Cancer Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Like all women born under the male Solar Sign and in addition controlled by the male planet (in this case, Mars), the Aries woman often doubts her own femininity. Back in the dance school, she reluctantly allowed her partner to behave.

Most of the young men with whom she spoke first panicked, and then proudly retreated to look for a girl who was more inclined to listen to their fantasies of superiority. The Aries girl is too honest to imitate her submissive friends, pretending to allow a man to decide and act.

After several heart-breaking experiments, she understands that honesty is not the best thing in matters of love if you want to achieve something. In addition, a complex of her own non-femininity begins to develop in her. And then a Cancer man appears to look after her with respectable, gallant courtesy, like a prince directly from a fairy tale. She laughs a lot with him, and the fun always makes any Aries more attractive. From the very beginning, the Cancer man makes it clear that she excites and excites him, and it does not matter for him who first goes through the door, starts a conversation or calls on the phone. Finally! Finally, she can behave naturally with a man, and he still loves her. No wonder this intoxicates her. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she feels like a real woman.

When he convinces her that she is not a witch, but a sweet, desirable Snow White (which she always suspected), this, of course, pleases her – for a while. If there is a harmonious aspect between their luminaries or other positive positions in the horoscopes of their birth, her dreams can come true. Otherwise, Snow White will soon find that she lives in the forest with one of the seven dwarfs and is still waiting in vain for the prince.

Aries woman will never reach a lasting peace with herself until she finds a man who wants her to love him freely and openly, without thinking who will kiss the other for the night, and without sulking if she accidentally interrupts him with a sudden burst of merry chatter . She needs a man who understands that if he only allows her to be herself, she will give him all the love and adoration that he needs so much to feel strong and courageous. A simple muttering “As you say” or “As you decide, dear”, but with a hidden grin, is a romantic pretense, a parody of devotion. Her love is frank. She begins to worry when she is limited to petty debates about the difference between masculinity and femininity. She loves with all her heart, and soul, and mind, and being. Isn’t that enough? Yes.

Both of them are very jealous. The main difference is that Cancer likes to be jealous, while Aries, as a rule, doesn’t. For Cancer, jealousy is simply a proof of how much he is loved and needed, and with this woman he will receive as many such evidence. Jealousy can sometimes bring a feeling of trustworthy relationship and Aries, a little bit and from time to time. But when there is too much of her, this begins to interfere with her lifestyle, friendly, free and sociable, because the fact is that the Cancer man wants to hold her with his iron hand when the period of gallant courtship is behind, and he is sure that it belongs to him. True, of course, and the fact that the property of “clinging claws” to his beloved is an indicator of his devotion. But the Aries woman least of all wants his devotion to slowly but surely turn into a stranglehold. Not wanting to live in a cage,

Each of these two Solar Signs adores money, fame and recognition, however, Cancer better hides its ambitions. Although they have common basic aspirations for emotional reliability and financial success, their plans for achieving the goal diverge quite strongly. In addition, they also relate to money differently. She wants to spend them or invest in the business in order to get a smooth cash flow, he wants to save them in order to create more capital. Even before any of them reaches some level of material success, frequent disagreements are possible. Aries is optimistic and confident of victory. Cancer is often pessimistic and afraid of the future (they call it prudent caution), and here they may need an intermediary for communication.

Aries is not able to understand how Cancer hopes to win, while waiting for a loss. This mysterious state for Aries was perfectly expressed by the philosopher-physician Jean-Baptiste Boden, when he wrote: “Claim prosperity, expect poverty all the time; constantly doubting your ability to achieve what you long for is like trying to get east, moving to west. No philosophy can help a person when he constantly doubts his ability to do something and thereby attracts failure. ” Yet Cancer often achieves its goal through incredible tenacity.

Do not even try to explain this to the Aries woman. She is familiar with the word “certainty,” but she does not understand the word “perseverance,” because it is diametrically opposed to her most obvious quality – impatience. Perseverance means waiting, and this woman hates waiting for anything – from the bus or the red light at the transition to the arrival of her next lover or the return of her husband from work if she is married. He is five minutes late, and she already calls the police or hospitals or measures the room in steps, ready to attack him with reproaches as soon as he crosses the threshold.

Several exits are possible. She may fall into despair from his despondent bouts of depression and decide to flee, not to see how her every ardent desire sinks in Cancer’s water pessimism. Or she may try to amuse him and bring him out of periodic melancholy with her own strong confidence of Mars, supporting his spirit with courage and humor. And he will either raise his hands in defeat in front of her impulsive emotion and extravagance and remain alone with his collection of stamps, or gently, patiently try to teach her that caution is also sometimes necessary.

Another stumbling block may be the tendency of the Cancer man to secrets. Aries woman, unlike him, is far from the image of the Sphinx. When he refuses to say what is on his mind, she can imagine anything and bring herself to a fit of Mars hysteria. He will soon learn (let’s hope) that in the end, it’s much calmer being frank. To a certain extent. If he is silent, she will begin to pester him until she is convinced that it is useless, then she will decide that all this is not worth the energy and heart pain, and, perhaps, will leave him alone. Suddenly. Without warning. Remember, Aries will not lose time on a situation that, in his opinion, cannot be changed.

But the main difficulty is mom. If his mother is alive, the Aries girl who loves the young Cancer will have to enter into a difficult struggle with her for his devotion and attention. If his holy mother has already died, her qualities may acquire additional brilliance through the prism of memory. Did his mom never burn a shirt with an iron, didn’t bake unsuccessful pies, didn’t fake singing, didn’t squander money and lost her temper? Yes. Never. Not a single time. His mother always saved money, because she sewed clothes and stringed beads, used exactly as much makeup as needed, and knew exactly what to say to cheer him up? Yes. Exactly. Is always. In a strange way, all this can serve them well. Such a brilliant example, of course, is a challenge, and Aries simply cannot but accept the challenge. She will strive to achieve the ideal,

In an intimate life, they will also have to adapt. At the beginning of their love, the gentle attention of a Cancer man to the desires and needs of his beloved will allow her to feel cherished and therefore emotionally calm. (Both of them incredibly need emotional peace.) At first he will be a fabulous lover. Cancer Man is able to show vivid imagination, subtlety and mind in the bedroom. Her honesty and ingenuity in sex, some unconscious vulnerability deeply touch him. Regardless of past experience, the Aries woman always brings some fresh innocence to lovemaking, and in addition, when she loves, she loves passionately and passionately giving herself all up. But his ardor can suddenly be replaced by sullenness and dissatisfaction with everything, an unexpected rejection of love joys. The way his refusal looks (but what is not), can greatly cool her erotic ardor. And the moon is to blame. You just need to stop pulling his feelings, like a toffee, and wait until the moon phase changes. In no case should one be angry and speak words that will offend him and about which she will later regret. He will hide in his carapace and will not crawl out, for this man is incredibly sensitive. No matter how much he jokes on this score, this is so, and resentment will make him fall into painful passivity for a long time. Or worse, he will try to find solace in the bottle. No matter how much he jokes on this score, this is so, and resentment will make him fall into painful passivity for a long time. Or worse, he will try to find solace in the bottle. No matter how much he jokes on this score, this is so, and resentment will make him fall into painful passivity for a long time. Or worse, he will try to find solace in the bottle.

As for the happy side of this connection, Cancer can be very sweet and funny and do its own thing, smiling joyfully. His fine sensitivity and reliability of a gentleman will reveal the femininity of his lady Aries. He will secretly be proud of her brave mind and bright soul and, although he will not stop grumbling about her immaturity, will learn to accept her emotional support when the Moon sends him scraps of old childhood fears.

The difficulty lies in the fact that she can sometimes consider him too harsh, too mean and nervous, and he may feel that she is not able to take care of herself. A very real danger to the signs of Water is an attempt to drown your frustrations with drinking or drugs. In addition, his chosen one can sometimes lose patience (and so little with her fiery character), so that later it will take a long time to heal the wounds.

This man is not shy of sensitivity, he is not indifferent to music, art and poetry, and when it touches his heart, his eyes are filled with tears. So is this woman, whose heart needs a lot of tender, reverent care, because emotionally she is a child, regardless of how old she is. If they combine his tenacity of Cancer with her Aries initiative, they will be able to work miracles. Between their solar signs is the aspect of the square, and this is a lot of patience, but also a lot of love. But it always does, right?

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