Numerology illustrative Guide: Introduction,Different Types, Number classification based on Birthdate and “Name”

Numerology Basics: Introduction,Different Types, All the Numbers based on Birthdate and “Name”

Numerology: Life Path Number

Destiny Number ( Expression Number)

Soul Urge Number (Heart Desire Number)

Numerology Master Numbers

Numerology is the scientific study of numbers. The term Numerology came from Latin word ‘numerus’ which implies ‘number’ and the Greek word ‘logos’ which implies ‘study’. According to the proponents of Numerology, it is the design of life which describes all possible events and interactions occurring throughout the life. The numerology chart helps an individual to understand strengths and weaknesses, upcoming opportunities, appropriate career goal, relationship compatibility, financial and career related details. In simple words, a numerology chart is like a mirror which can reflect every single element of an individual’s life.

Advantages of Using Numerology

Numerology was founded on the main idea that all people can enjoy their full luck in life, regardless of their background or current power. From day one, the human race used all its means in order to attempt to predict our fate. Numbers have always played a crucial role in science as well as in the art of spirituality. Numerology developed in response to the need for a rational and logically comprehensive proof to the unknown. Rational calculations enforce order in every early civilization. Even today, we still actively use numbers to pursue and interpret our future fortune.

The top 5 advantages of using Numerology are:

  • Increase in your Luck
  • Understanding your true inner soul
  • Getting an overview of your life path
  • Understanding others better
  • Understanding relationships and helping them grow

Types of Numerology

There are essentially three documented adaptations of numerology. These are – Chaldean Numerology, Kabbalah Numerology and Western Numerology. The inherent philosophy of each of these adaptations varies greatly, so are their interpretations. Below is a brief account of each of these adaptations.

Chaldean Numerology

Many numerologists consider Chaldean Numerology as the most accurate system of Numerology. It is known to be the most proven method that produces consistently accurate results for huge number of people around the world. Dated back to ancient Babylonian culture, Chaldean Numerology assigned the number value depending on the sound wave.

In addition, the Chaldean Numerology uses Number One (1) to Number Eight (8) during calculation. The Number Nine (9) is considered as a holy number in Chaldean Numerology; hence it is kept separated from other form of vibrations. It is only used when it makes the sum of all the vibrations such as from a person’s full name. In Chaldean Numerology, compound numbers are not reduced, but they are used to interpret the ‘inner’ influences of an individual, while the single digit number expresses the ‘outer’ influences of the individual.

Kabbalah Numerology

The Kabbalah system refers to the wisdom that is derived from the mind and soul itself sooner than via a human entity or a guru. It is the most interesting domain of Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah Numerology stands on interpreting only the implication of the names. Originally developed on the basis of Hebrew alphabet, the Kabbalah Numerology later adapted to Greek and Roman alphabet in time. It consists of 22 vibrations varying from 1 to 400 in total. This version of Numerology does not consider name and birthdates together and only focuses on the calculation of the names in question. Hence, many Numerologists do not depend on Kabbalah Numerology in order to create Numerology chart for their clients since they find it not so accurate measure for understanding destiny.

Western Numerology

Pythagoras, the great mathematician, philosopher and scientist of pre-Christian time, was referred to as the ‘Father’ of Western Numerology. According to Pythagoras, there is a strong correlation between number and an individual’s entire life events. The Western number system allocates the numerical value based on the sequential structure of Western alphabet. This system employs number formula on the basis of 1 to 9. However, many numerologists consider this system not as accurate as Chaldean system. The Western numerology method does not take into account the notion of vibration and numerical assignment of each and every vibration prototype. Consequently, the Western number system practically obliterates the strength of the name numbers and their implication in numerological terms. In other words, Western numerological system falls short to recognize that the language of numbers or interpretation of numbers that is derived from our name offer an individual the most significant aspects regarding the course of life which is yet unfolding.

Basics of Numerology

Numerology is one of the known occult arts available in a truly user-friendly form and easily interpretable. In order to unlock the mysteries of the numbers, you only need to know the birth date and the full name of the concerned individual. There are 11 essential numbers that comprise of the numerology chart. The numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22. Each of these eleven numbers is the unique representation of characters and consequences. The digits 11 and 22 are referred to as ‘Master’ numbers, while the rest others are known as ‘Core’ numbers. When you add the numbers in a complete birth date, for example, 19-July-1974, you will get the value 1+9+7+1+9+7+4 = 38, now you have to reduce this 38 number by adding the digits further till you reach to either in master number or core number. Here, you will reach to the master number, since 3+8=11. The master numbers are referred to as an intensified version of the digits 2 and 4 and usually represent a possibility of higher academics or experiencing highly stressful environment. For many people, the master numbers function more or less same as the core numbers.

While the first reflection of numerology goes with the understanding of numbers associated with complete birth date arranged in order mm/dd/yyyy, which is also referred to as Life Path Number, an integral factor of numerology reading, the birth name is also digitized by assigning numbers to each of the letters in the name. There is a particular value assigned with each of the alphabets. This number assignment is unique and same under any circumstances.


Most of the numerology gurus or numerologists believe that the full birth name should be used for the calculation purpose. The name registered in the birth certificate receives the highest value of concern. Changed name, nick name, name changes during marriage do not devalue the significance of the name given by the parents originally.

Numbers Based on Person’s Date of Birth

Numbers based this feature indicate forces and circumstances associated with the momentum of an individual’s lifetime. The impact that these numbers have in our life is much the same as the weather and the scenery have on our travel. These forces have major meaning and value. For example, the most important figure in every numerology reading is the Life Path number. This number is based on our date of birth, and it appears first in any numerology reading. At the same time, the significance of these numbers is not constant through our lives. In most cases, they affect us only for certain periods, or we overcome them after a specific age.

Following is the list of Numbers based on person’s Date of Birth

  • Life Path number
  • Birth Day number
  • First Challenge number
  • Second Challenge number
  • Third and Main Challenge number
  • Fourth Challenge number
  • First Pinnacle Cycle
  • Second Pinnacle Cycle
  • Third Pinnacle Cycle
  • Fourth Pinnacle Cycle
  • First Period Cycle
  • Second Period Cycle
  • Third Period Cycle
  • Current Personal Year Cycle

Life Path or Vital Number

The life path number uncovers opportunities and challenges an individual will encounter and reveals the right directions on a person’s path. It points out the major lessons she will encounter during her life journey and identifies the most relevant personal traits that will assist her. The essential value of the life path number is in uncovering useful skills, helpful abilities and negatives of people’s traits. It states that a person will reach its full potential only if she learns how to focus on developing her core strengths while balancing weaknesses.

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Numbers Based on Person’s Name:

They embody how our experience of the panorama of our journey is perceived and affected by the weather we encounter. This is all illustrated with various characteristics that are revealed by our date of birth. These are our innate gifts, qualities, habits, strengths and weaknesses. All these qualities are communicated through the numerology numbers based on our names either at birth, or present ones.

Following is the list of Numbers based on person’s Name

Expression or Destiny number

Opposed to the Life Path number which represents an individual’s life lessons and how she overcomes her obstacles, the expression number is all about innate strengths and weaknesses passed to her at birth. In essence, it reveals her innate talents and abilities. The Destiny number signifies the foundation for the Life Path and sets the ground for your future in order to achieve its full potential. It also aims for your major purpose and goal in life, and it is based off the numbers derived from her full name letters.

Personality number

An individual’s Personality number embodies the first impression people usually get when meeting her. It is less important than the previous three numbers as it represents only the segments of her true essence that are only superficial. It doesn’t point out her core. However, the Personality number helps her control how much of a particular trait to reveal, and to whom reveal it to. In other words, it helps her uncover situations or individuals she doesn’t trust, and modify her style appropriately. The number is derived from the consonants of the full name.

Heart’s Desire number

The Heart’s Desire number represents the hidden reasons behind every action in a person’s life. What does she really want in life? What are the reasons behind her unusual choice? It signifies the burning fire within, her true desires behind each choice she makes in each and every aspect of her life, from family, relationships as well as careers. This number in derived from a combination of vowels from her full name.

The Power of Number 8 in Numerology:

The power of number 8 lies in distinct qualities that make up successful businessmen. It is associated with power in any form, balance and detailed understanding of every situation. People who successfully applied their innate features from their number 8 ended up with successful business empires. Read more about Power of Number 8 here ….