Aries and Leo Compatibility

The love bond between Aries and Leo is extremely dynamic and lively, given that we are faced with two signs of Fire. Always in competition with each other, Aries and Leo will fight above all to determine which of the two must be in the command post.

While respecting each other, their nature, sometimes too proud, could give rise to rather serious disagreements if they do not reach a compromise solution.

Both are endowed with a passionate soul and an impulsive character. Leo likes to feel flattered and often, his provocative attitude, unleashes the jealousy of his partner Aries , with the effect of keeping the relationship always alive and exciting.

Even if at times the differences between the two signs can be remarkable, Aries feels a deep admiration for Leo , and considers the latter’s courage as a solid foothold on which he can count on at any moment. Given their energetic and courageous character, both signs are held in high regard by the people around them.

Aries is influenced by the planet Mars , while Leo is influenced by the sun . Mars is the planet of aggression, while the Sun represents individualism, characters that give the couple a high level of compatibility.

Both Aries and Leo are signs of Fire . Both live this love story with intensity and passion, both in the moments in which everything seems to go perfectly, and in those in which, due to the constant quarrels , the bond seems destined to break. As we have seen, competition is an ever-present component in a bond of this type, but we must avoid that it gives rise to jealousies and resentments . Both endowed with an inexhaustible source of energy, they must learn to channel all this strength towards a common goal.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign , while Leo is a Fixed Sign . The influence of Aries pushes Leo to face life with more determination and to seize all the opportunities it offers; on the other hand the influence of Leo helps Aries to organize his things better and to carry them out.

Sometimes, because of his impulsive character, Aries might say things that can hurt his partner’s feelings. In turn, Leo’s authoritarian nature could create tensions within the couple, given the independent nature of Aries.

What is the best aspect of the Aries Leo couple?

The strength of the Aries-Leo relationship is the deep admiration that exists between the two. Furthermore, given that Aries is so skilled at starting projects, while Leo has the will to carry them out, this couple is very well balanced and productive, thanks also to the extraordinary energy they are endowed with and the passion which is the basis of all their actions.

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