Life Path Number 6

The Life Path number represents a strong nurturing ability, a guiding light for truth, righteousness, impartiality and domesticity. The people with Life Path number 6 exhibit the best parental or maternal instincts.

No matter where you belong to, you act like a predominant caretaker and family head. Although these types of people realize them important in community perspective, their immediate responsibility goes with home and family.

However, they reveal an optimum level of progressive and open-mindedness, deep sense of conservative principles and convictions are their true characters.

If you are having Life Path number 6, you are idealistic in nature and your major contribution includes offering advice.

You are characteristically humanitarian and sensitive to others which begin from your own family environment. The people with Life Path number 6 assume a strong sense of responsibility.

They feel the burden to become ready to help others in need. While serving others, they are found to take ownership and may lead from an authoritative perspective over the situation.

When it comes to romantic companionship, the people of Number Path number 6 may reveal their loyalty and faithfulness. Since people of this type are caretaker in nature, they find attraction to people who are somehow weaker and in crisis.

Their drive is satisfied when they get the opportunity to care for and offer protection. They are tending to form harmony in a relationship.

Not only with the close interpersonal relationships, but these types of people usually act with their friends in a loyal and trustworthy manner. However, they have a tendency to exhibit their dominating or controlling character.

People with Life Path number 6 show their kindness, empathic attitude and compassionate behavior. They tend to prefer wisdom and harmony as the foundations for governing life.

If your Life Path number is 6, it means you have a natural ability to understand the life problems while you are strongly blessed with natural outstanding wisdom. Although Number 6 is filled with several positive traits, this number is not free from negative traits as well.

Since you have a natural tendency to take responsibilities, you may tend to become a slave to others, especially it may happen to your close relations. You have a strong tendency to act out hard to yourself.

The extreme end of negative traits of this Life Path number may turn out to be embellishment, over-expansiveness, and complacency.

The natural tendency to take responsibility may become strong burden in few cases, in which an individual may become addicted over taking responsibilities of others.

Even if the individual understands that taking a particular responsibility may harm the quality of life, he or she cannot resist self from doing so since the rejection of responsibility may lead to experience extreme sense of guilt and discomfort, eventually offering detrimental effects over the relationships with others.

Life Path Number 6 Positive Traits

The number 6 stands out for their strong moral conscience. At the same time, they are unlikely to enforce their views on their peers. They are nurturing, a great teacher and protective towards the weak.

They make a good friend and are always prepared to help out. Their artistic expression is based on balance and harmony, their integrity balances their whole family.

They are the pillar of cultural preservation in their community, and they always assume moral and social responsibility.

Life Path Number 6 Negative Traits

Number 6 can become adamant. They can be hypocritical and biased in their behavior and can do no wrong in their mind. They display unreasonable pride and smugness. Number 6 can also be nosy, meddling into other people’s affairs.

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