Lucky Life Path Number

What is Lucky Life Path Number ?

Life Path number in Numerology is the most important number that governs your entire life experience. It is calculated based on a person’s date of birth.

The Life Path number is the aggregate of the complete birth date of a person. Life Path number symbolizes the indigenous characteristics that you will bear with you all through your life.

Life Path number if useful for interpreting the future path of a person. It represents native traits that a person will carry through the rest of his life.

The reading of the number gives a broad blueprint of all major opportunities, daunting challenges as well as positive and negative personal characteristics that will mark the person’s journey.

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What Lucky Life Path Number Shows

The Life Path number uncovers an individual’s life path direction which will lead her to the most fulfilling life journey.

It points out a set of eternal lessons that an individual will learn. The number frameworks helpful skills and unique abilities  that construct an individual’s character.

It indicates a set of the major weaknesses that a person must learn to manage and the only way of achieving full potential in life is to discover a way where a person excels in her strengths and manages her weaknesses.


This number signifies your essence at birth and conveys the fundamentals for the future. It is based on your birth date and time, and it cannot be altered at any point of our life.

As a result, it indicates inherent qualities that men and women carry through life. The principal obstacle that people face indecisiveness.

They lack commitment, or they give up too early as they are uncertain about their actual mission in life. 

Who am I? What am I meant to be? What do I want? The Life Path number is excellent to begin examining and answering the above-mentioned questions.


The Life Path number describes the nature of a person’s journey through life. 

It embodies the inherent qualities individuals are assigned at birth, and it exhibits a general framework of the opportunities, hurdles and lessons a person will confront during her lifetime.

It not only it describes who we are, but it further provides us ample outlines on how our lives will most likely look like.

It gives us an initial introspective on whatever we will face so that we can plan accordingly, specialize our study in the appropriate direction, or seek out for guidance. Consequently, when opportunity comes, we will be ready.


Not only the Life Path number indicates our obstacles, but it likewise suggests our strengths that will support us during the time that we confront challenges.

If people excel in qualities in which they have  intrinsic advantages, they can use that as leverage to bypass or mitigate the consequences of their hurdles.

In principle, with the aid of their native strengths people will be capable of offsetting flaws and overcome them in their individual fashion.


It exposes the utmost fulfilling direction for an individual. Various people struggle in their lives or are ineffective because they lack objective.

They follow the herd, which goes from one trend to the other, and they never get the chance to excel as the crowd has already moved to some other aim.

The Life Path number reveals the direction where a person has a natural edge. The quicker the person realizes her course the faster she will attain her complete potential.

Your Lucky Life Path Number:

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Lucky Life Path Number 1

Life Path number 1 defines a natural born leader.  Your nature is independent and defined by need for personal attainment. Read more about Life Path Number 1

Lucky Life Path Number 2

Life Path number 2 defines you as a peacemaker.  You are a diplomatic person and have powerful skills of persuasion to settle conflicts and carve your path in the world. Read more about Life Path Number 2 …

Lucky Life Path Number 3

Life Path number 3 defines you as a creative person with excellent communications skills.  You have a very optimistic attitude and excel in areas such as writing, speaking or acting. Read more about Life Path Number 3

Lucky Life Path Number 4

Life Path number 4 defines the builder.  You are genius at planning, fixing, building and making things work.  You tend to be viewed as practical, down to Earth and trustworthy. Read More about Life Path Number 4

Lucky Life Path Number 5

Life Path number 5 defines the freedom seeker.  You strive to make the world a better place.  You are naturally adventurous nd deisre to be unrestrained in any way. Read more about Life Path Number 5

Lucky Life Path Number 6

Life path number 6 defines you as a nurturer.  You have a strong natural instinct toward domesticity which lends you the ability to cultivate a rock solid family and home life. Read more about Life Path Number 6

Lucky Life Path Number 7

Life Path number 7 defines you as the investigator.  You are a thinker and an observer and have the ability to evaluate things fast and to the point. You are a great judge of character and a strict perfectionist. Read more about Life Path Number 7

Lucky Life Path Number 8

Life Path number 8 defines you as the ultimate organizer.  You are ambitious and efficient and able to manage your environment well in any situation.  People with this Life Path number are often workaholics and over achievers Read more about Life Path Number 8

Lucky Life Path Number 9

Life Path number 9 defines you as a humanitarian.  You are generous, compassionate and emotional.  Reward for you comes in the form of selflessness for the common good and helping others rather than material gain. Read more about Life Path Number 9

How to calculate Life Path Number?

While calculating the Life Path number, you need to convert the month into a single number. You need to do the same thing for date and the year of birth. Then these three digits need to be added further to make a single digit between 1 and 9, unless you get any master number (see in the following paragraph for more details about master numbers).

Let us consider an example that John was born on May 19, 1983 (05-19-1983), now you first add the month, which is 0 + 5 = 5 to the day 19 which is 1 + 9 = 10 which is reduced 1 + 0 = 1. Now count the year 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21 which is again reduced to 2 + 1 = 3. Now add all three digits together 5 + 1 + 3 = 9. So, John’s Life Path number is 9.

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