Capricorn Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Those born between the dates of December 22nd to January 20th have the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The animal associated with Capricorn is a goat. Goats are famous about their agility.  It has a narrow head and has black horns which direct backwards.

Capricorn Woman Personality

Capricorn Women Positive Traits

Capricorn Women are practical in their lives and are prudent as well. They make an assumption of the worst which often helps them in appreciating even the small wins. They are ambitious and are always fighting for their goals.

Capricorn Women are patient and take careful measures in their lives. They have a good sense of humor.

Capricorn is considered to be one of the most stable zodiac signs and is quite realistic as well. Capricorns are often successful in their careers because of the characteristic of being determined and resourceful. Due to this reason they make good managers and are also perfect candidates to be hired.

Capricorns are reliable and are very professionally due to which they gain success in their careers. They have a firm foundation and have a clear purpose due to which they lead their lives according to several principles.

Capricorn Women, in their personal relationships are often self-centered. If they have a casual acquaintance with someone, they tend to be diplomatic. Before indulging in a relationship they might give opposite sex several tests and judge them. Due to this reason Capricorn Women do not get married at once. Once they are married, they are committed and faithful. Due to this reason they remain married for life.

Capricorn Women Negative Traits

On the darker side, Capricorns are claimed to be pessimists. They are miserly and also keep grudges.

Capricorn Women dislike fantasies and ridicule. Due to such personality Capricorn Women might face several problems in their lives. One general problem faced by them is being taken advantage of. This can be avoided if they start being more careful in life and screening the people with more care. Another problem which they might face specifically in careers is that the coworkers do not like working alongside them or sharing projects with them. As Capricorns tend to be authoritative, they should drop this attitude and promote team work to involve the coworkers.

Capricorn Woman Love Life

“Capricorn Women desires to be loved”

Capricorn Women have got plenty of flaws and individualities in the matter of their heart.   They sure desire to be loved and love their loved ones too but when the feelings start to boost up then something always comes in the way which keeps them from expressing it .  This might be termed as the cautious nature of the Capricorns. You might have a number of closer relations than a single one.  When it comes to taking someone in a relationship, you are a lot choosy.  Even if you are in some relation, you may take it a lot lightly and you might not be passionate about it at all. If you evaluate your relation and figure out how much you are emotionally involved in a relationship, it might do a world of good for making yourself and your partner satisfied with the relation.  

“Hard to express feelings for Capricorns”

You have always found to be much involved in possibilities and practically that it would be hard for you to express your emotions unconsciously and create a healthy relation. If you learn how to express the love that you hold for someone, then you can prove yourself to be an amazing companion.   Your ability to stay cool and calm is something that you are really great at.  However, staying cool will make your partner think that you are not passionate or serious about the relation at all.  Hence, if you have selected a companion after a long time, it may not last too long or stay warm as you would expect it to be.

When it comes to impressing the loved ones, you have got great impulse for it.  You may commit such acts which may embarrass you later.  It would be better if you create an imaginary line in your head and make sure you do not cross it.  This goes for spending money on occasions too. You possess great organization abilities and skills and you will keep everything planned.  You might do such things that would be irritating for your companion.  

“Capricorns make promise carefully”

Capricorns are not those types of people who prefer rushing into things.  They are really careful in making promises.  They prefer taking a relationship slow and they do not trust people so quickly.  When it comes to romance, they expect a lot.  Capricorns are people who follow standards.  They hence look for those people who fit these standards. There are really rare chances that a Capricorn will get attracted towards the wrong type of person as they are too much reserved and choosy. 

“Capricorn loyal love lasts for long”

Capricorns predict their partners to be loyal and they desire such a relationship that can last for long.  They are the people who are slow in showing anger and they are often found to be really dominating.   They are self-disciplined people who like doing hard work and those in a relationship with them will take pride in their qualities.  They have made only a few best friends whom they socialize with. They like being quiet which makes it obvious they are not friendly. 

Capricorn Female Celebs

Some star females with the zodiac sign of Capricorn are Dolly Parton, Elizabeth Arden and Marlene Dietrich (actress).

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