Aries Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Cancer Girl first attracts the Aries man because she looks so charmingly helpless and feminine. (I said, she looks helpless. We will come back to this later. There is no doubt about her attractiveness and femininity, of course.) She seems to need to cry on his strong male shoulder, he needs his fiery emotional support.

When the “lunar” creature gives him his flattering and inseparable attention, he is convinced that he has long suspected: no woman can resist him. She will cook him, nurse him, laugh at his jokes, sometimes insert funny words herself and generally make his life a sweet song of soothing serenity with a touch of lyrical comedy. But this music, which he hears, may turn out to be a prelude to the slowly growing feeling that he is being strangled. As you well know, if you are familiar with astrology at all, Aries does not like being strangled with too warm blankets, power, any restrictions, even love. A wraparound attention is fine, but the Aries man is instantly alarmed if he feels that his freedom is being infringed. And no one can infringe on a man’s freedom as painlessly and affectionately as a Cancer woman. If she is adept at this, like most moon virgins, an Aries man can find flying on her romantic carpet-plane an exciting experience (you know, she has a longing for wanderings deeply hidden behind the housewife’s knack). But if she starts to cling too much to him, he will jump off the carpet, if necessary, even without a parachute.

As for her feminine helplessness, sooner or later he will realize that this is an illusion. Maybe on the day when she registers her own bank, she will finish decorating the house of their friends, run for Congress or save a child drowning in the ocean, shaming the rescue service on the waters. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and these women have amazing stamina and tenacity with all the apparent fragility. Having recovered from the first shock, he might admire her. He admires any power, and it is much stronger than it looks when, offended by its harshness, drops tears. He may even fall in love more when he discovers that she is not a muscular young lady, because, in essence, he needs a woman who is able to repulse him from time to time.

But another fake note, money, can spoil the love concert of these two Solar Signs. The Cancer woman is clearly inclined to save them, she can even paste them over the walls in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the nursery (her three favorite rooms). Financial stability for her is the same as emotional reliability. They are inseparable. He also loves money and often thinks of hundreds of exciting ways to use them, but hiding them on a rainy day on an old rotten stump or in a cellar is unacceptable to him. For Aries, money exists to be spent (or squandered). His motto is: “You cannot buy happiness for money.” Since they are both in love and happy, then who is thinking about money? She is. Because, you see, her motto is: “Happiness does not bring money.” The Aries man, before offering his hand and heart to the Cancer woman, should think about it. Properly.

He will soon notice her quick mood swings. Of course, he is also like that, but everything happens differently for him, quite understandably, as well as permissible, permissive and excusable. (Remember, Aries is a delightful, but absolutely self-absorbed child of the Zodiac.) He considers her depression to be unjustifiable attacks of heavy gloom, although, it should be noted, she has deeper and longer than him. Sometimes he leads the Cancer girl out of periodic lunar melancholy with his full optimism. This allows him to feel strong and courageous and gives her the necessary emotional stability. But there is a danger that he might suddenly rebel if it makes him doubt that his Mars miracles, which he owes only to himself, are strong enough to shake the universe. He would rather die than allow such a terrible thought.

The lunar imagination of a Cancer woman easily ignites the flames of the Aries man’s Martian sexuality, and his idealistic and ardent manner of making love can lure her out of the shell of shyness (or “biting”). He approaches sex with tenderness, which will help his lover to open up. However, unfortunately, Cancer’s practicality will soon tell her that “a man cannot live by hyacinths alone, he needs bread.” (Cancer sometimes has a way of distorting or remaking truisms to emphasize the negative and remove the positive.) And the biggest conflict over money will begin when she remembers them in the middle of some kind of romantic scene. Sexual intimacy will be sharply replaced by a quarrel.

Any relationship between Aries and Cancer is usually subject to frequent squabbles over money: how to get it and how to use it. He is extravagant, she is thrifty. It is economical until it falls under the influence of the Moon into a dull melancholy and does not allow itself to invest in many female trinkets in order to maintain its suppressed “ego”. The rest of the time, she is usually reluctant to part with money.

If they manage to solve the sensitive financial issue by mutual indulgences, they have a hope to build a strong house together, especially if there are harmonious aspects between its Sun and its Moon (or vice versa) – trine, sextile or conjunction. Her combination of a creative flight of fantasy with a sound attitude towards cash, together with his impudence and certainty of Mars, usually help this couple solve their material problems. But that is not all.

Her depressions continue to appear and torment him. He may not understand the delicacy of her emotional needs and will be completely confused by her changing mood. Perception is not the strenuous side of Aries. What did he do wrong? (Nothing. I repeat to you, this is the Moon.) Just now she fluttered around, chatted and hummed something, fed the kitten, smiled. And suddenly – tears. What happened? This is most likely a full moon. Or, most likely, he offended her feelings by saying something wrong, and did not even realize it. Either he did not notice the new dress, or forgot to say how gorgeous the carrot casserole was. From childhood, this girl was afraid that no one loved her. He will have to gently teach her that the best way to get love is to give her. (Which will not be easy, since he needs such a lesson.) Aries man must remember that the only way to maintain the happiness of the “moon” virgin is to be sure that she will get a lot of love, a lot of food and a lot of money. She is not greedy, she just needs stability, and this is not the same thing. I missed something. If she is a typical “moon” lady, then add to the list: many children. At least a few.

Aries almost always takes paternity with joy, and she is delighted with it. But when the children grow up, the happy dad tries to remake them in his own image and likeness. He believes that they should be accustomed to independence. Although he may be imperative and demanding, he prefers to give them more freedom. Cancer Woman takes motherhood seriously, and I think too seriously. She will closely monitor their food, clothing, romance, career and health. Mom knows better what to eat and wear, who should not be loved and who should not be married. All this can lead to the fact that her husband Aries will accuse her of destroying their identities, and she, in turn, will accuse her of excessive rigidity and indifference. From time to time it will seem to offspring that they are slowly crushed between two cement walls.

Aries ability to receive and give love depends on his “strong” image of himself. He needs constant freedom of action and expression. His woman must be absolutely sure that he can move mountains, otherwise he will turn into a neurotic. She should never tell him that she is doing anything better than him (even if it is). If she allows him to lead the parade without destroying his hopes, he will be able to dispel forever many of her own secret experiences and fears. But there is always the possibility that her unexpected silence, gloomy mood and bouts of hysteria from time to time will force him to leave home, and his rash words and impulsive behavior will bring her to a boil.

When she cries, but he doesn’t know why, it’s not necessary to run out of the room, but rather hug her and lull her to gentle assurances, restrain the streams of fear and loneliness rising in her, whispering softly: “Don’t cry, please. Everyone loves you, because you are so dear, beautiful and telling such funny stories. And then, we will definitely be rich someday. And I love you the most, don’t doubt it. You don’t need to offer a neighbor to wash it. We’re not so poor, and never will be Now go wash your hair, powder your nose, because you and I’ll go to a restaurant. ” And he should name the most fashionable, most expensive restaurant in the city. She will immediately stop sobbing.

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