Gemini Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aries and Gemini. Fire + Air

Aries is often drawn to the creativity and energy of Geminis , and this combination promises great friendship, brilliant conversation, and interesting moments of leisure together. So its degree of compatibility can be very large.

Geminis likes to talk, socialize, and generally has a great sense of humor; This also attracts Aries, who loves to have fun and play pranks continuously. Both signs have a great sense of fun so they are very compatible in this regard.

In this relationship, the point of attention is the Aries woman, who with her characteristic independence and passion will surely dominate the relationship and be able to balance the mental power that so attracts the attention of the Gemini man.

Gemini Man and Aries Woman Friendship:

The Gemini man hates loneliness; His life is focused on his relationships, and that is reflected in a very large group of friends, both deep and superficial. While you can maintain deep and lasting friendship relationships, your ease of relating also provides you with transitory friends, who disappear from your life once momentary interests change.

For their part, the Arians are also communicative and open, although not as much as the Geminians. She usually has a less extensive and more constant circle of friends, with whom to develop the challenge and adventure plans that stimulate her so much, instead of spending long hours delving into someone’s life. The affections of the aries have to do with whoever shares with her her enthusiasm for life and her entrepreneurial spirit, and she will not mind tolerating other unpleasant traits of a person, if she achieves this meeting point in them.

Gemini Man and Aries Woman Compatibility:

The men of the Gemini sign are characterized by being charming, unpredictable, fun, witty, very good conversationalists, and playful even in a childish sense, always focused on the search for new emotions and fun in a social environment. With all these charms, with a Geminian your Ariana partner will never be bored, since he seeks to use all these attributes to achieve a relationship that maintains the interest between them in the long term.

Aries tends to have a lot of energy – more so than Geminis, who can feel exhausted due to the hectic lifestyle Aries likes to lead. Gemini likes activity, but with his usual contradictory style, he also enjoys resting, so he can sometimes find the constant energy and drive of Aries exhausting, while Aries can be turned off by the nature of starting and stopping Gemini. .

Both signs enjoy living new experiences, so it is very likely that a couple made up of Gemini and Aries will have a very varied and interesting relationship. This can be a drawback to achieving long-term stability, as none of the signs have a special need for home or family life stability.

Finally, you havefound the woman who panders to you. It is enough to hint her some your wishes and she will realize it. You will admire her enthusiasm.

She will be enraptured with your intellect and you will talk together for hours.

Something, you do with your friends usually. You will spend unforgettable moments in the bed. You will fulfill your fantasies. You both are inclined to look for strong and new experiences.

You both are lacking in patience and this is very important for a long term relationship.

Aries woman and Gemini man can, holding hands skipping fast, run through life as if they were children. But an invariant is equally possible when their relationship is full of sarcastic, violent skirmishes that do not stop from morning to evening. Often the emotional combination of Mars and Mercury in a love experience generates an obsessive tenderness, interspersed with sharp insults, which makes it possible and delight, and unhappiness. This is also to blame for the Gemini, not like other signs of Air, expressing admiration and contempt so clearly and unmistakably, and Aries, unlike other signs of Fire, captured by the instant passion of love or hatred, never thinking about the possible consequences.

No doubt, frequent and heated debates await them, but these skirmishes are devoid of anger. They speak openly, furiously, but somehow not too seriously, as if they know that in the midst of the wildest quarrels they can throw themselves into each other’s arms. This is said about them:

Someone loves carefully – As if hatred is possible. We softly hate – We see love in this …

In the love of Aries women and Gemini men there is always a slight restraint. When they fall in love with each other, no one wonders how the romance will end or what the marriage will be like. The initial mutual attraction, the magnetic attraction of these carefree natures makes both trustingly reach out to each other, not caring about a possible end. If it comes (in any form: separation, divorce or death), the memories of love are so naive, exciting and full of blind faith, like a children’s heart on Christmas Eve, which softens the memory of any past resentment or grief.

Their seemingly cloudless relationship can be overshadowed by jealousy. The typical Aries woman is insanely jealous and rarely able to soberly realize this. The point here is not a strongly developed sense of possessiveness, but the inherent Aries symbolic fear of a “terrible child” to be abandoned (which would mean disaster for him) and the urgent need to constantly hear words of love. This is because Aries is often childishly helpless and completely dependent on a long and continuous attachment, although it carefully hides it under the guise of freedom, independence and complete independence, thus protecting itself from the outside world.

A typical Gemini man is not too jealous, and it is precisely because of this, oddly enough, that Aries Woman may experience significant difficulties, you see, secretly I would like him to be jealous. Looks like he has to pretend. Whether she knows it or not, she, Aries, simply needs to arouse jealousy in her man. This confirms its importance for him, and she needs so much evidence that no one can overdo it. A twin man can satisfy her desire if she begins to behave too defiantly, but most often he is too busy changing his wardrobe, moods, ideals, dreams and inclinations to pay attention to her innocent flirtation, with the help of which she hopes to provoke him .

He, on the contrary, will not have to try hard to awaken in her frantic jealousy. Enough to say hello to the saleswoman from the newsstand on the corner. And since it has a strong love of freedom and a fear of emotional fetters, it cannot go on like this for a long time. She will have to somehow learn to control or hide her fears, but he must also understand that her behavior is caused by internal fear that she lacks femininity. The type of smooth, sexually seductive, soft cat with chicken brains that every man craves has been propagandized for so long that you cannot strictly judge an Aries woman for developing neurosis about her quick mind, straightforwardness and lack of insinuating female insidiousness.

She has courage and initiative, she is energetic and ambitious, and these are all supposedly masculine traits. Men believe that they have the exclusive right to these qualities. What do you want the Aries woman to be considered feminine? Rub your cheek on the shoulder of your lover, purr: “Darling, you are amazing” – and never do anything yourself? Somehow too miserable, is not it?

Oh, I believe there are other ways to prove your femininity, for example: washing, ironing, cooking, swaddling babies, chatting, ironing, washing, cooking, giving birth to children … Am I not repeating myself? I’m sorry, I started to get angry. Aries itself, I never understood why a girl should be called an impudent woman only because she is smart and does not hide it. If most men prefer a housewife to a real woman, this is their problem.

Aries women, like Sagittarius and Lion women, do excellent work on men’s affairs, and something they do is much better. They can endure more pain than men, have common sense and special logic to understand that war has never solved anything, and to be able to feel danger and evil long before they appear – these are just some of our advantages. We are also more sensitive, intuitive and physical, definitely more compassionate and yet far more realistic than men. But not so sentimental. (You didn’t know that men are sentimental? So much so that women have been taught to see the poetry and beauty of Life!) Feminists would like to know the redistribution of their equality and superiority with respect to men, but they should also ” recognize the limits of male equality and superiority with respect to women. Then we can talk about real femininity and masculinity.

Aries woman, with her innocent faith in miracles, is once destined to meet a man who is looking for a real woman, and he may be the representative of the sign of Gemini. He may have, if not two heads, then ambivalent desires, and he urgently needs to play mental games with the woman he loves. The serene siren, looking at him with a quiet, reverent passion, is not for the twin man, because it is easier than trying to compete with him in barbs. He definitely falls in love first with his mind, then with his heart, and then physical desire arises. It is in this order that the romance with Gemini develops. As for Aries, the order is almost the same. She falls in love first with her heart, then quickly turns on the mind, and finally physical desire. The initial models do not match, but it’s not so important, since both first need mental and emotional attraction. This is an amazingly good formula.

Since he cannot but appreciate the constant intellectual challenge of the Aries girl, she will eventually believe that he loves her for who she is. Then she can be truly affectionate and tender with a man who proves his superiority in some things, but at the same time clearly admires her own qualities. This is a difficult trick, but the twin man is able to do it. His natural charm and quickness (some call it flattering) will help pacify her Mars vanity.

It may be difficult for her to adapt to his typical Gemini habit of being late. Often she herself is not entirely flawless in this regard, but Aries is inherent to lose his temper when their own weapons are turned against them.

As for physical compatibility, he is one of the few men who can create the enchanting action that this woman should associate with sex. The ideal of sexual expression of love for her is a multi-colored multi-layered structure woven from all the books she read, all the films she cried over, from all the bright hopes that ever lived in the depths of her heart. She is literally convinced that instantly, when they become one, bells should ring. With him, she can hear them, because his imagination is able to support all the fantasies she needs in order to realize Cinderella’s dreams.

It is this type of empathy that makes them fall in love with each other, sometimes at first glance (they cannot be blamed for their slowness). But later, something more than fantasies would be needed so that their love would continue to burn brightly when his detachment, characteristic of Gemini, would begin to interfere with her, because for her sex exists not only in the imagination. She needs and tangible. She may feel that he never gives himself completely to her, and most likely will be right. She leaves nothing to herself, and he may not be able to excite in her such physical impulses, natural for Aries. Then she will decide that magical stories are nothing when there is no fire to rekindle them, and will become irritable or, much worse, frigid.

This is a delicate question, but a relationship will have a better chance of success if the Moon and / or Ascendant in his birth chart are in the sign of Fire. Otherwise, he will not be able to teach her what she will feel capable of after his idealistic preparations overcome her initial inhibition. The Twin Prince can wake the Princess Aries with a kiss, but she will fall asleep again if she does not experience a comprehensive passion, never knowing what was about to happen. Then the Fire of the sign of Aries can turn into Ice, and this will be a great loss, because it can give so much when its fiery nature helps to develop.

Gemini Man and Aries Woman Love:

Their Intimate relation will be really good. Gemini inspires Aries and both signs enjoy experimenting and exploring new things in an intimate relationship. This is another field in which a Gemini-Aries couple are very compatible with each other.

Despite the fact that the intimate relationships between a Gemini and an Aries can develop fantastically well, since they mix fire with creativity, for the Aries woman a Gemini man is not the best choice in this regard, since the Geminian never You will be able to reach the level of emotion and passion that she develops and that she also aspires to from her partner. However, in their favor as a whole is the fact that Geminis always says things the way they think and Aries highly values ​​that honesty, so it will be unlikely that there will be clashes in communication, despite the fact that none of the two signs it stands out notably in its capacity to express emotionality. These communicative limitations can be overcome from the particular abilities of each one;

Gemini Man and Aries Woman Relationship Issues:

As the Aries woman is spontaneous and passionate in nature, but also independent and in search of challenges, she can easily maintain the interest of a Gemini, as it will allow her the freedom he needs to interact in his environment while enjoying her qualities. Each of the two will be appreciated by the other just as each one really is, which is why the relationships between these two signs are usually open and free, but very deep, strong and lasting. Both complement each other because Aries Woman likes to be a leader and the Geminian is willing to please her, in exchange for finding a partner to help him in decision-making. Although there may be disagreements from time to time, this is a win-win relationship,

Gemini Man and Aries Woman Compatibility Professional Work:

The Aries woman is eminently creative and impulsive, while the Gemini man given his mental capacity, is an innate problem solver, so his combination as co-workers gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their qualities and successfully challenge the challenges that They both motivate them to work. There is only one case in which this combination is not as efficient at work, and that is when the innate Aries leader must be in charge of a passive Gemini boss. If each of the two is able to demonstrate their best qualities, they will not give in to the challenges for which they hope to succeed.

In Conclusion:

Relations between a Gemini and an Aries will never be passive. If things are not going well, Aries will simply put everything aside and move on, as she will not sit down to lament and make a drama about lost time. On the contrary, if both manage to combine the emotion for the adventure and the playful way of seeing life, they will guarantee their long-term happiness. Gemini men, more leisurely than Aries women, are able to step aside and enjoy the achievements of their bold partner, after which they will jointly enjoy the energy and passion that characterizes this relationship. If an open relationship, with few discussions and an overflowing energy turns out to be the ideal one for you, this combination will be your guarantee of happiness.

The most compatible Geminis for this combination are those born between June 2 and 12 and the especially compatible Aries are those born between April 10 and 19. However, in general the comparability between Aries and Geminis is good regardless of their date of birth.

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