Cancer and Aries : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

Cancer and Aries Compatibility

Love, Marriage, Friendship

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(Aries: March 21 – April 19)

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Aries and Cancer Compatibility percentage
Aries and Cancer Compatibility percentage

Aries is a cardinal sign and so is Cancer, so there are usually some tensions in their relationship. They are generally like parallel poles that, as soon as they are placed opposite each other, repel each other; it seems that they follow a law of a disparate nature, although it is also susceptible to exceptions. 

If it is necessary for them to work together, -because if they have the option to decide, they will possibly reject it-, the competition will become their workhorse, and never better said… They are very dominant people who do not usually give in in favor of anyone, but they also love success, so there may be a small chance of collaboration between the two.

On the sentimental level they usually behave in the same way: they always want what they want to be done, precisely for this reason, the disputes will follow one another. In addition, they are people who are amazingly easy to hurt, and when Aries or Cancer feel hurt, they never forget. 

In any case, there are invariably caveats that confirm the rule, and furthermore, if two people really love each other, they can bridge the gap that separates them from happiness, however great they may be.

Aries and Cancer: love compatibility

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer in love is based on mutual sympathy, both spiritually and intimately. But, if their temperaments do not converge, then complete alienation will come.

It is difficult to imagine a long relationship between them. But, if feelings go off scale, then this couple will always “ignite” them with an original approach. They are able at the right moment to “click” on the right spiritual notes of each other. Especially if Aries hugs and takes care of vulnerable Cancer more often.

Aries has a certain sensitivity which, however, unlike that of their partner, manifests itself in a very aggressive way. In general, Cancer spends some time before seriously engaging in a love relationship, but the presence of an exuberant personality like that of Aries could be very stimulating and speed up the whole process.

Aries is strongly attracted by the emotionality and great sensitivity of Cancer , in which they see a counterbalance to their decisive and at times grumpy character. The stability of this bond can be undermined mainly due to the frequent mood swings of Cancer or the sometimes irrepressible aggression of Aries.

An aspect common to both signs is the overprotective attitude that both reserve for the people closest to them; an attitude which, however, translates into almost opposite behaviors: Cancer closes itself in its protective shell ( often represented by the family ) in which it welcomes all the people it intends to protect, while Aries faces alone, and with courage, any potentially dangerous situation for his friends or family.

But, despite his bravado, Aries also need protection, especially on an emotional level, and no one can provide him with this protection better than Cancer . 

To ensure that the relationship is always kept alive, Cancer must not become too obsessive and overwhelming; we know that such behavior only has the effect of driving Aries away, who has an almost vital need to feel free.

What is the best aspect of the Aries Cancer couple?

The strength of the Aries-Cancer relationship lies in the fact that, once the understanding is stable, these two signs can aim to go very high. Aries is always at the center of the stage and plays the role of the protagonist, while

Cancer has a less visible but, at the same time, fundamental role, because it has the task of checking that everything is carried out in the right way. What is missing from one is possessed by the other: once understood, it is almost impossible to stop them.

Aries and Cancer Love Compatibility

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Aries and Cancer: friendship

They can be wonderful friends, although you should not look for easy “paths” in this direction. They are not bored, have fun and always have something to talk about. 

Cancer in friendship is open, although you can not count on a long relationship with him. But with Aries, they understand each other perfectly, and also do not require any obligations and rules in friendship.

Compatibility in friendship is good if both support each other in difficult moments. Although, Aries should be wary of Cancer, which often only pretends to be weak and vulnerable. In fact, he knows how to drive a friend into a frenzy.

Aries and Cancer: work compatibility

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer in professional environment will be completely trusting and reliable. Cancer is able to perform work with passion and natural intuition inherent in it. Although, too close , open relationships in Aries affairs should not be counted on. As they say, only business and nothing personal.

Aries can always rely on a responsible Cancer if they hold a leadership position. The other has nothing against the fact that Aries correctly and skillfully manages him, especially if the approach to work and communication is professional and honest. Together they can easily come to success.

Aries and Cancer: how to make the relationship work


In a relationship, there must be complete trust in each other. Both want to draw a personal space for themselves, to be free in the manifestation of feelings and actions. Although, such a desire for independence is manifested involuntarily, and not intentionally. 

Relationships depend on how open they are, not trying to keep something a secret. The problem is that Cancer hides his feelings, and Aries is frankly annoyed about this. Each of this couple has their own vision of happiness and harmony in relationships. They need to come to a compromise.


To find ways to solve the problem, they should not get too obsessively into each other’s innermost corners, which help them feel their independence. After all, each of them has its own right to secrets. Aries and Cancer compatibility will be good if they can not only receive, but also share their feelings. 

Aries is not going to instantly drop everything for the sake of sentimental Cancer. Well, the latter does not intend to reveal his soul until he gets to the bottom of the truth. Mutual support, sincerity and trust are what will help them solve the problems that prevent them from achieving beautiful intimacy.


Here the problem lies in the fact that they are trying to control each other’s every move. They need frankness in everything in order to stay together. If they are not aware of how each day or free time goes, then this will negatively affect their compatibility. 

Cancer sometimes becomes afraid that Aries can leave them to the mercy of fate or change them. He needs to be bolder and more sensitive with Cancer in order to maintain a warm relationship. If they become closer spiritually, emotionally, then the problems will go away. The wall of caution, mistrust, which they themselves have established, will be destroyed.


To solve this problem, they need to fully open up. No secrets, omissions, otherwise alienation will appear in the relationship. Compatibility is possible if they do not torment each other with doubts and demand the truth. The solutions to the problem lie on the surface, so this couple should not make something supernatural out of them. 

It is difficult for Aries to understand, to accept suspicious Cancer, and he, in turn, will be more and more closed in himself. Sincere conversations, a vivid expression of feelings – that’s what they need for a happy and strong union.


The compatibility of Aries and Cancer is also affected by the planets under which they are born. Aries is the element of Fire, and Cancer is ruled by the mysterious Moon. The problem is that disputes and conflicts often arise between them. Outwardly, this couple looks quite balanced and happy, but passions and a desire to “splash out” their seething energy on each other boil inside each. 

Relationships largely depend on the change in mood of both. They need to stock up on great patience, be less demanding. They must learn to solve all problems together, not to be offended and not to rebel for any reason.


They are “driven” by their impulses and moods, which has a bad effect on their compatibility. But, there will be ways to solve the problem if this couple learns to leave all the negativity outside the threshold of the house. Aries needs to manage his emotional state, and Cancer is less offended by his harsh remarks and spontaneous antics. 

Whims and anger will go away if both become softer and more attentive to each other. They can put their energy in a useful direction, and also remember to say “sorry” after another quarrel. The problem will disappear if they not only listen, but also feel the semitones of each other’s souls.

Aries and Cancer Love Compatibility

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In Conclusion

Aries is under the influence of the planet Mars , while Cancer is affected by the moon . Mars was the god of war, and Aries as a warrior fearlessly faces all the surprises that life holds for him, an aspect that makes him particularly attractive in the eyes of Cancer. Just as the Moon with its action controls the tides and influences life on earth, in the same way the work of Cancer , discreet and almost invisible, has a great influence on the life of those who are close to it.

Aries is a sign of Fire , and Cancer is a sign of Water . In this connection, the sensitivity of Cancer and the liveliness of Aries create a couple capable of great things.

If Cancer helps Aries to remain calm , it helps the partner to be more confident and expansive. Sometimes it can happen that the excessive emotionality of Cancer suffocates the enthusiasm of Aries , or that, on the contrary, the exuberance of Aries is a source of discomfort for the partner.

Hence, it is imperative that the two discuss openly whenever there is such a problem if they want to keep the relationship alive.

Both Cancer and Aries are Cardinal Signs signs . If they learn to cooperate they can achieve great goals. The role of leader certainly belongs to Aries, who is always the one who proposes new ideas.

But do not underestimate the work of Cancer who has the innate ability to fully understand each type of situation, and who exerts a strong influence on emotional partners. In most cases Aries can prove extremely stubborn, and Cancer , which is much more flexible in its judgments, accepts the partner’s compromise and decisions.

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