Cancer and Aries : Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Friendship

The typical case of attraction between opposites is represented by the love bond that unites the sign of Aries, lively and precipitous with that of Cancer, calm and sensitive . Certainly Aries also has a certain sensitivity which, however, unlike that of its partner, manifests itself in a very aggressive way.

In general, Cancer spends some time before seriously engaging in a love relationship, but the presence of an exuberant personality like that of Aries could be very stimulating and speed up the whole process.

Aries is strongly attracted by the emotionality and great sensitivity of Cancer , in which it sees a counterbalance to its decisive and at times grumpy character. The stability of this bond can be undermined mainly due to the frequent mood swings of Cancer or the sometimes irrepressible aggression of Aries.

An aspect common to both signs is the overprotective attitude that both reserve for the people closest to them; an attitude which, however, translates into almost opposite behaviors: Cancer closes itself in its protective shell ( often represented by the family ) in which it welcomes all the people it intends to protect, while Aries faces alone, and with courage, any potentially dangerous situation for his friends or family.

But, despite his bravado, Aries also need protection, especially on an emotional level, and no one can provide him with this protection better than Cancer . To ensure that the relationship is always kept alive, Cancer must not become too obsessive and overwhelming; we know that such behavior only has the effect of driving Aries away, who has an almost vital need to feel free.

Aries is under the influence of the planet Mars , while Cancer is affected by the moon . Mars was the god of war, and Aries as a warrior fearlessly faces all the surprises that life holds for him, an aspect that makes him particularly attractive in the eyes of Cancer. Just as the Moon with its action controls the tides and influences life on earth, in the same way the work of Cancer , discreet and almost invisible, has a great influence on the life of those who are close to it.

Aries is a sign of Fire , and Cancer is a sign of Water . In this connection, the sensitivity of Cancer and the liveliness of Aries create a couple capable of great things.

If Cancer helps Aries to remain calm , it helps the partner to be more confident and expansive. Sometimes it can happen that the excessive emotionality of Cancer suffocates the enthusiasm of Aries , or that, on the contrary, the exuberance of Aries is a source of discomfort for the partner.

Hence, it is imperative that the two discuss openly whenever there is such a problem if they want to keep the relationship alive.

Both Cancer and Aries are Cardinal Signs signs . If they learn to cooperate they can achieve great goals. The role of leader certainly belongs to Aries, who is always the one who proposes new ideas, but we must not underestimate the work of Cancer who has the innate ability to fully understand each type of situation, and who exerts a strong influence on emotional partners. In most cases Aries can prove extremely stubborn, and Cancer , which is much more flexible in its judgments, accepts the partner’s compromise and decisions.

What is the best aspect of the Aries Cancer couple?

The strength of the Aries-Cancer relationship lies in the fact that, once the understanding is stable, these two signs can aim to go very high. Aries is always at the center of the stage and plays the role of the protagonist, while Cancer has a less visible but, at the same time, fundamental role, because it has the task of checking that everything is carried out in the right way. What is missing from one is possessed by the other: once understood, it is almost impossible to stop them.

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