Life Path Number 2

If your Life Path number is 2, it means you have a natural spiritual quality, leading you to act like a great peacemaker in societal perspective. One of the most remarkable strengths of this Life Path number is of course the capacity to listen others and absorbs their opinions.

If you are blessed with 2 as your own unique Life Path number, it means you are a good fixer, an excellent negotiator and a very ambassadorial type of individual who prefers to use convincing skills rather than any sort of power-tripping business in order to accomplish any task or ensure your own existence.

When you are subject to display your natural spiritual qualities, you are instinctive, activist, optimistic and futurist. These qualities in you make you so desirable entity for the entire society.

You are blessed with a great potentiality for a deep-thinker; quite obviously different life-related mysteries and fascinating sides of life attract you more than others.

You have a natural ability to perceive the whole situation in a wide spectrum of viewpoints since you have a natural ability to employ divergent thinking abilities. This quality attracts others towards you for receiving your neutral judgment over any strong arguments.

You are qualitatively excellent in working in group atmosphere where your natural ability to mix with people and bring the best out of them can be used in an effectual fashion.

You know how to handle situation tactfully instead of forcefully. Hence, you are not subject to dominate people; however, you have the potential to influence the group dynamics in a subtle fashion.

You are able to show your mastery in compromising aptitude, while putting your best effort in maintaining harmony and balance in the group environment. You are not characteristically aspired for praise or recognition.

In one way or others, you are tending to form habit and routine life. You have a natural ability to judge correctly and the excellence in this trait can be found beneficial in the professional world.

You are strived to attain cent percent accuracy in your work. Although people with Life Path number 2 may lack the ability to lead others, they are creative thinker and gifted individuals.

However, nervous energy level is a major drawback marked in Life Path number 2. Due to this negative quality, the individual may be perceived as an extremist, advocating unusually own preferences.

Excessive nervous tension may cause emotional indignation in some of the cases. In some of the cases, the oversensitive attitude of individuals with 2 as Life Path number may turn out their strong weak point.

Indecisiveness is another negative quality that is quite prevalent among people with Number 2.

People with Life Path number 2 have a natural tendency to advocate feelings of restlessness, discontent with success as well as personal development in life.

Meekness, a state of apathy and lassitude are other significant negative traits in Life Path number 2.

If someone is living with the negative traits of Life Path number 2, he or she may act very pessimistically and show an inadequate level of common sense and in most of the time, the individual will not be able to identify and to discriminate between real life and castle built up in the sky.

Life Path Number 2 Positive Traits

Number 2 owns the unique trait of complementing “ones”; they are able to finish what number 1 has started. They sacrifice their pride for the benefit of the whole group, and they are a group cooperator with an intrinsic ability of attracting others to join.

Their personality is sweet and kind, and they are extremely diplomatic. Because of their intuitive psychic ability, they are sensitive to others and their feelings. Their major strengths are rhythm and balance.

Life Path Number 2 Negative Traits

Usually, number 2 paths are sensitive, and people can easily hurt their feelings. They can get exorbitantly upset over trivial problems, and are prone to become emotionally dependent on others. They can also become adamant in a moment of crisis.

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