How does your Birthday Affect Your Fate

Stars, birth time and date determine our character, but the day of the week on which we were born also has a great influence on fate and character. Moreover, according to psychologists, depending on what day you and your chosen one were born, you can judge your compatibility and your future life together.

If you were born on Monday:

The patroness of this day is the moon. The moon is changeable and, accordingly, it leaves an imprint on your character. People born on Monday are subject to frequent changes in mood and energy changes, these are sensitive and romantic natures. They like to eat and dress well, sensual pleasures are far from the last place in their life. Public opinion plays a huge role for such people. These are capricious and stubborn personalities, but at the same time they are responsive and always ready to help. As sexual partners, they are affectionate and romantic.

The ideal partner for a person born on Monday would be people on Friday and Tuesday. Such a union will bring understanding and stability. Saturday and Sunday partners are also suitable for you, but an alliance with these people will involve constant work on relationships. You don’t have to rely on a partner born on Saturday, if you are ready to take the reins of government in your own hands – then you have every chance to live happily ever after. As for the Sunday darling, here you will have to surround your partner with excessive care and attention, if you are ready to put up with the role of a nanny, then this is your partner!

People born on Friday, Wednesday and Thursday are not suitable for a long and serious relationship. Despite the fact that a partner born on Friday can become for you the love of your life, alas, these relationships are doomed to failure over time. Thursday man will be too critical for you, and a partner born on Wednesday will not always bring you pleasant surprises, you will have to adapt to it in everything.

If you were born on Tuesday

The warlike planet Mars is responsible for this day, therefore it is not surprising that those born on Tuesday are quick-tempered, willful, love to command and have a solid character. Sometimes their actions are difficult to explain, they love the dynamics and vivid impressions. In partnerships, as a rule, these people are not simple, because of their complex nature. In intimate relationships, they often lack romanticism and affection, in view of their hyperactivity, sex representatives of Mars prefer quick and hard. It may seem to the partner that they have more sex for their own pleasure and they care little about the feelings of others, partly there is some truth in this …

The perfect match for people on Tuesday is Monday. The gentle nature of the Lunarians is able to adequately perceive the wayward and tough Martian. The combination Tuesday / Tuesday is only possible if one of the partners assumes the leadership of the other. Also waiting for you is a relationship filled with understanding and love, with a person born on Thursday. A partner born on Wednesday will annoy you with his frivolity and inconstancy. The Saturday partner will not put up with your dominance and directness, so a long-term relationship is hardly possible. People on Fridays and Sundays are mainly focused on their loved ones, so if you are ready to “dissolve” in them, then maybe you will succeed.

If you were born on Wednesday

Mercury protects you, which means it gives you eloquence, frivolity, and windiness. You should not have communication problems. As a rule, Mercury in life and love have a bunch of friends and admirers, due to their sociability and charm. You are full of new ideas, you like change and communication. Mercury develops curiosity in a person and gives a wonderful susceptibility to languages ​​and information in general. In sex, such people also prefer innovations and experiments, it is difficult for them to limit themselves to one partner …

An ideal partner for you would be a person born on Friday and Sunday. Common interests, cheerfulness and indefatigable energy will make this alliance interesting in all respects. For a person born on Tuesday, your lifestyle will be unacceptable, if you agree to live by his rules – a union is possible. The soul mate born on Wednesday will bring you the same claims as you do to her. If you learn to sacrifice interests for each other – you will live together to gray hair.

A partner born on Thursday is your exact opposite and although everyone knows that opposites attract, it will be difficult to maintain such an alliance; you are too different. You may have a strong attraction to a person born on Saturday, and for some time such a union will have the right to life, but alas, for a long relationship, physical passion alone is not enough.

If You Were Worn on Thursday

On Thursday, true family members are born. The patron saint of this day is Jupiter, he gives a person seriousness, self-confidence, organizational skills, desire for leadership, and justice. These people inspire confidence. They love stability and are cautious about changes and innovations. They like constancy in relationships, though they don’t come to this right away, usually they have a lot of hobbies in their youth. They do not like rush in sex, the romantic atmosphere and love foreplay are important for them. Love to travel. Spirituality and compassion for these people are in the first place, so they often engage in charity and missionary work.

In your case, a very promising alliance will be with a partner born on Saturday. There will be passion and understanding and respect. Good prospects with a partner born on Tuesday, however, this wonderful union can destroy your unbridled jealousy. Not bad Thursday combined with Friday, though you have to adapt to the changing tastes of a partner because he has – 7 Fridays a week! If you are ready for this, a completely harmonious life awaits you.

But those born on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are completely unsuitable for you. An alliance with these partners is certainly possible, but! A partner born on Wednesday will most likely not tolerate your leadership and superiority over him, a born on Thursday has a lot in common with you and that is why it will be difficult for you together .. learn to give in and then there will be a chance for a long relationship. But with Sunday there are so few points of contact that one can confidently say that the future is very foggy.

If you were born on Friday

The patroness of Friday Venus, therefore born on this day, she endowed with charm, the ability to get along with others, cheerfulness, beautiful voice and artistry. For such people, external beauty is very important, this applies to everything: things, nature, partners. Usually on Friday, people of art, actors, peacekeepers are born. These are reliable people you can always rely on. Sex in such people should be painted with romantic colors, they adore long love games, often get carried away and fall in love.

The most romantic and sensual union you will get with a person born on Monday. Also ideal for you is a partner born on Saturday, he will surround you with care and love – this is the person you can always rely on. A partner born on Tuesday will demand more attention from your person. The combination Friday / Wednesday is interesting in all respects, the relationship will be colorful, filled with feelings and romance, but the union will not be stable. A partner born on Thursday is unlikely to find mutual understanding with you; the difference in taste is too great. Friday / Friday the combination is complex, recriminations and distrust will ultimately destroy your union. The combination Friday / Sunday is quite acceptable, the only threat to your union may be the relatives of your partner.

If you were born on Saturday:

The planet Saturn is “responsible” for Saturday. This planet patronizes scientists and teachers, psychologists, philosophers. Serious and responsible people. These people are firm and decisive, they do not like noisy companies and dubious acquaintances. In a permanent relationship, they approach family and marriage very seriously. They do not fall in love at first sight, even in matters of the heart they know how to maintain a clear mind, relying on logic and reason. As a rule, those born on Saturday begin to engage in sex later than others, because the issue of partnership and relationships plays a huge role in their lives.

If you were born on Saturday, those who were born on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday will be ideal partners for you. These partners will share your views on life, you will complement each other well. A partner born on Tuesday will give you a relationship filled with passion and emotions, but alas, such a relationship will not be long-term. Differences in views and too different attitudes towards partnerships will lead to a break.

The Thursday / Saturday union will not have enough mutual understanding if you are always ready to go towards the partner and forgive him a lot, the union is possible. A partner born on Friday can charm you and even fall in love with yourself, but be careful – this chosen one can break your heart. Well, the same as you, the Saturday partner, will constantly confront you, make claims and even rebuke. If you manage to overcome resentment and disappointment – the union will be long enough.

If you were born on Sunday:

This day of the week is protected by the sun. These people know how to be happy and enjoy every moment. Such people have a creative approach to everything. It is believed that these people are lucky, because at birth they received a charge of sunlight, adversity and disappointment in their lives are short-lived, and success and joy are debt. People born on this day have a predisposition to creative professions, they make good doctors and teachers. In relations with a partner, they try to be new every time, however, I demand constant attention to myself.

You will have an even and calm life with a partner born on Monday, though this union will be without stormy emotions and passions. An interesting union will be with a partner born on Wednesday, because he does not like monotony and boredom, and you, in turn, also know how to diversify the life of a loved one, so such a union will be promising. Sunday / Sunday is ideal even though you are very similar. The ability to enjoy life and be optimistic will keep your union for many years to come.

A partner born on Friday can conquer you at first sight and if this happens you will be together for a very long time. But if the relationship breaks, you should not even try to save them. In such a union, either it gets along right away, or there will no longer be anything good. Also, a partner who was born on Saturday is suitable for you, however, if you forgive each other and do not become ambition. But Tuesday and Thursday do not suit you at all. The first partner will find fault with you about and without reason, and the second will try to subjugate himself.

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