Life Path Number 9

Life Path Number 9 (9, 18, 27, 36)

If you are having Life Path number 9, it means you are characterized with profusion of impressive feelings together with a strong sense of empathy and bigheartedness. Humanitarian instinct is your most special characteristic. Material gains are not so important issue for the people having number 9. They are divinely blessed with selfless attitude and having a strong instinct to offer all their materialistic possessions for the betterment of others. They have a natural tendency to mix up with people with their open-mindedness and trustworthy attitude. However, developing personal relationship or romantic relationship can become a serious issue of concern since these types of people possess a strong giving attitude, which may not be acceptable for the spouse or partners. They may experience difficulty due to their selflessness and lack of personal ambition.

Life Path Number 9 Positive Traits:

Similar to 6, number 9 is all about helping others, and about fighting for human rights. They have a superior emotional understanding and ability to connect with everyone. Their purpose of existence and meaning is helping and educating others. Many firefighters and physicians fall in the group 9 path.

Life Path Number 9 Negative Traits:

Number nines are very sensitive and susceptible to emotional extremes. They highly value the opinions of their peers and will go above and beyond to please in order to be accepted. They crave for applause, and in a moment of weakness they become violent and destructive with ulterior motives.

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