makes decisions so difficult, can catch herself ready to marry Gemini without even weighing the pros and cons. You know, the sign of a good seller is his ability to make people fight over the goods he is trying to sell, and Gemini is the Top seller. When the subject that he sells is himself, the Libra girl is fooled by the brilliance and charm of Mercury, just like the whole delighted audience. She is reasonable, intelligent, receptive and all that, but it seems that these qualities will not save her if she gives her heart to this gentle man with lively eyes, light gestures and an incomprehensible future …

Fundraising and concern for financial problems is not the life of Libra and Gemini, with the exception of the rare representatives of these signs, who almost wandered into banking. For Gemini, money becomes something significant when it is not there, and it is very necessary. For Libra, money is important because of those beautiful, convenient things that you can buy on them. If the twin man does not throw money down the drain and does not engage in risky speculation, his spending is most often associated with a new idea, a vacation or a change of residence. A Libra woman will soon spend money on clothes, dancing, sculpture, music and yoga lessons, on decorating a house or a beautiful living room (the Moon sign or Ascendant in both birth cards can slightly change the picture).

Their house is likely to be filled with music, books – and children, which will not stop them from traveling a lot.

If to add to their union 5-9 a harmonious Solar-Lunar aspect between their horoscopes, it will be so easy for them together! And if over time the air between them becomes somehow moist and foggy, they will still have a chance to return to each other’s arms. In an apology sign, he will send her flowers, and she will remember that he looks so much like a little boy, and will not pay attention to his shortcomings. She will fall in love with him anew and start over, analyzing why she loves him. But she will not solve the riddle until she realizes that he, the Gemini, are two people in one. And she herself needs, after going through duality, to find harmony, because this is exactly what Venus expects from her.

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