Life Path Number 7

Life Path Number 7 (7, 16, 25, 34)

If you are having Life Path number 7, it means you are blessed with natural ability to investigate, analyze, and observe. Your essential quality is deep insightful thinking ability. You have a natural instinct to evaluate situations and events quickly and thoroughly, while maintaining outstanding accuracy. Consequently, you are detail-oriented and thorough in accomplishing your task, while expecting others to do it with same level of expertise.

You have a natural talent to analyze deception and to recognize people having insincere attitude. You do not usually make a wide array of friends, however, once friendship is made, it means to be forever. Most predominantly, people with Life Path number 7 are not characterized as a social person all the time. The reserved attitude may be misinterpreted as aloofness in some of the cases when usually this is not like that. You have a natural tendency to hide your deep sense of insecurity. You prefer solitude.

The Life Path number 7 reflects spiritual wisdom. You have a strong urge to depend on spiritual guide and inner wisdom. You are curious about getting the answers of many unresolved life questions.

At its negative end, Life Path number 7 is associated with pessimism, laziness, argumentative and enigmatic. The people having 7 as Life Path number may even turn out to be bad partner as they are too serious in nature and become excessively inconsiderate about others to live with. This is why many people with Life Path number 7 prefer to live alone. They show their lack of willingness to live life at its fullest extent.

Life Path Number 7 Positive Traits:

Path 7 is an analyst and a thinker. Her scientific mind and wisdom go beyond other people’s comprehension and sometimes she comes off snobbish.  She enjoys sports, nature, and the outdoors where she finds her inner peace. Her genuine passion lies in investigating mysteries. Many accomplished scientists fall in this category.

Life Path Number 7 Negative Traits:

Number 7 numbers are usually isolated, skeptical, indifferent and can appear cold towards others. They are lonely, secretive and with little friends. They have a hard time meeting new people, and they are extremely pessimistic.

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