Aries and Gemini Compatibility

The love bond between Aries and Gemini represents a total union both physically and mentally. Always busy in the most varied activities, these two signs do not lose heart even in the face of the most complicated situations. The great communication between them derives from the fact that these two signs occupy a diametrically opposite position in the scheme of the Zodiac .

The Gemini feels attracted by the exuberant and enthralling nature of Aries . Both signs feel a strong need for independence, and the contrasts between them arise especially when one of the two feels oppressed by the behavior of the other: Aries can become too protective of their partner, while the sign of Gemini often tends to assume a provocative attitude that arouses the lover’s wrath.

However their bond is fairly balanced: on the one hand Aries is always inclined to undertake new experiences, on the other Gemini is always ready to satisfy the partner’s wishes.

Both are endowed with an inexhaustible source of energy, which direct them towards the numerous objectives they intend to achieve together. The sign of Gemini has a reflective character and good communication skills, loves to be stimulated on an intellectual level, and always tends to study a topic thoroughly, to get to know even the less obvious details. While Aries is getting to grips with new projects, and the Gemini partner never denies its support.

The indecision typical of the sign of Gemini is balanced by the security of Aries , which however must absolutely not have an oppressive attitude.

Aries is influenced by the planet Mars , Gemini that of Mercury . These two planets symbolize Passion and Communication respectively. The moment they begin to cooperate to reach a common goal, their different way of operating can become a strength, as, together, they can have a complete vision of the issue to be addressed, and success is guaranteed in the end .

But this different way of understanding the world is also a source of discussions, which can sometimes degenerate into real quarrels, which, if most of the times they help to keep the relationship alive and exciting, sometimes they can also mark its end . It is necessary for Aries to understand that partner Gemini loves to discuss and confront each other continuously on any topic, and therefore his intention is not to diminish his thought or his word.

Aries is a sign of Fire , while Gemini is a sign of Air . As the wind feeds the flames, in the same way the sign of Gemini manages to bring out the best from the partner Aries. Only a person with great energy can endure the frenetic pace of Aries life, and from this point of view the sign of Gemini is the most suitable. Aries, always busy and enthusiastic, after a long day of work, will be happy to return home and be able to find a person always ready to support him and above all to listen to him, since his partner Gemini is a skilled conversationalist.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign , while Gemini is a Mutable Sign . Aries is always ready to face new experiences, and the Gemini partner is ready to follow him everywhere as long as he is not forced. Furthermore, while Aries loves to be constantly at the center of attention, the lover Gemini is content to stay on the sidelines without losing control of the situation; this represents a further point in favor of this couple.

Instead, a weak point is represented by the fact that both demonstrate a great enthusiasm every time something new is to be started, but then over time this enthusiasm dies out and often many projects are not completed.

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