Leo Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The love relationship between Leo and Baran, although they can become warm and wonderful, will not be free from frequent emotional assaults, especially if the pride of each of them resembles an impregnable ice block. But, between the two solar signs, the ice melts quickly, and after the storms the sky clears of clouds, and again everything looks fresh and green.

Often it starts like this: he promises to call her at five, rings at midnight and does not want to explain anything. He tells her that she makes grammatical mistakes, that she uses too much makeup. Finally, he tells her to shut up, listen to him and try to change.

Of course, we are building a wall between them. She is enraged by this unbearable self-confidence, and she suddenly decides to leave him. Who needs this at all? And she does it. Although he understands that, despite her external independence, in the end there was a man who suspects that this is not so. Nothing good will come of it if she immediately sends it to hell. Then she remembers how warm and sympathetic his voice was when he finally called, no matter what was late. She will remember how soft irony was in his jokes about her crimson shadows or some of her next mistake. Maybe it was a gentle care, and not at all an unbearable condescension? And … maybe it’s better to forgive him? (She will do it in the end. She is submissive.)

A little time will pass, and he will cease to make her endless remarks about her ignorance, about which she did not even suspect. Moreover, she will be amazed to find herself finding pleasure in it. Of course, after the charm of novelty disappears and the Aries woman descends from sky-high heights to the earth, she will try to take revenge more than once, just to maintain parity, and the “big cat” will feel like a lion in a cage, seeing a tamer in front of her. First surprise, then annoyance, finally rage. But as a result, he is submissive. In fact, he calmly refers to her furious temperament, at least until he clogs his own. But this does not happen. For where is it seen that Mars eclipses the Sun?

This is a strong magnetic combination according to the scheme of the Solar signs 5–9, and therefore, when Venus appears to the two Fiery signs, we must expect a stormy love scene. What if these old, deeply hidden dreams are not so impossible? After all, this is his dream. Mars confidence can move mountains! As for her desire to dictate and provocative independence, behind them lies the desire for someone to lead her on the right path. Is not Leo endowed with an excess of ability to organize the lives of other people and protect them from mistakes? The Aries woman definitely challenges him, but has Leo ever evaded the challenge? She can shake his masculinity with a few hard blows, but the Lions are not weak at all. He should put it in its place. After he directs her energy of Mars along the right path, he can calm down. She is

Due to the fact that he is more practical and responsible (remember, Leo is a Permanent sign), she will often accuse him of wretchedness and stupidity. Due to her greater liveliness and mobility, it will seem to him that she is exhausting him. Most of them are arguably born independently of them at a subconscious level (less often consciously) for the sake of pure pleasure to show off and make sure again of the feelings of another. Reconciliation will always be filled with ecstasy. Their friends may wonder more than once why they are still together, but they somehow know why.

But, of course, their life will not turn into a continuous quarrel. Being influenced by fluctuations 5-9, they will survive many wonderful, crazy, joyful and delightful minutes. The natural simplicity of the Aries woman in a strange way touches him, the Leo man, touching the string of responsibility in his heart romance. The enthusiasm of her nature is contagious, because he himself is endowed with solar enthusiasm. Aries is the symbolic Child of the Zodiac, so her naivety and innocent appearance awaken the deep sources of tenderness in his soul, he feels the urge to protect this brave, bright soul, which, like a true child, has no idea about the many dangers threatening her. He will help her avoid them thanks to his wisdom and mature mind, for Leo is ahead of Aries on the Karmic wheel of life.

Having experienced the reliability of Leo’s feelings, she will reject the childish essence of her Solar sign, stop demanding, get rid of fear that it might fall and no one will help her. His hands will catch her, if she falls, he will be able to satisfy all her requests. And she will calm down, become softer, more supple … A woman under the influence of Mars admires the strength, both physical and moral, and she trusts this man, although she always fought against the need to obey.

Aries and Leo have an amazing ability to satisfy each other’s physical needs, which is enhanced by constant emotional heating. Sexual experience can be very beneficial for both, because each is able to give the other what he expects from an intimate relationship: passion combined with love. This is not so common – many people are able to give only one of the two, and never both of them at once … But Leo will never part with his freedom. He wants to roam freely through the jungle and is not sensitive to rattling chains of jealousy. So is she. However, what does freedom mean in these cases?

This is not so simple at all. Aries woman will have to let him walk on a rope of maximum length, but he will put her on such a short chain, which is hardly enough to hang on her. It is immeasurably more difficult for Leo to humble his pride than the Aries woman. Humility is a virtue that Leo always preaches, but which he is completely devoid of. She will have to forgive and try to understand first. I wish her good luck and courage. She will need them.

Their sexual consent will not do without hard blows. The Aries girl has one amazing oddity. She knows how little chance she has of finding an innocent young man, but she only knows this with her head. In her heart, under the influence of Mars, there are other ideas. No matter how incredible it seemed, she would have preferred to think that she was the first woman he touched, whispered the words of love that she possessed. But since getting carried away for the Leo man is almost as natural as breathing, her hopes are vain. She carefully remembers all the information about his passionate sighs in the past that he manages to fetch from him, including names, dates, location. So let him make love to other women. She will accept it, although she will be hurt. (Sheep always courageously encounters trouble, since I realized that this is inevitable.) However, it is not at all necessary to think that he enjoyed it, is it? Maybe he was seduced; maybe some rogue twisted his hands or tied with a rope, but he resisted for a long time and he is still haunted in nightmares by the horror of what happened?

But Leo is not at all disposed to support her illusions. He is too proud and honest. No, he was not tied to a bed with four knots, no one wringed his hands. (Remember, we speak of his past love experience. There can be no question that she is able to forget and forgive his betrayals in the present and future. She simply cannot fail to forgive – such are Aries.) In any case, after she forces tell him about the past, playing on the strings of his exorbitant vanity, he will hasten to assure her that he did not give his heart to any of those girls and that this was only before meeting her. But she may not hear him. Her imagination will be occupied by paintings of wild orgies. Her knight in shiny armor inherited a lot, and his white horse turned into a dirty gray donkey!

Such a shattered dream of ghostly purity can destroy the sexual harmony between the idealistic Aries and Leo with great love experience in the past. But what about her past love life? This is a completely different matter! She will find thousands of excuses not to talk about it.

There are two possible solutions. The first, depending on it, is the need to control your emotions and realize that the Present, if it is strong and beautiful, cannot be tarnished by the Past, which has long been forgotten. However, for the typical temperament of Mars, such a solution is almost impossible. It is against her nature, unless the Aries woman has a more independent and objective Moon and Ascendant, for example, in Gemini or Libra. (The presence of the Water Moon and the Ascendant will also contribute to this, but then the Aries woman may be too independent and aggressive to suit Leo, and other problems will arise.)

The best way out is for Leo to tell her often enough about the negative emotions that accompanied his past love experience, and not get tired of admiring all the joys of sexual satisfaction that she gave him.

Her sincere admiration for his courage, reliability and wisdom strengthens Leo’s masculinity (although often she is pushed into the shadows by his other qualities). His firm refusal to obey her awakens her hidden femininity, which she did not suspect. However, although she may become more submissive, he will never give up his individuality and independence, even for her sake. He always needs worship to satiate his eternally hungry “this,” and for her, the need for worship is a sign of weakness, which she never needed. Leo will provide her with inexhaustible opportunities to cultivate this property. Aries woman knows that her chosen one is stronger than her, and this only attracts her. But if he uses his power too aggressively, the effect will be exactly the opposite. Aries will never agree with any form of feudal attitude towards a woman. But it is better for her to obey if she wants her Lord and Lord to set her free.

She will admire him, respect him and love him very much. But she will not less love herself and will not refuse to act in her own way, although, perhaps, she will allow him to advise how exactly to act. Inevitable are the moments when he will cool her ardor, with all Leo’s practicality, making fun of her hopes. She can hurt his pride by daring to interrupt him at a glance or without asking his advice. Then he will freeze her with regal arrogance, and she will infuriate him with violent anger. But when he thaws and her rabies subsides, happiness will always return to them.

As is the case with all pairs of Sun signs 5-9, Aries and Leo will soon realize that their initial attraction to each other develops into a deeper sense of love and empathy, because the strong fluctuation of their Suns is under the beneficial influence of the patron of the ninth house, Jupiter. Any union of the Solar Signs 5–9, in which the partners are really serious, is to a certain extent beneficially influenced by the rays of Jupiter. If you love one person for a long time so that everything else seems to you to be only part of something important, you better understand the feelings of others. You understand how suffering and lonely. For some reason, you even want to share your world and your joy with them.

Love is a blessing for Aries and Leo, and this confirms what they see, looking deeper into each other’s eyes. He sees a woman vulnerable enough to need his wise guidance, and yet independent enough to challenge him and fuel his energy. She sees a man soft enough to treat her gently, and yet strong enough to protect and command her. There are no deep contradictions between Aries and Leo. The birth of love between the two is able to usher in a world promised by ancient prophecies … “When the lamb lies with Leo …”

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