Lucky Life Path Number 1

If your Life Path number is 1, this means that you have a natural leadership quality. Your potential is inspired with a natural idiosyncratic aspiration. You possess a need for autonomy and personal accomplishment.

Many military generals, political persons and leaders of both the genders have 1 as the Life Path number. However, all are dependent over whether your dominant influence is characterized by positive traits or negative traits.

An individual with this Life Path number showing positive traits may be blessed with too many creative aspirations along with a deep-rooted enthusiasm and a strong motivation to carry out in a wise fashion.

When you are having 1 as your Life Path number, it means project initiation is one of your strongest points. You are able to show your best endeavor when you are subject to face challenges and obstacles.

All of these characteristics are the manifestation of different forms of strength. This inner base of strength inspires and influences the ability to lead and help you to act like a natural leader.

Life Path Number 1 people have inner strength; They are independent and can develop sixth sense

The Life Path number 1 promotes high level of originality. With this number as your unique Life Path number, you have a strong innovative aptitude. You love to work in an independent environment.

You possess a strong urge to display your own personal needs and desires; however, following your own confidence is essential for you. You are not fond of following routine tasks.

You display assertiveness and ambitious behavior when it comes to promoting yourself. Although you have a natural tendency to make it a secret due to social pressure, you may be self-centered in practice, while desiring for finding your own self-satisfying way in different conditions.

However, in most of the part of life, people around you find you as a good friend, gracious, pleasant, and an excellent communicator. People of same characteristics will automatically get attracted to you.

Although there are so many positive qualities in Life Path number 1, people with this number may show a wide array of negative qualities as well. While this number influences a great leadership quality, people with this number may fall short to play their role as followers.

It may be possible to follow sometimes prior to or during leading that may turn out to be a difficult issue for people with Life Path number 1. Although Life Path number 1 is an expression of autonomy, it may show dependence when it is not fully formed.

When someone is showing the negative traits, it means she or he is not satisfied with the environmental interaction and may desire for self-sufficiency. This is the weak part of the negative traits of Life Path number 1.

However, the strongest part of negative traits is characterized as excessive expedient, self-interested and egoistical.

Life Path Number 1 Positive Traits

Life path 1 is a natural leader. He makes it evident in every step, wherever and whatever he does. He stands out of the crowd as a brilliant self reliant individual in every endeavor.

His courage is unlimited, and he fights for his beliefs.

In general, he is unafraid of the unknown, independent, and his inner power is the primal force of her drive.  They are quite friendly with numerous friends, excellent conversationalists, likeable and everybody is fascinated by them.

Numerology 1 Life Path Number is a very strong minded individual. His key traits are leadership, strong will and independence. Men and women falling in this category become corporate executives, military generals, politicians or other types of accomplished leaders.

The main features that are displayed in Life Path 1s which makes them accomplished individuals of the society are the following:

1. Independence

Life Path 1 crave and demand their independence. Because of their unconventional nature, they surpasses in any assigned task where they apply their individual approach. They are ambitious, determined, assertive in self promotion.

2. Individualism

Numerology 1 individuals are charged with individualistic aspirations as well as personal achievement. All have strong desires, and they always follow through their own ideals. They get tired of routine. Detail orientation allows them to advance quickly in  any work they pursue as they take advantage of their autonomous nature.

3. Originality

Life Path Number 1’s mind is capable of intense aesthetic inspiration, and it holds the initiative together with passion to get the work completed. They have an innate entrepreneurial genius as well as an inventor talent.

4. Courage

Numerology 1s are fierce and fearless who stand up to any difficulty. They have a distinct way of combating restrictions with intensity and bold spirit. They battle in both physical as well as emotional strength.

5. Initiative

Numerology 1 men and women are wonderful at getting the ball rolling and their primary power is launching new projects. By essence, they are strong willed pioneers and entrepreneurs who follow through with their idea. They don’t rest until they find a method that works.

6. Leadership

The Life Path 1 suggests that they started this sphere with abilities enabling you to mature into a leader. That energy empowers absolute confidence and the capability to lead. As a true leader, men and women have a talent for taking charge in any circumstance. They have a tendency to achieve the indicated, even if, on occasions, it is inappropriate for them to do so.

Life Path Number 1 Negative Traits

As a consequence to their accomplishments, plenty of number 1 paths grow egos and become arrogant. They are full of false pride, selfishness and stubbornness.

On the other hand, Life Path 1 can be very sensitive and cannot take critique. They poorly handle criticism and rejection. Their response  can become extremely self-serving, egotistical and self-indulgent. Even though they make great leaders, they may disappoint as followers and become bossy.

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